1. Shoot. Still peeing myself 18 years later. I've asked doctors and they tell me to lose weight. Frustrating. Will Google because this has gotten very old!

  2. I’m not a pelvic floor therapist, but kegels might help until you can get your first appointment at one.

  3. Most of those people are actually renting one room out of a McMansion with 10+ other influencers.

  4. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collab_house

  5. Google says green peanuts need to simmer for about 4 hours and dry raw peanuts (like the ones me mums got) need to simmer at least 10 hours

  6. Would it cook faster in a pressure cooker?

  7. Can teachers actually tell students that “she went to heaven”?

  8. I guess it’s better than telling them that their classmate is burning for not using enough Doterra.

  9. You’d be surprised how well something as fake as McDonalds burgers keep. They’ve found ones that look good after decades.

  10. It fits better than the boob hat dress I saw here last night, though that’s not saying much.

  11. Chips are crunchy. They never had that problem with chips before?

  12. Also, there are lots of fruits that aren’t crunchy.

  13. I’d argue that Charlemagne and the Catholic church just used the name for street cred.

  14. Something bad is likely happening or about to happen. That’s when she pulls this one out.

  15. The loan officer must have been able to stop laughing long enough to tell MS she couldn’t mortgage a dollhouse on her credit.

  16. What is he doing with his hands? It looks like he's holding an invisible clipboard

  17. It looks like a pic taken in then middle of a lecture.

  18. Well, at the very least, he will never have to buy MIL another birthday, Christmas, or Mother’s Day present ever again. “I gave you 75 grand. That’s more than generous.”

  19. The map is also missing Central America, half of Europe, parts of Asia, Antarctica, h and Africa looks like it was drawn by a 5yo who saw a map once.

  20. Also, drones may be more vulnerable to sabotage and theft than a truck. There are certainly enough jerks with shotguns in my area who would either assume the drones were government spies or who would like to try out sky piracy.

  21. Leave an upstairs window open and the drone could drop it right in your lap.

  22. When you spend all your simoleons on the inside and almost forget about the outside.

  23. Can’t see the outside during most of the gameplay, anyhow.

  24. Dragonair is way too beautiful to become that grotesque imo

  25. Professor Cerise in Pokémon Journeys proposed that Milotic would be a sensible final evo for the Dratini line. I don’t disagree.

  26. I know you're only listing Pokemon specifically, but I feel like the Marsh and Soul Badges should have gotten a shout-out here.

  27. Good translation and localization wasn’t a priority in video games in the early 90s, especially in a new IP for a handheld system. So, the Marsh and Soul badge names didn’t stand out to me.

  28. Google says that a medium-size one only has 95 calories, and that probably includes the bits you can’t easily eat.

  29. That’s quite the acronym for this thread…

  30. I’d be grateful not to have a full cup of that.

  31. Get sidewalk chalk and paint for all the kids in the building. They’ll know what to do…

  32. None of my kids’ grandparents babysat every week, have a key to my house, stayed over regularly, or hung out with me while I was delivering. The kid has parents. None of that is necessary, from either grandma. So tell DH that, for now, all visits with LO will happen after baby’s first set of shots, in public, and with you wearing the baby. There will be no babysitting, no spare keys for anyone, and especially NO GUESTS. Also, if you need help with chores during this time, he knows where the broom’s kept. Also, you can get postpartum help from the doctor, mom groups, and optionally lactation consultants.

  33. It looks like she’s returning them because she can’t figure out how they work.

  34. “Yay, you’re going to spend an hour where sick people congregate to get extensive blood testing! Buy my shit.”

  35. She cooked this the other day, only she added a "lil chicken" to it (instead of sausage). I couldn't figure out the vegetables then either.

  36. It looks like not nearly enough asparagus and yellow bell pepper.

  37. If you invite MIL to your LO’s birthday party, then you’re going to need someone to babysit MIL. Sounds like your mom’s volunteering. It’ll be your mom’s job to determine if MIL’s smuggling in any dangerous illnesses. It’ll be your mom’s job to ensure MIL doesn’t sneak in her own decorations and cake and/or purposely spoil yours. It’ll be your mom’s job to endure MIL’s self-centered blathering. It’ll be your mom’s job to screen the gifts and make sure it’s something age-appropriate that fits in the space(s) you have allotted for LO’s things. It’ll be your mom’s job to help you keep MIL from snatching the baby, taking the baby off to a private area, photographing the baby, attempting to gossip about you to the baby, or to feed the baby unauthorized foods. Basically, your mom will spend this whole party following the bigger and less mature of the two toddlers around in an attempt to keep her from wrecking the party.

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