1. If you’re already planning to move for school, why not move somewhere closer to campus?

  2. It took me 4 tries before I found a dish at Cafe Cusco that I liked, and I’m a pretty easy person to please. (The pork belly tacos are amazing, though!)

  3. That makes me feel better, I’ve been twice and was underwhelmed.

  4. Did your doctor advise against caffeine? I was drinking coffee immediately after surgery. : ) I found by second week I was able to make my own meals, do small loads of laundry. Taking a couple daily walks was a good routine.

  5. Yes you do, otherwise you could say you went drowning instead of swimming.

  6. I thought drowning meant your lungs filled with water, you could be unconscious but revived, etc.

  7. Philosopher Illuminated by the Light of the Moon and the Setting Sun

  8. I honestly thought the car would explode if I left it running while filling up. Never bothered to fact check it, just been cautious ever since seeing the first Zoolander movie

  9. My old car had this thing where if I turned it off, it had to sit for 30-45 minutes before it would turn on again. I fueled with it running for months with no problems! Still, not the best idea in normal circumstances.

  10. This is how I met my wife. Couldn’t have said it better!

  11. How I met my partner too! I was so contentedly single and alone 😭

  12. I’ve gone on a rainy day in flip flops. Don’t recommend! But in good shoes you should be fine.

  13. Is there a trick to remember? I can't remember the difference so I just avoid needing to use those words lmao

  14. I had to in order to chop them. They came out soggy and weird, but not terrible for soup.

  15. Food Network magazine has a really great section called “Weeknight Cooking”. Simple ingredients, quick prep and cooking times, and almost everything I’ve tried has been delicious. There’s a lot of variety too, similar to meal kits.

  16. I flew to Florida just to go the museum. It is amazing! I spent 2 days but a good 4-5 hour chunk would probably be enough. Make sure to download the museum app for an enhanced viewing experience!

  17. I saw an article that said it can’t be sold as candy. Can anyone clarify that?

  18. It was here on CNN amidst the election results, but it’s also in the wording of the amendment:

  19. No he’s just bracing to misinform/manipulate the fuck out of Americans to help Trump win the next election.

  20. A lot of people use Twitter to get their news, follow journalists, etc. this is just another Bezos buying the Washington Post to control the narrative.

  21. I voted at 2 PM. Every table was full and there was a line of about 10 people, first line I’ve seen there.

  22. I watched game 6 from Buffalo Bayou Brewery, it was great seeing that skyline!

  23. I think one of the parking lots along the route is the move

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