1. Lol. Players leave the Warriors and forget how to play

  2. I don’t really like Scotty Pipper Jr that much, he plays too selfish. I hope we waive him, and let Jay Huff have the other two-way contract instead.

  3. I think he’s a 2 way player. And he’s on Klutch Sports. So he’ll be around the team for a while

  4. I’m still in disbelief that we lost this game

  5. I like these new additions. The Lakers are stacked !

  6. It's very early, but yikes does Johnny Davis look like garbage. Hope it's mostly confidence issues and lack of condiitoning.

  7. The Lakers got younger pieces. I see them being a lot better

  8. This article says it will only be taken down from the App Store. If you currently have it downloaded, you can still use it! Download while you can!

  9. If I get a new phone. Will it transfer over ?

  10. I just started using it last week 🤦‍♂️. What’s a good alternative keyboard that’s similar?

  11. The text messages are indexing in the background and restoring from iCloud still.

  12. What was wrong with the photo? Did they specify?

  13. I just submitted mine. Taking the picture was the hardest part. I used a tripod and iPhone. Hopefully they accept the photo

  14. Only 1 promo allowed per line. If you were to pay off the 12 Pro line, you would lose the final 6 months of credits. So that’s about $144 (6x $24) in lost credits.

  15. I noticed that too. My iOS 15 device would show different weather from my iOS 16 beta device.

  16. Anyone else has a bad experience with flash? It makes photos looks shit and blurry.

  17. I was debating on upgrading from my 12 pro. I really need more storage, I have 128 GB and would get 256.

  18. The 13 and 14 are essentially the same phone, so yeah.

  19. The camera lenses are bigger. So it won’t work

  20. Any prescription or over the counter drop to help with the healing ?

  21. It’s probably indexing files in the background. My phone was the same way for a few days after updating

  22. I like notifications from the bottom. Makes the lock screen cleaner

  23. I noticed this on iOS 15 with my iPhone 12 Pro. Screenshots would be 4-9 MB sometimes. But my iPhone 11 screenshots would take up less space.

  24. And the content too. A screenshot with a lot of color will take up more space than a screenshot that is black and white

  25. Don’t appear to have the option to turn on battery percentage on my 12 mini, anybody else?

  26. It’s not available on the mini, 11, X or XR phones

  27. Yes. I had duplicates, combined them all and now I can’t see the option anymore.

  28. Once you combine them. They're no longer duplicates.

  29. I think iPhone 14 upgrades are mostly meant for people who own old iPhones like the iPhone X and older.

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