1. Much needed wicket really badly… I’m not forgetting that display of Engrish soon

  2. Like I said earlier stop with the fucking horns. I don’t want to hear 50,000 horns going when I just want to watch some cricket.

  3. If he makes runs in India, he can stay until he retires. When he doesn’t, he goes out on Boxing Day.

  4. He’s the Shark version of Steve Irwin

  5. Hey this map is incorrect. Tasmania never existed in the first plave

  6. What about a team that only wants to play for recreation’s sake? To pass the time away?

  7. Hey… that’s in our ten year plan

  8. I think we’re missing a few people on the sign. The workers just standing around watching one guy shovel are missing

  9. Can I say us in 2016? That 9-0 start, being two or three games clear of top to throw it all away, finish 8th, retire 4 great players in a 60(?) point away loss in the first round of the finals.

  10. Still believe boomer had another one or two left in him, atleast in the forward line as a senior head he still bagged a few by memory?

  11. I remember I met him in 2017 or 2018 at a local footy club. Somehow he had agreed to do a footy charity auction for a small footy club in the outer suburbs of Perth. He trained with the seniors and made it look like a bunch of kids against the best footy player of all time.

  12. This Lebron guy must be decent at this basketball stuff

  13. Get a bigger light… shine it at them… and get an extension cord or two so you can use their power.

  14. I’m gonna go Melbourne because I’m petty after they destroyed the best fantasy ruck combo

  15. nah they did not give me a notification for this…. come on now hahahah just opened this at the bar while watching my college basketball team play

  16. I too got the fucking notification. Only issue was I got it in a meeting… I had my sound still on because I’d been watching a news story before entering the meeting room. Everyone but the bosses laughed… I am having a work review next Monday now.

  17. Jarrahdale is the new Cottesloe while Oakford is Scarborough. We don't talk about those hoighty toighty nonces who live in the new Freo such as The Glades in Byford.

  18. I see they’ve finally started to develop the final few hundred metres between the glades and Thomas road.

  19. This persons okay with stealing other people’s stuff just not their own. Rule of law and private property anyone? They should teach civics in school again

  20. They do… except the mix it in with politics now, and focus just on the politics.

  21. Only if you're certain that Renshaw is playing. Labuschagne, Smith, Green and Handscomb all bat right handed.

  22. Green has pretty much been ruled out now. So we’ve just got the three.

  23. I know that rule goes out during sports events… it’s just a get on and prey you don’t get knocked over by the 10kg backpack in front of you.

  24. 2016 which was an absolutely putrid year for both teams

  25. Don't you need to be muslim to have the diwan reform ?

  26. Only to form the Mughals. That’s why if you’re stacking core costs, it’s recommended to flip to Hinduism for some extra.

  27. Oh boy something controversial. Let’s grab the popcorn and watch the comments

  28. Yes. Everything is controversial if you mention chosen ones. You can be banned for such posting. But feel free to make fun of native Americans. Who cares, right? Not reddit admins, anyway.

  29. Who said I was making fun of the native Americans. I’m not an American so I don’t know much about their history with their natives so I’m staying out of it. But given the treatment of my country’s (Australia) history with natives I can’t imagine it’ll be too good.

  30. Well, we were planning a raid a few months back on a few post offices/package holding facilities.

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