1. My whole point was that the Tekken tag ending inied there was some good in him, and Jun wouldn't have loved him if he was completely evil. Like he is now.

  2. You mean the same games that have Kazuya absorb her powers and leave her for dead in tag 2? We don't know if she loved him. We know nothing about their relationship outside of them being drawn to each other, and that they slept together

  3. And Tekken Tag is after Tekken 4.

  4. No teken tag 2 is after 4 . Also you're the one trying to use non cannon tag as evidence. Which they wouldn't be.

  5. No one but I bet I did strike that nerve of yours pretty hard. Hope you recover, cheers

  6. May not be that simple. Tekken 7 sold pretty well and people -supposedly- has a lot of red flags to rise about its story mode

  7. No one said it was that simple. Their just saying it could be better

  8. What scares me the most is the risk of the Sega mandates reducing shadows personality to how it is in shadow the hedgehog and all other ga,especially post 06. Just, make him sympathetic. Please.

  9. I want shadow to beat up some blue haired liberals with pronouns and steal candy from babies

  10. Feng and Dragunow are not really villainous. Dragunov is just serving his country, while Feng is seeking ways to get stronger. Bryan is the villanous one. He truly enjoys war and destruction around the globe.

  11. Hwoarang is inspired by his long time friend and rival Jin to take over the world. Instead of competing directly with the zaibatsu or g corp, he opts to gain control of the minds and hearts of the youth via K pop.

  12. Jun's name not being mentioned doesn't mean she wasn't involved at all. We don't know why Kazuya wanted to be able to transfer the devil gene. We don't know if Kazuya wanted to cure it or why the research was being done. We don't specifically know what happened to Jun or even Ogre (unless Devil Within is canon). The ongoing motivation for Kazuya has been revenge, but we don't know what his motivation is after that. Does he want power? Maybe an evil side of him thinks power is everything, just like Jin's, but what about his good side?

  13. Kind of does. The intros are meant to show all the important information concerning actions between games, so if she was important to him they would have mentioned her. What? Kazuya didn't want to transfer the devil gene, he wanted control of it for more power . We're explicitly are told this in his to intro. If you don't know why the reasearch was being done, that's your own fault not the games lacking information. YES, WE DO KNOW. Tekken 2 shows that after killing heichachi, he used the zaibatsu to amass more power and tried to make his own city country, and in 6 after he thought he killed heihachi again he fought Jin because he wanted to have control over the world.

  14. Kazuya wanted to transfer the devil gene. That's what the Genocell project was about. Don't believe me? It's in Julia's ending.

  15. No, g Corp wanted that, and kazuya wasn't in charge at the time . Kazuya's intro point blank says he's going through these experiments so he can unlock the power of devil gene so he could kill heihachi

  16. Kyrie: do you like this one better vergilsniff I made thsi one* cry* with my tears.

  17. I mean....he literally lost his arm a week ago.

  18. Eh, probably would set that comment aside considering everything else that was happening.

  19. They just said intense, a lot of sonic games have intense parts. As for emotional scenes, whether you like that is up to personal preference. While I'm not completely against the idea, the movies had to significantly change Sonic's characterisation in order to make them work, which I'm not really a huge fan of.

  20. Yeah, being intese is about the feeling a scenario is trying to create, so by the very definition the word, if a situation is tense it's emotinal. Also something being emotional isn't up to preference. Whether or not you think it did a good Job at is.The games have elaborate action scenes, not really the same as being tense. The closet the games come to having a scene like this is right before the final dark Gaia boss fight in unleashed. Not really. The only thing they changed in that regard is making him more emotionally expressive person . He still has the same interest and believes as his game counterpart. Also any changes made don't matter because this scene isn't really about characterization. It's about sonic looking completely defeated and at the mercy of his enemy.

