1. Maybe I'm crazy but I fuckin love these jerseys

  2. Home jerseys for the NL are definitely better imo, but I like these

  3. On the Juggernaut AI app, am I able to move exercises to different days? For example, on day 1, it has me doing Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. On day 2, it just has me doing a bench variation with some accessories. For me personally, I’d rather just do the deadlift from day 1 on day 2. So day 1, I’d do squat/bench, and day 2, I’d do deadlift/bench. I don’t see a way to be able to move it though. Am I able to?

  4. I’m a powerlifter that’s been on a very long cut. Started at 240 and got to 205/18% BF last summer. After that, I kept trying to cut down because I wanted to hit 200/15% BF, but my weight stalled and my calories were all the way down to about 2000, and was even doing 1800 calories a day some weeks.

  5. For the longest time, whenever I start a new program, I feel great the first week. Anytime I go into week 2, I feel awful, mobility feels like crap, and I don’t feel recovered. It’s literally every time I start a new program.

  6. God those two options of how much we would pay him…

  7. You wouldn’t be paying him anything in either of those trades

  8. What are you talking about? I meant “you” as in the dodgers lmao.

  9. Even if we sell, who tf do we have that’s worth anything? Can’t just sell just to get trash in return

  10. Yes, but if anything you trade him next season. Not this one. Trout and ohtani are our only players worth anything and we’re not trading trout

  11. They might be better off trading him now if they want to maximize his value. His value will only lower as he gets closer to FA.

  12. For the longest time, whenever I start a new program, I feel great the first week. Anytime I go into week 2, the weeks feel awful, mobility feels like crap, and I don’t feel recovered. It’s literally every time I start a new program.

  13. I agree but trading trout and ohtani does more bad than good. Plenty of ways to improve the roster without blowing it up

  14. It’s time to DFA JBJ tbh. There’s no way you can keep him on the team over Duran at this point.

  15. Huh, last month I actually got my new Mazda 3 Hatch Select in Platinum Quartz from that same location lol

  16. Classic Mazda is absolutely fantastic!

  17. You didn’t, the article did - she shared the drink with others. That sharing is part of the equation of the scenario and a point in thine in the situation in which an awareness could have been obtained by the supervising adult, leading to them handling the situation without relying on another student to be the informer of what’s actually happening. Does that make sense? Also, snack is the time of the incident, not lunch, and I have found from other comments snack happens very differently for some. Some have it in class while still teaching and some like me have it similar to lunch, just with less students. Really was curious as to the snack situation and if students are allowed to share per the rules of the school.

  18. Apologies. I didn’t see the article, and misinterpreted what people said in the comments. So in this scenario, this is definitely on the teacher. If one of my students mentioned anything about liquor, I would immediately be more alert about it. I also ban my kids from sharing anything at all during snack time, and tell them if they see anyone sharing to let me know. Teacher is definitely in the wrong here, but I could see where someone sees it as a joke, because you just never see something like that. If it were at lunch, then it’s on the cafeteria attendants, and even then could be tough to see unless a student told someone. However, the ones in the MOST wrong are the parents. Shame on them for not being more aware.

  19. People are defending the teacher because when she was alerted she handled it … but what if she hadn’t been alerted? This is why the sharing is a big thing for me (and where my perspective comes from) because (despite what your mama told you) we don’t share (our food or drinks). So for me seeing the sharing would be a red flag and not seeing the sharing (for me) would also be a red flag because it means I am not watching them. People have presented scenarios in which their perspective abs norm is different, and in those cases I can see how it would happen - I still don’t really agree with the total absolution of the teacher, but I can better understand how it could happen. Thanks for your contribution to this discussion.

  20. I completely agree with you. I’ve had an incident before where a student shared a cracker that had peanut butter with another student who had a peanut allergy. Luckily I caught it because another student yelled out there was no sharing allowed. This is why us teachers HAVE to be strict with our students about sharing food.

  21. Ok now tell us about what happened in the minute leading up to this

  22. Filing a police report will literally do nothing. Look at the Trevor Bauer case in MLB. Case was dropped.

  23. TLDR: Goal is to get to 15% body fat (currently around 20%). I've been cutting for 2 weeks after a maintenance/diet break, and I've gone from 212 to 209. Feeling run down this past week. Should I do a refeed, or diet break, and when?

  24. No I’ve just been feeling run down this past week. I just want to make sure I time these refeeds/diet breaks well.

  25. Doesn't Orlando pay 65 cents a mile or something like that? Get the Corolla.

  26. Last night I was getting 54 cents a mile

  27. Don’t buy a newer car strictly for Comfort. Sure you get paid 5 cents more, but that car is going to drop in value so fast. Buy old cars to do Uber.

  28. I respectfully disagree to an extent, at least right now. Used car prices are just dumb right now. I’ve seen plenty Corollas with 40k miles for $2-3k less than a brand new one same trim. I’ve also had some poor experiences with used cars, even after checking the Car Fax and seeing consistent oil changes. I definitely see the argument for used cars though.

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