1. In other words, Criminals now know that mass transit is a safe place to murder and rape people.

  2. damn Secret Service just pulled out the "Yo president so fat, he couldn't even grab the steering wheel!"

  3. GMA obviously hasn't hired any biologists, so they can't determine whether Jackson is a man or a woman.

  4. how is a list leaked from a government website? this definitely has to be intentional

  5. Not sure how hot of a take this is: if you support abortion, and at the same time supported vaccine mandates, you’re just a fucking hypocrite. You aren’t actually pro-bodily autonomy or pro-choice or whatever bullshit you want to call yourself. You’re just a hypocrite

  6. No one was required to take the vaccine. If your job required it, you had the option to quit your job and find something else. You guys are treating mandates like the government was rounding people up and injecting them without their consent, that’s never happened. That’s not the same as forcing someone to give birth to a living being who needs to be supported financially for the next 18 years. That’s not the same as forcing someone to go through the changes that pregnancy forces on their bodies. It’s not the same and it’s possible to be consistent with your views as pro-vaccine and anti-forced birth. Unless you have proof of police going door to door and demanding people get injected, no one was “forced.” Saying “we live in a society and if you want to participate in society, get vaccinated” isn’t forcing anyone. People have access to curbside pickup. You can have gone this whole time without being vaxxed because it wasn’t forced on anyone.

  7. Wait wait, so you’re trying to tell me various states DIDNT force companies to have vaccine mandates for their employers? Okay sure. Keep telling yourself that.

  8. Funny story, although I personally don't like kimchi to eat, it actually helped me get my house.

  9. Right, so when my husband and I were looking for a house, we had found one that we really liked, but were skeptical that we could afford it (it's in a reeeally nice neighborhood). Well we decided to look at it and were shocked by the price, wondering what was wrong with it. Apparently the couple who owned the house were from Korea and had listed the house way under value for a couple reasons. 1. They were going back to Korea and were in a hurry to sell and 2. it kept not selling and for a good reason. The couple had multiple places in the kitchen and garage where they had appliances for making kimchi. And the entire house reeked of it. The smell hit you as soon as you entered the house. We applied for the house that same day we saw it, because... Febreeze exists. It took a couple weeks for the smell to completely go away, but it was so worth it.

  10. Happy birthday!! Treat yourself to some nice food, movies, or anything else you love!

  11. People who do not understand how guns work and the different types of guns, calibers etc should have no say in any gun control debate.

  12. I think if you are physically capable of dying by getting shot, then yeah you should have a say in gun control.

  13. Yep, my comment was more rhetorical (is that the right word?). I’ve heard lots of people saying the 2nd amendment is only for muskets (what?), the 2nd amendment only applies to militias (no?), both of which make no sense

  14. Yes, no gay conservatives exist. Also, no interracial married conservatives exist either. Okay /s

  15. FYI: Democrats had control of both the House and Senate during Obama’s presidency. If they wanted to make abortion a constitutionally protected right, they very well could have. But Do Nothing Democrats did nothing. They literally have themselves to blame

  16. Correct me if I’m wrong, but couldn’t Democrats have prevented this by putting Roe v Wade as a law back when Obama was president? They had control over the House and Senate. If anyone is to blame besides Republicans, it’s Do Nothing Democrats and their inaction

  17. Good. That law is complete utter bullshit. I don’t need “proper cause” to exercise a constitutional right

  18. What is the deal with the Sotomayer, Breyer, and Kagan. How is this even a question?

  19. Sotomayer was the same justice who said she didn’t understand why some states could have enforce a vaccine mandate and the Federal government could not. 🤦‍♂️

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