  21. The movie scene waffled about family and constantly cut to Tom instead of focussing on Super Sonic, also the fight was way too short and one sided with Super Sonic decapitating the Death Egg Robot immediately and effortlessly blocking every attack. In terms of cool Super Sonic fights I'd say Unleashed probably wins with the sheer scale of the Dark Gaia fight. And Frontiers also looks to have some good Super Sonic scenes. The movie is still good, but saying the games don't have good Super Sonic scenes just isn't true.

  22. That's not what post was saying. Their saying why can't we have emotional tense scenes like this.

  23. Based on this, not really. Steve is generally good natured.

  24. Eh, to be fair he did unnecessarily make fun of Bruce's age in tekken 5.

  25. I remember when everyone was in denial when that internal SJW memo was leaked. Now even Japanese companies cave in to this lunacy.

  26. Oh I know “why” they do it. I just hate that it doesn’t try harder to rise above the standard.

  27. Cosindering this is the sonic franchise, rising above the standard is something you shouldn't expect. This is the same franchise that will sideline most of its characters a the sign of any negativity.

  28. Wouldn't really say this constructive a criticism. You just basically gave an opinion.

  29. this. im tired of everyone praising every single moment of this movie, this was one was really shit and unnecessary honestly.

  30. Kind of was necessary in terms of building the relationship between the characters. Now whether or not you thought it was well done is a completely different topic.

  31. you do have a point with building the relationship of the characters. tho honestly i feel like it was just poorly done and felt like a generic kids movie dance off

  32. That's fair. To me, I've seen much worse version of this scene in other movies, so I was indifferent towards it here.

  33. Cream is pretty hated tbh, and I say this as a Cream fan.

  34. What if Hwoarang becomes her Sensei and he had to put up with BS like Baek did for him

  35. Sure. The writers can do whatever they want in terms of introducing a new taekwondo practitioner.

  36. Well I also don't have any evidence in opposition to it considering their are plenty of irl examples of families who look like this. Sounds like a lack of knowledge because when me and my brother saw her, it made perfect sense.

  37. Except your the making the claims. Meaning it's on you to prove what you're saying about someone else is true. No one is saying they can't look as different as Laura and Shawn, but generally in a visual medium you want biological family members to share certain features so audiences cna identify them as such right away.

  38. Hey I agree with everything you're saying and also still have not been proven wrong by the OP. This is a discussion where if I'm wrong then I'm wrong but if I'm right then I'm right with nuance in between. The assumptions could be less assumptuous ill a greet but typically you can come to certain conclusions target quickly when you have had experience with ppl of all walks of life. Now you shoukd still be open so I should have asked instead of simply made the comment but they could choose to answer or not. They have not proven me wrong. And I'm not offended jutsu pointing out something that seemed to be missing in their observation that wouldn't be much of a topic on families who are black/mixed.

  39. The reason they haven't replied is because honestly this isn't much of a notable remark by itself. I'm replying because I always find it disappointing when a black person jumps to conclusions concerning ethnicity, since regardless of what country you grew up in, we as black people should have the history to teach us to be better.

  40. Notcie how time travel is involved with the most things you listed? Thank god that’s not the case with this story otherwise I would have called it generic. Time traveling in general is really lame and boring so yea that’s ain’t really happening here.

  41. Yeah, that's why I said it involving cryo sleep and her not giving birth to Steve are only "unique" things about it( also it wasn't really involved in most things I listed so much as half). Him being around her age, or her being on wrong side of the law and not knowing Steve personally are both generic storylines you can find practically in any medium.

  42. How is this generic? Show me another fighting game has a similar storyline where your mom is almost the same age as you.

  43. Well we did get mk 11 which had the characters from mk 2 meet their kids, there's also the kyske family from guilty gear, there's also kof which had ash crimson meet his young ancestor. Hell some people thought Jin Kazuya were brothers because they looked about the age. If we branch out to others games, or other forms of media, their are countless examples of characters either meeting and forming relationships with parents close in age, or find out that their absent parent was actually a major antagonist.

