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  1. Would've been nice if it was a different statue and not just a recolor... They're going to look unnatural side by side.

  2. You kiss your mother with that mouth?

  3. I agree, but I also think its helpful to me to see the mistakes people make out there in their daily lives and the clusterfuck of problems that comes with bad choices. Keeps me motivated.

  4. I had a friend that loved watching Maury because it made her feel better about her life, so I get that.

  5. Do pullets ever have iridescent tail feathers?

  6. Yes, they frequently do, so iridescence (or even "big tails" as I've seen some say) by itself is not a sign of a rooster. However, this guy very clearly has pointed saddle feathers which are a roo trait.

  7. Quick, Bobby, put on this facepaint and sit in the back, no one will notice.

  8. I'm curious as to if her rage has cracked the wall, or if that's leftover from the previous tub removal lol

  9. They may not fix the problem, but chickens do feel like good therapy. Cute little ones you've got there.

  10. This is 100% animal abuse and neglect, please contact your local animal control/authorities. Thank you for looking out for these poor birds.

  11. she gets mad and does this if you take her out of her nest. Today she kicked herself off the nest and went storming across the yard in mad mode. No rooster, so no chance of her fulfilling her maternal aspirations.

  12. Waiting for someone to edit this into the 20th century fox theme

  13. They probably have some sort of respiratory infection.

  14. Agreed. Looks like a lash or shell-less egg. Clean her up and keep an eye on her, add calcium supplements.

  15. if you have the ability to lift your pinky up then you theoretically should see the muscle. It's probably hiding under a layer of forearm fat.

  16. I'm going to lift my pinky so much and so hard people are going to see that muscle when I'm not flexing and they'll know how fancy I truly am.

  17. Could just frame a single large feather. Sandwiched in one of those frames with just 2 glass panels would look nice.

  18. I guess it's a comic frame. I got one from micheals years ago. Just glass so the wall behind will show through

  19. If she's paralyzed one one side then she might have mareks and needs to be separated from the others.

  20. Pretty common I think, they do try to eat most everything. As long as they're not taking the feathers off of eachother to eat thats fine. Mine keep eating their baby down feathers when they shake and come off, chase it through the air to eat it. But don't pick them off eachother.

  21. You could try putting some Vaseline in her vent so when she pushes the area will be lubricated, should come out more easily if it gets past the start of it.

  22. I could be wrong, but dont RIRs have short lifespans compared to other breeds? That might have something to do with it.

  23. I was recently caring for 4 4yr old RIRs and we consistently got 2-4 eggs a day, I feel like this has to be a different issue.

  24. That shark is adorable and considerate. Listen to him.

  25. Get me a ball peen hammer and a PH2 Phillips screwdriver and I can fix it for you. Size 1 and 3 phillips bits won't work. If you get me either of those sizes I will become offended and leave.

  26. Insurance says it's totaled, but I'd be thrilled to see what you can do, come on over!

  27. Most countries (especially European ones that belong in the EU) have laws that let you get copies of actual medical images within a certain time frame and I'm sure the US has similar ones (no idea about the rest of the world though). If you want them, you can probably get them.

  28. I'll have to look into that, thank you. I am in the US so I certainly am paying more than enough to get a copy lol

  29. I have officially gone NC with that side of the family. My father was a spineless slug. I never looked forward seeing him and had little love left for him.

  30. Congratulations on so many levels, keep these horrible people out of your life. Your soon to be husband is amazing and perfect for you. Wishing you two all the best ❤

  31. They should be on starter/grower until they are of laying age, around 6 months depending on breed and individual development.

  32. So you’re suggesting I switch back to a starter feed?

  33. Yes, I definitely would. Layer feed has a lot of calcium non layers (young chicks, roosters and retired layers) don't need and can be potentially harmful.

  34. Thank you for the update, glad she was able to get it out 💕

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