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  1. Don’t worry- I put both Kane and Son in my FPL team and captained/VC’d them specifically for this game. These things will take care of themselves

  2. I love this. The club needs to instill stories to these walls because so many amazing things are there to share. The Emirates Stadium should feel like a museum than just a bunch of walls that house a football pitch.

  3. Spot on. Really well said. We need to display the things that make us as a club as much as possible

  4. Atomic habits by James Clear. A really practical book for someone like me who spends A LOT of time at 4. Thai book helps me find my growth line to 1.

  5. It's more to help them understand and connect to others. The ones I've been around in the past always made it a reason to make new friends as a way to connect them to the church.

  6. Which is actually really funny because the origins of the enneagram spread throughout a number of different religions and schools of though, one of them being Sufi muslims using it for meditation and prayer. In my opinion, If Christian’s viewed the enneagram properly they’d probably get more out of it.

  7. We’ve also won 14 of ‘em - but you know… who’s counting.

  8. Football League Champions: 1950/1951, 1960/1961 The FA Cup Winners: 1900/1901, 1920/1921, 1960/1961, 1961/1962, 1966/1967, 1980/1981, 1981/1982, 1990/1991 Football League Cup Winners: 1970/1971, 1972/1973, 1998/1999, 2007/2008 European Cup-Winners Cup Winners: 1962/1963 UEFA Cup Winners: 1971/1972, 1983/1984

  9. All I’m seeing is evidence of a really long trophy drought.

  10. Still so stoked that the Archbishop is here, playing in Melbourne.

  11. That’s it, pack it up boys. This is the one

  12. This is just too perfect. I will never not upvote an Office meme

  13. I thought that too. The license plate is really grainy compared to the other part of the car (where the licence plate sits) If you zoom in on the image you can see it doesn’t look quite right. I’m still convinced guys. Don’t crush my dreams!

  14. This was a spot bet, so a booking during a certain ten minute time period

  15. My question around that is, how long does it take to place a spot bet? could it be someone who gamed the system a little? Waiting for Granit to do something silly, while having their finger on the ‘bet’ button and press it as soon as they saw xhaka taking his sweet ass time with the free kick?

  16. Not sure that's possible, betting websites probably have a slight delay on processing bets or something but even if it was, you'd have your finger on the bet button with £50,000 on the line and if Xhaka passes the ball two seconds earlier that money is down the drain...

  17. Hmmm that’s a good point. Only people with F-you kind of money would be that comfortable with being willing to lose that much money

  18. Was just trying to stop the whole “he’s 28 until he’s 29, that’s how it works” thing again - that’s all. Love the goal, love the clip, love Martin - that’s how it works.

  19. I’m moving to Sydney next week. Do Aussie gunners wake up to watch? Is there a good sight to watch when I wake up without spoilers? Something like mmacore for ufc fights but with football.

  20. Sometimes there are bars that show the 11:30 pm kickoffs here in Melbourne but you have to ask the bartender, sometimes beg them. I usually just stay home and watch the games on Optus sport. Pretty good deal for a streaming service, I’d say it’s worth the price. Or even better if you can find someone to share a log in details with - win win.

  21. "Dear Diary, today I said a smart thing" haha

  22. I’m a bit drunk on wine and this thread was fantastic to read. That is all. Carry on.

  23. I’m on GMT +10 time zone. It was almost 9pm when I commented. But the other comment is right, wine does taste good at any time 🍷

  24. havin a little jolly up down the right-hand side

  25. As an arsenal fan I actually can’t wait to watch the ol’ Archbishop play in Our league.

  26. Pretty sure you can just buy the ios version on Mac and play it, but you'll definitely want a controller if so.

  27. +1 on this - currently playing through bully on my Mac M1 pro with a dual shock 4 with no issues (a part from the app crashing once after waking from sleep)

  28. It’s Diwali festival this week/weekend. Lots of people celebrating Indian and Pakistani cultural festivities and probably setting them off in their backyard.

  29. qozm says:

    I see you know your judo well

  30. If you go into any “should I get x” post right now, they are absolutely littered with terrible recommendations to spend SO MUCH MONEY! I feel like this needed to be said.

  31. Yeah honestly man. This post helped so much. I was moments away from cancelling my base model M1 pro and upgrading specs because I’ve just read posts about “uSiNg LoGiC UsEs ‘x’ AmOuNt oF RaM” And it made me second guess myself.

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