  44. maybe, but its a common concept here in brasil to change the history in movies and TV series in order to make us look better (in here of course), for example simpsons brasil episode where they visit rio was banned for years before Fox could air it wich is kinda funny haha.

  45. True, but at the same time if they were really worried about representation, I don't think they would have replaced the Brazilian with the African American. Not to mention Leroy, or eddy if he was in the show, is shown clearly not to be a bad guy early on. So the Brazilian government wouldn't have much to worried about.

  46. Honestly T7's are all horrible,most (if not all) are boring,just look at King''s literally just a random match,not a match that has anything do with his plot btw hes literally just beating up Jack 7 but !! look he mentioned AK and Marduk once that means the writers still remember they exist and how much he cares about them !! /s

  47. To be fair, king was trying to pay for marduks and AK's medical bills with that match.

  48. Unfortunately, Tekken has become like Dragon Ball in that regard. If you aren't a Saiyan, you're left to the wayside. In this case, if you're not a Mishima or closely related to them, you're basically a joker regardless of how serious the character is portrayed as being.

  49. I don't know if I would compare them considering other mishimas aren't even safe.

  50. I think we'll have to keep our expectations for great story modes restricted to NRS

  51. Again,this was before the Mishima circlejerk started

  52. Not exactly. By this point Paul already loss to Kazuya, and no one has defeated a mishima but another Mishima.

  53. Paul had to have defeated Heihachi to be allowed to fight Kazuya in T2

  54. Not exactly. As people have already said it's more likely he was going to fight heihachi next then kazuya; with his bio simply saying he was on his way to fight Kazuya as his stated goal much like his t5 intro did. Like I said saying Paul beat heihachi wouldn't make sense both because that means heichachi would be out of the tournament and unable to fight Kazuya within it, but also because heihachi would have actually been interested in Paul if he managed to beat him( he's shown interest in characters who've accomplished less like xiaoyou)

  55. Paul almost beat fact Paul is the only person that actually Kaz unable to beat which caused both of them draw before Tekken 2 event happened....for sure Kazuya also had an obsession to beat Paul during that time and if you think this rivalry is one sided than the rivalry of Lee kaz is more to humiliation of Lee chaolan then😐😐

  56. No, they tied before tekken 1, and Paul loss in tekken 1. There's nothing suggesting Kazuya saw Paul as anything more just an obstacle in his way.

  57. Ahhhhh okay my bad, I just remember Paul standing his ground against Kazuya.

  58. That was a plot, man... King had to win that match... so that Jin can give him the prize money and show his kindness... you would have seen that Paul was happy and smiling too, at the moment... the creators wanted to give King some highlight in the show, which he deserved as a popular character of tekken series...

  59. Except it didn't have to be, that's the point I'm making. Jin could have learned about kings plight at any time and decide to give him the money if he won, or Paul could just have won the tournament and given the money to king.

  60. Still I like that the creators didn't portrayed Paul as a joker like they started doing after tekken 4

  61. I don't agree with this. While Dante in DMC3 was deliberately written to be stereotypically "cool," the difference is the way the other characters respond to his more apathetic and cruel shenanigans. And the way it's presented in the story. Like the scene where Lady spills her soul to Dante while trying to kill him, over the supposed corpse of her father: Dante is "cool," but he's acting out his antics when a woman is grieving and the music is very sad. The entire point is to demonstrate how that behavior makes Dante no better than a demon, and that's the basis for HIS character arc. He doesn't lose the goofiness, but he finds his heart again and sheds tears for the brother he lost. So basically the game is saying that the apathetic displays we associate with "cool guys" are not cool at all. If the reboot makes that message, it doesn't do it with as much finesse as the story it's reimagining.

  62. I mean, what you said basically described what reboot did dnate and his idea of cool. It just that dmc3 committed to an identity for Dante, where as the reboot didn't

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