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  1. Oh, we're using indoor definitions for an outdoor video? My bad.

  2. As a geologist, we were genuinely taught to taste different sedimentary rocks to distinguish the grain sizes. I.e. clayey/silty rocks are velvety to taste, sandy rocks have a more gritty taste.

  3. I do like a nice bit of scrambled shegg.

  4. Been looking for what the differences between console and pc are. Thank you to this post I now know I'm buying the pc version tomorrow.

  5. When you're absolutely wrecked, but you still take the time to put fresh sheets on the bed. It's worth the hassle, because it feels amazing to lie down on it afterwards.

  6. Pickled onion monster munch with a few slices of gherkin of course..... Never realised there was anything else that could be used.

  7. No it won't - people need to stop saying this. The average age of a car on the road is already nearly 10 years and is getting large and larger because current cars are better made and lasting longer than ever before.

  8. Does this depend on how many paintings and shop fronts get smeared with food though?! Lol

  9. Bout 20ish years ago, got dragged out a bar because 'birthday boy' (prick of a friend of a friend) was kicking off cos he couldn't have his way. We were all actively telling him to calm it but we all got chucked.... (Totally understand it from the bouncers point of view) but that was the first and last time I ever had any trouble on a night out as work very hard to keep my nose clean..... Never been on a town night out since.

  10. It's a trick question.... If you take the blue pill..... All the others will happen to you naturally, won't they?!

  11. Never knew this.... Although I'm always happy with the xp I am awarded for going the distance so I probs would have never cottoned on.

  12. Caught my eye just as I was exiting.... Had to open it back up to upvote that.... Brilliant. Lol

  13. Yeah... I have no driving licence, messy hair and no kids.... Everyone but me seems to lose their shit over these facts of my life. Can't help but be amused by it.

  14. If you do end up moving heaven and earth.... Can you DM me a little hand drawn map so I can get back home after work please?

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