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  1. Umarım dayı ironi yapıyordur. Yoksa benim geleceğe dair ümitlerim hepten azalacak. Bunların kafa yapılarının değişmesi için daha ne olacak acaba, neyi bekliyorlar uyanmak için.

  2. ben de saf gibi mantıklı bir şey söyleyecek diye bekledim.

  3. Do you mean asocial? Anti-social is entirely different from being asocial. Anti-social is a personality disorder

  4. measuring blood pressure or body temperature

  5. It was to wear Adidas,Nike etc. I always envied people who wore like these. Now I have money for buying them but I have no interest in them.

  6. guillotine. it is the fastest method for death.

  7. Ivan Karamazov from Karamazov Brothers.

  8. When I was at college, I asked my English teacher a question about English? She replied to my question aggressively and she was angry at me. Later same question was asked by another student who was attractive then she replied his question nicely.

  9. I think same things. I blame my parents for my being ugly. I have inherited the worst all genes from my dad and my mom, especially my dad, both physically and psychologically.I am short, 165 cm, my body is fat and my muscles are too weak as well my dad.I have big head.People always mocked me about my head size and my being short.I have also AVPD and

  10. I always expect to die in my sleep but I always fail

  11. Always. I argue with the people and I always lost these in my head.Sometimes I make up scenario which is about that all people hate me and future girl friend betray me.But I don't know whether these related to ADHD or depression.

  12. Me.i always look suicide methods.but I am so unlucky that if I tried to suicide I would probably not able to succeed :(

  13. Both of my side are ugly, especially my father.

  14. All occasions to which you are exposed are similar in Turkey. I can understand you. Many of women in Islamic countries are like worthless. Many of men intervene in womens business and their dress; but as we can look through their website history, we can see reality

  15. You literally describe me. I feel myself in the bottomless hole and I can't feel anything. Last week I went to shopping mall, people seemed to me so strange. We were like a different species. I wandered unpurposely still my brain is like empty and my brain is about to shut down. I feel that.

  16. I searched the ship I will join in the next week.Will I die at sea?

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