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  1. Looks super good! I'm a little on the fence because I'm scared, but being able to wear things with confidence and go stealth is amazing! The girl dick was cute, but the vagina is even better and I'm sure you like it way more :)

  2. Question, did you go to dr. John whitehead or was it dr. David whitehead? I’m looking at surgeons in New York through amida care and on the list there’s a dr. David whitehead? Wasn’t sure if it was the same doctor.

  3. forehead is not bad at all! under my nose scars are a little visible but that’s my fault bc i did not follow through with the aftercare

  4. That is really impressive for someone I have never heard before

  5. i’m pretty sure, i know i had to get some lab work done prior like an EKG and i think they may have done the ctscan, but honestly i cant remember :(

  6. You look amazing! I'm having my bottom surgery too in 10 days and I can't wait!

  7. What were the requirements before surgery?

  8. a year on hrt and 2 letters from mental health professionals in order to get it covered

  9. I hope you’re stocked up on sanitary pads and if you need sort of cheap and expensive lube , they have it at Walmart for four dollars and also coconut oil is very good . 💖

  10. my doctors sent me a very helpful list (with pics!) of all the supplies i’d need before and after so i’m all covered 😊

  11. honestly girl i don’t think you’d need it. i got FFS so i could look like you 😂

  12. To protest the patriarchy and reject masculinity in its entirety

  13. You went from an android to an iPhone! Massive change whoa, bold move!

  14. What is your initial depth and which form surgery did you get if you don’t mind me asking

  15. How is it to pee now. Do you miss the other way? Anything good about keeping it vs getting rid of it?

  16. peeing is fine, no issue but it was weird the first time lol. i don’t miss anything about having a penis. i never peed standing anyhow and it was really just a nuisance which is why i was so confident in my decision to do the surgery

  17. Love this pic. the bottom set looks so natural on you.

  18. If you don’t mind me asking, how much weight did you gain in that one year? You look beautiful btw

  19. talking about FFS, i’d say a brow contour and a rhinoplasty would be all you’d need. you are beautiful however

  20. I don't think I look even like a girl at all, i look more cis male than a 3 year hrt trans girl. but hopefully surgery will fix that.

  21. surgery can and has worked wonders. i believe in you 💕

  22. Are you already out of the hospital? D: I'm on day 3 post op and while everything is going well I couldn't imagine being on my own right now or in 3 days

  23. Yes i only stayed near the facility for one week then they took everything out and sent me home but i have the doctors phone number and i’ve been texting them with any concerns i have and they’ve been super responsive! I had a friend stay the week with me to help but we stocked up on a weeks worth of food before my surgery. The doctors did recommend me to get up every few hours so i started with that, and now i can walk with a slight waddle and with pain at like a 3/10 (currently 2 weeks postop)

  24. You had that tuck game down tho. That halloween costume looked/looks fantastic on you and I would have never guessed you are MtF.

  25. that tuck was honestly divine intervention it took so much work to hold

  26. She’s still a lil bloody but i think she’s perfect 😊

  27. Yes she is but I want to judge the surgeon's skills. I run a non-profit that helps trans women transition.

  28. Quick question by chance are you on tik tok🤔🤔🤔

  29. i mean, i’ve got like 5 videos up so i’m not super active lol

  30. no they just needed the two letters from mental health professionals to approve it. i didn’t talk directly to the insurance company about that

  31. yes i do! i use what’s called a dilator which is essentially a medical-grade dildo

  32. I only bought a flannel shirt after I already new I was trans x)

  33. you are already doing amazing. Just call her pretty every once in a while, randomly. That alone does wonders for our confidence ☺️

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