1. How are they NOT asking you, or others, for drug screens before prescribing Subs? I am truly not understanding that. I am in eastern US and in my state a drug test is required before they will send in a prescription. I looked into Telehealth and I'm SOOO glad I didn't go that route. I go to an in-person clinic that's awesome. I just find that wild that they do not ask you for drug screens. Do they require them at all, at any point thru treatment?

  2. I don’t know why clinics are so obsessed with drug screens. I don’t need to get random weekly tests and go into a dirty bathroom during Covid to piss in a cup for anyone. It’s suboxone! It’s not like u get high off the shit. It should be prescribed WITHOUT requiring drug tests. I understand it’s the NORM but fuck the norm.

  3. Because ppl could be (and do) MAT, go out and use whatever shit they can - dope, pills, benzos, whatever...and if they are doing so and continue to do so they do not need to be on treatment bc it's dangerous. And whatever facility is prescribing the medicine is liable. Also, at any point and time even if a person is stable on treatment they could revert back to usage or even start using shit they never did you see the issue here? I respect your opinion, I really do. I just completely understand why urine screens are used/necessary/required in some states.

  4. What exactly is dangerous? The illicit drugs they’re using?? Sure they’re dangerous. The suboxone isn’t, can’t overdose on it and It blocks other opiates. There’s no need for constant drug tests just for a suboxone script.

  5. do you have any proof that I am a scammer?My company has lab and complete transportation process.we can give clients tracking number and discreet shipment,if you can prove that I am a scammer,then show us,you even don't try my products,and just slander me,it's ridiculous

  6. I hope he didn't just put odsmt and fent together and is calling 2map

  7. He would never do that. Prob not even a good idea putting that idea out there on the web. He’s about business. And money. That’s why ur 2map will feel like a weak ass Tylenol. If he properly dosed all the idiots out there that can’t take the right dose would take too much and croak.

  8. Nice. I got my flualp bars over here 😋

  9. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re not getting the proper treatment from doctors. Subs barely do anything for pain unless you have a history with abusing narcotics they shouldn’t have any reason to refuse prescribing you fall agonist opiates. I’m not familiar with the United Kingdom but I would suggest finding another doctor because that is ridiculous

  10. Lost 3 packs last year,,,, got 2 out of 5

  11. Only negative is you’ll probably never get prescribed pain medication and you won’t be taken seriously when you’re in pain.

  12. True and possibly any narcotic for that matter. If docs know ur on subs they can assume ur an addict and will be hesitant to prescribe any addictive narcotics. Benzos, pain pills, even sleeping pills like ambien etc.

  13. He’s suicide friendly which helps up the damage and up the healing. He has great damage output when he’s corrupted the opponent. His L3 is brutal in terms of how it looks. And his animations are smooth. Easy to ramp up with parry heavy, but goes quicker with his dupe.

  14. Are you familiar with CGR? If you had to choose between ranking unduped knull or cgr who would you choose!?

  15. Honestly I don't think knull is top 10, and if he is he's absolutely not better than venom. I'd replace him with king groot personally

  16. 1 Hercules 2 CGR 3 Hyperion 4 Corvus 5 CMM//Aarkus 6 Venom/VTD

  17. My 5* Hercules solo’d the whole 2.2 boss included

  18. I can confirm Knull is in the basic pool, got him from the Act 7 Completion Nexus.

  19. Are you familiar with CGR? If you had to choose between ranking unduped knull or cgr who would you choose!?

  20. I'm coming round to him a little more but he still just doesn't live up to the hype at all imo. I'm not calling him trash or anything I just feel like I never feel the need to use him over anyone else cause a lot of his utility is just kinda meh compared to other champs in his class and tags

  21. Are you familiar with CGR? If you had to choose between ranking unduped knull or cgr who would you choose!?

  22. His heavy attack and first medium. It's not a buff, but it's there. Thats what makes it so spl. It is available to you when the fight starts.. esp usable for mesmerize (just an option with limited attack pattern)

  23. Are you familiar with CGR? If you had to choose between ranking unduped knull or cgr who would you choose!?

  24. His leaked ability sounds insane “while holding block knull gains the ability to block basic attacks”

  25. They supposedly hire new employees behind the scenes. You usually never hear from or about them

  26. I've never had a good experience with Kratom. I had coworkers who bought that shit by the pound, chugging it (leaf and all) with orange juice 🤮. Until i showed them how to make tea out of it. Throw a lil cream and you're good to go. It was a nice relaxant for me, but nothing above that. Made my withdrawals worse actually. I was too wired. I don't like being wired when im in withdrawals

  27. Kratom is a last resort for. I never liked it and never will. Although, when someone tapers off subs doing .5 for weeks then .1 etc etc and then off. At that point, when your tolerance is basically reset, you might change ur views on kratom bc it will feel like gold when tolerance completely resets.

  28. I used 5* ghost trinity and just had to revive a few times.

  29. Yes, with Ultron you activate the robot uprising synergy and will get a fury buff.

  30. Thank u very much. Just pulled ultron last week. So I’m going to try warlock and ultron synergy. It’s the only one that I have that will work. Going to try it asap 😅

  31. Get help and get sober ya little twerp. You’re far too young to have an internet in drugs. Save drugs for when ur a bored old man ya twit

  32. Can you answer me this then? Why are there plenty of posts on there (people in America) giving positive experiences from switching from 16mg and higher? Clearly Doctors are doing it and not asking people to taper down, which I agree, they should be doing after what I experienced. What I can’t understand is if it’s not the norm, why I read plenty of testimonies of people that did, and 2) why it was successful for them but absolutely physically unbearable for me? It’s not been available at all in Britain and the trial is still ongoing, so all people can base info on, other than what they receive from their doctors here, is how people in places like America (where it’s available for public use) cope on it. When I went onto that Reddit sub to read other’s experiences, I’m telling you, I was seeing plenty of people switch successfully from higher doses with no mention of needing to be on lower, which obviously shaped my opinion partially. If I could somehow tag in them, I would.

  33. They’re possibly fake reviews from fake big pharma accounts to push their drug so they can get paid their incentives. 🤔

  34. Yea fr I keep hearing people describing how perfect the shot is and trying to convince me to get it. Almost like big pharma paid people to go around online advocating for it. 🤔 i dunno.. maybe I’m just paranoid but if anyone wants off opioids bad enough then they can taper off subs. The shot just seems like overkill flooding the body with enough bupe or w.e to last all month. I’ll pass. And yes. Thank you op for saying the truth.

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