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  1. Fallout new vegas - ~200 hours tracked, untracked is Minecraft with well over 1000

  2. It’ll be Thursday for me, for some reason my gamestops doin a early release

  3. Your laptop may not support VR through that plug, quite a few vr ready laptops can only use the standard USB for it

  4. I mean both can coexist. You can be proud of doing something to the best of your ability, but that thing can also be a subpar thing. This pumpkin is challenged artistically—there is a lot wrong with it. But also, you rocked it out to the best of your skills and you should be proud of that. Do it next year and you’ll be better; soon you’ll look at this picture and laugh at your improvement. It’s the spirit of creativity.

  5. Maybe it sits so sideways with me because I knew what I was getting into. I know how the community is, but I was expecting at least a bit of constructive criticism, not a complete lack of. It doesn’t really bother me tho since this is my first pumpkin ever and I made it to be with my family, not to post.

  6. I feel like I’ve seen this or something similar a few months ago

  7. B2/W2 are my favorite games so I kept a lot of Pokemon from those games with me over the years, especially from this Black 2 save since it was my first playthrough of these awesome Unova sequels. I also still have the Nature Preserve shiny Haxorus but he's on my Sword since Haxorus doesn't exist in BDSP lol

  8. Lo key loved the challenge it took to get the shiny egg from benga, felt like a true reward

  9. Tail glow setups + Jirachi serene grace flinch moves yes you could probably beat anything as long as you switch out to blissey when expecting a super effective move

  10. Game collectors trying not to lose their minds over someone’s opinion tier list (impossible)(ZELDA AT B????!!!!)(not clickbait)

  11. Props to op for the diagram and an easy to understand question

  12. Ulysses (in my opinion) is a badly written deus ex machina who retroactively ruins the whole story by needlessly trying to tie it all together, just like that guy in the walking dead season one who comes to shame Lee for all of his frankly acceptable decisions

  13. Perfect description of most peoples sentiments towards ulysses

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