1. I love how the broadcaster was surprised that the 1B Umpire of all people made the out call

  2. It should say The Amazin's and should have Amazon sponsor patch on one arm and BEC on the other

  3. Isiah Kiner-Falefa, or Isiah as I call him loves to mash dingers and play gold glove defense

  4. The biggest and strongest of the Mets catchers powers one 390ft through the windiest of city winds

  5. Barries are the superior baseball player, name me a Barry that wasn't an incredible player?

  6. The jerseys looked much better with the white pants tbf

  7. I dont really think Buck is a problem, he's done pretty good with the cards he's been dealt what with injuries and such, says the person with a Buck Showalter Mets jersey...

  8. There is nothing quiet about Aaron Boone and getting ejected, haha.

  9. Nothin' wrong with a little interdivision trash talk. I won't be surprised if the Mets make the division competitive again

  10. Boone needed to go get his skyline chili & mimosa order

  11. Sucks, but figures. Weather satellites showing a big storm from NY to MS (North to South) coming toward the east coast today

  12. Such an outstanding booth and good job Ron for not stepping on the call

  13. Keith and Ron have talked about that before during broadcasts, during big moments they stay quiet to let Gary do what he does best

  14. Being captain isn't about being the fan favorite. It's about being the most respected person in the locker room. There are few players in baseball more respected than Lindor

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