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My husband found this guy running down the street last night. He picked him up, gave him some water and brought him home. Just got home from the vet today, other than his infestation problems (flea, tick and worms) that we’re treating he seems to be in good health. This will be our 1rst lab!

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  1. No like I went to the Dr today and this is what they told me lol. The test on Saturday that I was referring to is an MRI

  2. They said I could get one tomorrow morning at 7 am, I have stuff to do tomorrow so I stupidly asked if they had something for later (even though this is LITERALLY THE BIGGEST DEAL) and they said they could do Saturday at 10:30. Now that it's actually hit me how serious this is, they're closed so I can't reschedule. But maybe if I call early tomorrow I can still get in before the end of the day

  3. Some say Albert Einstein might have been the smartest human. Some say Stephen Hawking is. But then OP goes and pulls some shit like this

  4. No I'm serious. Sorry if I sounded like a smart ass, but I think this is gonna produce ALOT tbh. I wanna see updates if you can OP

  5. I'm looking forward to it dude, this is one of the best looking plants I've seen tbh. Your nugs are gonna be huge

  6. Ancient Roman-style winged colanders from circa the Olive Garden era.

  7. If my dad was getting tea bagged it would be fantastic. Grew up playing games with him and absolutely any opportunity I could get to rub it in that he was trash was taken!

  8. Man I wish my dad gamed, but instead he travels and is highly successful lmao. W.e. I'm a fucking Elden Lord bro lol

  9. Idk about other parts of the US but here in the south we stick sticks of butter up our asses then drag that shit around when it melts so it looks like a snail trail. Fuck I can't wait until snail day this year

  10. I can't do the rune farm that requires invasions cause I don't have game pass, and most enemies drop so little runes I would be farming for hours just to get my vigor up

  11. You gotta find the farming spot. Enemies drop 2500 runes and are weak af. You can get literally millions of runes in a couple hours

  12. They love it!! Just be careful of light burn but these are some happy plants!

  13. Dude this is fine. Tape that back together, maybe rub some Clonex on it first and she'll be perfectly fine. I snapped my main stem on one of my sour diesel plants my last run and did just that, she blew tf up. If somebody asks, just say you're super cropping. Growers do it on purpose all the time. She'll be ok

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