1. The game read as you were falling when you weren't. It happens in eldenring too, but it is more common there now that you can jump.

  2. Cant wait for update 6.83 where the cane sword is the new meta

  3. It is really good. It has both serrated and righteous attributes. Only one other weapon has that.

  4. Just focus on building one base, there is only 3-4 effective biomes in this one, so you don't need multiple.

  5. Very common scam, if you Google search “fake bank transfer fraud” there’s thousands of examples of this happening.

  6. They aren't instant. They just appear to be. You can see that credit hit your account then be pulled several days later if the transfer falls through.

  7. There is that one guy who murders his brother. And the brainiac guy

  8. You don't really need to play it safe. Ganon is one of, if not the easiest characters to combo. If he hits you several times, yeah sure you die, but on stray hit on Ganon is all you need to combo him into oblivion

  9. Not everyone can do 0-100 combos though. And it takes effort to do.

  10. Sure, you're correct about that. But any competent player is easily able to snuff out the average Ganon. If you're killed by Ganon, its your fault. He has some of the worst frame data to date.

  11. I agree. Most people beat him, but they don't have fun doing it is the point I was trying to make. Him and Mac are better suited for 1v1v1v1 bouts where they can easily steal kills. Mac's charged b is perfect for those fights as you can easily hit people when they aren't focused on you.

  12. Either the school pays or the parents pay - the issue here is that the school isn't paying for these items and expects either parents to cover it all or the teachers to pay out of their own pocket.

  13. It's rare for a teacher to cover printing paper, but covering the other stuff is pretty standard. The school may give you markers, but they will only give you completely used up ones.

  14. The school should cover the non basic supplies. Parents shouldn't be responsible for making sure a printer has paper. And by school, I don't mean the teachers checkbooks.

  15. No, the omen king. But killing a boss doesn't stop you from invading in the same area. I invade by the stormhill gate all the time without an issue.

  16. Yeah, you should always be able to invade in an area. I’m talking about being invaded by someone else. I haven’t done any online stuff in ER yet due to internet; correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m assuming it’s the same as previous games, where if you beat the main boss of an area, you will no longer be invaded in that area.

  17. You can only be invaded if you co op. It's super rare to be invaded outside of high invasion points, like Haligtree or the sewers below leyendal. The area before the final boss and rykard are also higher intensity spots. Not alot of invaders in the stormviel area in my experience, but instant connection if you are the one invading.

  18. Wait I can get the rings if I missed them as well? Shit you're a lifesaver! Now I'll definitely try getting it all.

  19. I would recommend trying to team up with someone to get those. Try messaging people you summon for a dual past Aldrich boss. It's way faster if you just trade off killing each other. Summoning a purple phantom is almost like summoning an invader. I wish you would look like a golden phantom so you could betray the host at key moments. That would have been cool.

  20. It took me 3 days of grinding for this and sword grasses. I bought it when it came out and had the right covenant equiped the whole time. I got summoned for each of the two covenants twice each. Terrible netcode.

  21. Wait the gore packs carry over? So if I have the WH2 one, I get the WH3 one for free when it comes out?

  22. It sounds like a new dlc, that will be free if you own the first one. But I am not positive. Still shitty that you need to buy it.

  23. It gives room for acting. It's odd after seeing the success of Vader in star wars that other film companies don't believe that they can do the same.

  24. Artorius is the better swordmaster. If Malenia wasn't an empyrean, artorius would win.

  25. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  26. Gannondorf or little Mac. Prove your skills with the worst of the roster.

  27. Only natural born citizens (first caste) can make jokes. Mexican immigrants (fourth caste) can only speak when spoken to and have to prostrate themselves whenever in the presence of someone from the first caste.

  28. A person with the power of breaths. A rare combo, but you can play it off as an awakened cape (like night blood or doctor stranges cape) as your astral self. Perfect pitch can explain your more "wisdomly" traits. Maybe you can also burn pewter, which contributes to your unnatural dexterity attributes.

  29. From the player:"I was thinking of Kiln’s astral self being generated by his fire Genassi lineage? Like, his astral self is actually manipulated fire energy". The power of Breaths, that would certainly be interesting, especially with the info he gave me this morning. Especially since Fireshear is a mining town so there is plenty of opportunity for metals to end up in a drink one way or the other, he wouldn't know that he's been burning pewter for some abilities for ages, like Vin. If he takes in Breaths by accident as well, one way or the other, it could explain his glow.

  30. As far as the origins of your fire genasi, Sanderson is planning to write a book about some thike "the forests of hell" sounds something firey.

  31. My elevator pitch for sa is mistborn and Elantris lol. The are easier to hook people in because they are relatively smaller books.

  32. Huh, I thought that would work. I always do the bow thing so I had no idea there was so much invincibility frames on summoning.

  33. I can't get the suckers back into the scanner room and scrap tooth's keep grabing them.

  34. Just wanted to add that anime is like pokemon. It's "lame" in highschool, but "cool" in college.

  35. It’ll honestly depend on your personality at school and your hygiene.

  36. This is a huge factor too. Keep up on your hygiene and tone it down on the anime to keep bullying to a minimum. But it's more important to be you.

  37. Lots of good theories. The more you read, the more you will find out that "there's always another secret!"

  38. The true secret was the friends we made along the journey before destination.

  39. To be fair I found Gideon to be quite a hassle if you don't jump his ass first time around while he's monologing. Agree on the other NPCs though

  40. You get the spells from the twin maidens I believe too if you don't already have them and kill him. Not sure though.

  41. Just remember, that you don't get proportions like skarbrand without ingesting questionable substances.

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