My Death Stranding cosplay for Halloween!

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  1. I can't really judge tbh. I eat liver paté on toast with salad cream 🫣

  2. So that’s how trials is done. Every time I pop into one it’s a total shit show of people getting downed and not knowing what to do (me too).

  3. That's how that trial is done. Probably the easiest one. Believe you me, there are some that are near impossible if players either don't know the mechanics or are not prepared to go live on their mics 🤦

  4. I enjoyed it from the offset, but there was a particular moment near the end of chapter 3 where it all clicked 🤌 I'm 146hrs in now, and have no plans to stop. Never played anything like it 👍

  5. Alright thanks a bunch for the tips! I’ve been going crazy trying to come up with anything ^ but also do you think I should prioritize status effect duration or status effect damage? I’ve also been using hysteria instead of combat regeneration do you think that’s a good idea? I’ve been thinking that if I’m gonna go with that I would need to focus on not getting hit since I would only have the smoke bombs to heal at that point. Also I have ability cooldown and Melee damage instead of stagger damage, I really like ability cooldown and I know stagger damage increases the damage I do when enemies are staggered which is gonna happen a lot when running a poison build but I’m not sure if I should use melee damage for overall damage, melee resolve gains to use my ultimate more or stagger damage.

  6. Think of it this way; SAD is an instant hit to an Oni health bar. Whereas SED is dealt over time, and their health ticks away. Depending on what your playstyle is, you could use blowdarts with 3 stacks of SED to soften targets so that they're ripe for crit hits and assassinations. Personally, I think 3 stacks of SED is too much and can take a while to take effect. Don't take my word for it though, play around with it and see what your preference is. Hysteria can wind other players up. I prefer hallucination darts on Oni lords or the dogs (who go batshit crazy and spam their AOE attack when darted.) I'd stick with combat regen personally. If you're using an epic sword, I'd probably go with a water katana and have melee damage & Oni damage. Perks would be poison blade and either burning blade or WOTF

  7. Thanks for the advice! With this I’m positive I can start making the assassin build I wanted

  8. Incredible dude.. 👏 *20 likes received from Retro 👍

  9. There is another person named misscharrylady9 that literally only hits drums, ignores revives and then quits, I would show you the footage but I’m confused on how Reddit works, queued with them multiple times and the same thing happened.

  10. I kept matching with someone called missladycherry9 months ago. We'd start the first wave and then they would disconnect, without fail. I tried sending them a msg, asking what was up but their privacy settings wouldn't allow it. Ended up blocking them instead

  11. *Cries hearing Izanami no Inachi repeatedly 😭

  12. Looks sound to me. Only thing I'd change (which is just personal preference btw), is having perfect parry on the katana, leeching parry on the charm and cure all on the techniques. Every time you perfect parry, you regain health for you and your team. Even if you're at full health, your PP's will still heal the others

  13. For sure, but it gets boring fast if the lobby is full of 120 bad asses in a gold survival. It's like buzzards fighting over a rat's carcass

  14. Yeah lmao. Haven’t played with 120 ki badasses in Gold survival yet but one time in nightmare survival I played with Randos and we cleared it in 25 minutes. I know it’s not impressive but it was plenty impressive to me.

  15. 25 mins for a NMS is definitely being efficient 👍 I don't mind playing gold survival every now and then, but when I do I'm often twiddling my thumbs

  16. "3-D!! 3-D!! Bah gawd! That nearly broke him in half!"

  17. Sheesh are you running DOT damage aswell?

  18. That's something the build is missing to be fair. I'd probably drop the stealth attack damage on the charm and exchange it for status effect damage instead. It's an ult spam build, using resolve gained from the weightless spirit. Not intended for sneaky sneaky stabby stabs

  19. Yeah I was debating if I should switch that or not. I only use stealth attack damage because I know it enhances your ultimate damage. I have made a status build using poison ammo on my bow and it can be pretty nasty as well

  20. Point is, it's your build. You have fun with it, and that's what matters

  21. I gave him his dying wish on my first playthrough. Mainly because he'd whipped my ass so hard for something like 20 minutes. On my 'new game+ holy shit I'm OP as fuck and put hundreds of hours into Legends' playthrough, I spared him. I was embarrassed for the guy tbh, steamrolled right through him.

  22. Nobody said your class rank 100/200 montage has to consist of OP moments only. It's a journey of the good, bad and ugly 😊

  23. To be honest, I think I'll be taking a break soon. Have all trophies for the game and close to getting 100% on all feats. Speed running / high scores, solo NMS etc doesn't appeal to me. I've had an absolute blast playing and I'll keep the game installed to run a survival or something. I wish I did save some Legends moments now, maybe on GoT 2

  24. It is important to have fun in gaming and not get stressed up. Have a good rest 😊

  25. Oh who am I kidding lol.. I'll be on as normal for the weekly reset 👍

  26. Easy one for me. Back when I was 18, 2 days before I was due to sit my final 'A' level exams, my left lung spontaneously collapsed.

  27. It pales in comparison, but Aliens: Fireteam Elite has a strong emphasis on co-op gameplay. Also in 3rd person, except with pulse rifles, flame throwers, smart guns and plenty of Xenos to hunt

  28. It pales in comparison, but Aliens: Fireteam Elite has a strong emphasis on co-op gameplay. Also in 3rd person, except with pulse rifles, flame throwers, smart guns and plenty of Xenos to hunt

  29. My favorite part of the game so far. That whole battle sequence and the narrative of tensions between the clans was awesome. Culminating in this ferocious slaughter. It's why we love video games!

  30. Definitely one of my favourite parts of the story as well 👍 Jin going full bad arse, terrorising the Mongols and cutting them down effortlessly is just... 👌

  31. Congrats 👏 I doubt that's something I'll ever attempt tbh

  32. Thank you. Why not try just for fun?

  33. 💯 Ever since the update for it dropped. My retinas thank me as I mostly play at night in a low lit room

  34. My ex husband was very good at that.

  35. You could say, he was EXceptional 😏 (sorry)

  36. I can wiggle my ears, and I can also vibrate the hairs inside my ear canals if I get tinnitus / white noise in them. Don't ask me how, been able to do both since I was a kid

  37. Nice drop 👏Now your hunter can reach her final form..

  38. In theory, sure. In practise, I'd have landed 3 headshots with either the skipping stone bow or weightless spirit in that time via reload cancelling. I'd also have my arrows back thanks to the headshot refund perk, which Sugaru's can't roll. Sugaru's can be viable with a specific loadout, but you'd be far better off using one of the other legendary bows

  39. Our Ronin builds are almost identical. You'll definitely want moon master on your katana. I have perfect parry as well, teamed with leeching parry instead of combat regen on the charm. That's personal preference though, melee / oni damage is probably more optimal

  40. It's the one legendary that's never dropped for me and I've been playing Legends for 9 months 🤣 I'll make an amusing build with impactful throws and staggering breath when it (finally) does

  41. You're doing the hard part now. Once you've got one ghost pulling in 110ki gear, it's far easier (and enjoyable) to level the others

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