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  1. Ah, a fellow old man, I see. I came here to say Griffey for SNES. That game ruled.

  2. Ah, a fellow old man, I see. I came here to say Griffey for SNES as well. That game is fucking awesome

  3. Looks like the chef is doing a little more than just cooking with the food.

  4. The first part is in south lake tahoe, the second part may be in san mateo. I know the person who captured the first clip. They are not the same pair as far as i know, even though both videos are here.

  5. It’s the way around reposting for karma since they are both popular repost

  6. Such a garbage fucking penalty. The kicker sold that shit so fucking hard

  7. I hang it so it dries after every use and I put in in the washing machine every week. If I use the natural ones I replace it every few weeks. I work for a farmer and get dirty so that’s why I use the reusable ones most of the time. I have had this one for about 6 months now

  8. I guess when you're small everybody just looks like a head with big legs

  9. Unplug it and plug it back in if that doesn’t work

  10. Orders are sorted orderbetically

  11. Damascustactical steel is some of the last alloys using metal mined on Atlantis before it sunk.

  12. Based on the pictures, the exterior looks reasonably good (as a Rat Rod). The real question is, how's the workmanship?

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