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  1. With some parts you need to right click on it, the option to “test part” should be in the drop down menu.

  2. Yeah but when I need to do that, the NOTE with say that, this time it specifically says to activate it through staging. I'll try right clicking now

  3. Gotta remember all those fans grew up and get very mad when you tell them their childhood hero is a piece of shit

  4. I grew up with pewdiepie and loved his stuff up until around 2018 and on when the heated gamer moment, hosting Ben shapiro, and revoking his donation to a charity that fights anti Semitism. That, combined with being radicalized to the left just left an irreparable rift. I'll always cherish the memories I have of him and his content and how happy it made me, but I recognize how he platforms shitty people and facilitates an environment of casual racism and sexism

  5. People who didn't have a lot of friends growing up

  6. You like money because youve been convinced that your self worth and value as a human is determined by money

  7. What is she, 10 ears old?

  8. I did a public heist with a kid who said he spent 600 bucks on cards 😭😭😭 I had to beg just to get the damn game when I was a kid and kids now (and back then too) are just dropping stacks on Rockstar's funny money.

  9. My friend spent "800$ to 1000$ on shark cards". He was the typical rich kid who went to private school that was probably never told no

  10. At 1000$, it would be 80mil 💀

  11. I had to google it and I’m still sort of unclear why it’s used. It sounds and feels really weird though, not a fan.

  12. Losers who don't get laid and can't understand the concept of consent or bodily autonomy

  13. Lmao. As someone who just shed some weight due to a new medication, I can comment on how there is some truth to the "every 10 lbs is a visual inch" statement.

  14. I've lost around 30 pounds on my diet so far, and I've def noticed another inch while flaccid, not so much erect

  15. Must depend if you're a grower or a shower. I'm a grower and noticed majority of the difference at full mast.

  16. I am a grower, and I just find that it seems to protrude more out of my pelvis, I suppose some fat was shrunk there

  17. I just don't understand the point, it's needlessly complicated compared to the old system. Don't really gain anything from doing weird paths

  18. I like it more since I dont have to grind 40 tiers of, say, Kali, IQ, Fuze, and Ace skins, just to get to the one Flores skin I want.

  19. "Concludes"??? Bro it's 2pm

  20. I thought there was something wrong with my computer till I started playing games on my Xbox. Shader compilation lag is absolutely ridiculous and should not exist these days, especially in a full price game. There's no reason a game should run better on my $600 Xbox than on a $3,000 computer.

  21. That's the biggest advantage of a console, you dont need to worry about hardware or drivers or whatever. Besides the occasional outlier like 2077, the game just works

  22. This specific model (P31 2TB) has been found to lose data on power loss.

  23. Sudden and unintended power loss, you mean, certainly?

  24. Do I have an old chrome or something? My adblock extension still works perfectly fine

  25. Antiwork is against the monotonous droll of current day wage slavery, not labor in general. Though we do have the materials and know how to automate almost everything

  26. lol you're just pulling shit out if your ass. If we "knew how to automate everything", it would have happened by now.

  27. Why the fuck would the capital owning class automate everything right now? Sure they'd make a bit more money, but their hegemony over 90% of Americans would vanish

  28. Omg hi ashlynn!!! I hope you find happiness in your endeavors ❤️❤️

  29. This is great, but I'm waiting for a 6800 for 450-500 on amazon

  30. I just started a few days ago! I got Jeb into Orbit and then discovered what nodes and maneuvers are a few hours later 💀

  31. Is he just straight up drinking chocolate?

  32. 42.5? That's like the most obese you can be before you die

  33. "You run for 10 minutes just to die right away at an objective" is the complaint you get from people whove never tried to actually play battlefield the way it is meant to be played

  34. Omg ur so pretty! Ur killing that dress

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