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  1. Calculus 2 if you don’t have credit for it already, otherwise it varies alot by person some people struggle with PHYS 172 others struggle with CS 159, but generally fye is not too difficult.

  2. Unless someone is taking honors. Those kids take a class that is the spawn of satan.

  3. For 16100 the only way to fail is not attending class or not submitting EYM activities. For second semester 16200, it’s not attending or not submitting your T2M forms.

  4. Every U.S college student will stop watching Netflix.

  5. Similarly, Miami university sounds like a trap for unknowing international students to trick them into going to Ohio

  6. It’s named after the Myaamia people though, and was founded over 100 years earlier than the University of Miami in Florida.

  7. Your stats are fine to get in. But that’s not the be all end all of your application. A lot of Purdue’s top majors heavily factor essays and extracurriculars since they differentiate the people with the same stats.

  8. Back seat of a rollercoaster as it’s going over the first drop.

  9. My friend’s husband learned at 34 that islands are indeed attached to the ocean floor, not floating.

  10. I did get into Chapman and I got deferred from SMU and SCU, so if I get into any of these, I might consider these options

  11. I grew up near Chapman. I’d say that Purdue is hands down the better choice. It’s not a commuter school, has so many more clubs and professional opportunities, and is miles ahead in STEM.

  12. My high school had something similar. Student arrives on campus with 6 knives. He kept claiming “Friday was going to be big.” Then, when reported, administration found the knives as well as multiple copies of students schedules in his bag. He already had multiple title IX complaints and restraining orders. Someone had even warned the school that something like this would happen and no one listened. His parents are lawyers so their son is still on campus.

  13. Oh my gosh!! I need to find someone who loves the new arctic monkeys album as much as me!! DM me! I’d love to hang out!

  14. It’s such a good album!!!! Definitely the first listen through I didn’t appreciate as much as I do now. Just a phenomenal work from them once again.

  15. I’m accepted into first year engineering!!! Out of state! Presidents Scholarship!!! I’m absolutely balling right now. This is my dream school and I can’t wait to go!!

  16. As a current honors FYE student, if you get accepted and decide to take honors, it will be very hard. You will be putting 30 hours a week into ENGR 161 through homework, projects, and studying (for a 4 credit hour course). Even still, I recommend doing it. You will be set up to complete your degree extremely well, and the skills you learn in the class will come in handy throughout the rest of your courses. It’s tough, rigorous, and time consuming, and you will learn how to deal with failure and rejection, but that’s the point. Even so, if I were approached with the decision again, I’d still choose honors FYE.

  17. Awesome! Thank you. That’s all good to know

  18. If you have any questions about programs/clubs/student life, I’d be more than happy to answer them. Just DM me.

  19. This is what I was hoping, and emailed about but they said because of the amount of students they had no way to guarantee, this or an elevator even with a doctors note and DSC request, which unfortunately does make sense

  20. Did you get accepted to honors? If so, then it’s highly worth it to accept the offer for proximity to campus and disability accessibility alone. The other dorms aren’t necessarily much farther from campus, especially for engineering, yet honors is more central.

  21. Gregory Peck is the only guy to ever make meek hot.

  22. I would love to see President Porter some day. She makes intelligence cool.

  23. I could see a Power Mom from Irvine, CA, as President. Those women see some shit every day and Porter is not one to back down from a challenge.

  24. I’m sure part of it is to reduce plastic waste, but I’m certain that there are takeout boxes bigger than these that would do the same.

  25. Something that’s helped immensely in my long distance relationship is understanding that my SO cannot and will not be constantly available to speak to, and that my messages/calls won’t be answered immediately. Being able to see that we have different lives in different places while still making and setting aside some free time to talk has helped immensely.

  26. Seriously whats the end goal here? The GOP keeps forcing the house to vote until McCarthy wins? How long are they honestly allowed to do this?

  27. Endlessly. Or until they change the rules themselves. By god I hope it ends with holdouts so that dems just get the speakership. That would be hilarious.

  28. Goliath at Magic Mountain has a notorious helix, especially in certain parts of the train.

  29. I met Bill Pullman after his performance of Madhouse in the West End recently. He took 40 minutes of his time to speak with me about acting and his process. I’ll never forget that.

  30. Ah yes, my favorite test print. Dumpy!!!!!

  31. Can confirm. What’s not legal is the speed of the other motorcyclists. Laguna beach has a max speed of 45 through main beach, and even gets lower in some areas, down to 35 or 25. They’re 100% speeding through that light too. Even if the guy on video was speeding slightly, the cop should still have followed the people who actually and verifiably endangered lives.

  32. It was the idiot who first ran the red too.

  33. Didn’t have to guess on anything, but there were a few I was unsure about… so it went better than expected I guess

  34. Same here. Probably the easier of the three tests this semester.

  35. B-but I thought that the wind turbines that kill too many birds are unreliable in cold weather!!!!!!

  36. As an independent voter (nonparty association), i judge both sides and I guess because I don't have the blue or red glasses on my face, I cannot ignore how both sides put the party 1st and not the people. Biden just approved rail worker's agreement that was not approved by the majority union. This silenced them and goes with big management. Democrats will have challenges saying they are pro-workers.

  37. You’re right, to an extent. To compare the two sides is to also act in bad faith, willingly misconstruing the weight and effect of the choices of both as equal in magnitude. To compare two unequal wrongs is inherently more wrong than each individual wrong. This is the attitude that does more harm than good, as while one side has made mistakes, it more often criticized, condemns, and prosecutes the individuals from that side for their actions, while the other is in lock step against the majority of Americans, and avoids accountability through maintaining dog whistles.

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