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  1. Holy fuck. If you are gay, no matter how big a soccer fan you are, do NOT go to goddamn Qatar of all places.

  2. How would they know if someone is gay unless they are investigating their socials? Is that what they will do?

  3. I am politically active but nice to see you making ass-umptions, im not taking shit for granted.

  4. That person is also part of the problem. Not a solution.

  5. Yeah mostly correct. They are more scavenger then predator.

  6. I wonder why this is such a strong and universal instinct. People HATE or asked to do what they were either already doing, or just about to do. To the point of not wanting to do it anymore. I wonder why that is?

  7. Because often those people seem to think you are incapable of doing it without them telling you.

  8. I’ll fill you in as much as my gay agenda has told me (/s). Drag is very much an art form and is extremely fluid to personal interpretation. However, it is very different than being trans. Never make the assumption that a drag queen is trans. Drag story time (Imo) came to be as drag queens are phenomenal at not only telling a story but also bring it to life in their persona, look, etc. Much like an actor. Them being lgbt is irrelevant and even straight men do it (I.e Maddy Morphosis season 14 of RPDR). So one queen could tell the wizard of Oz story and play multiple characters regardless of their gender.

  9. NotAntman entering a urethra and then sneezing from cocaine on his way to the prostate, exploding his partner was some wild shit.

  10. Likely, but it says nothing about ascension being slavery, only that weak minds becomes a slaves to their desires.

  11. The author of the book, speaking as the author, does say in his notes it's a form of slavery.

  12. The Red hands is never revealed exactly as far as I know.

  13. I wanted to ask Markiplier a specific question he'd never otherwise see so I sent him a superchat.

  14. a lot of twitch streamers have bans for foreign languages in chat because they can't moderate that and you could be saying bad things without them knowing

  15. Not sure what you mean by this? It wasn't in a foreign language.

  16. I miss interpreted your comment I thought you meant you said you said the quote in french

  17. No. I didn't. It was talking with the streamer in a joking fashion if he ran into any of them again though.

  18. It’s implied Omegon is the one who died 🤷🏼‍♂️

  19. Not an AL fan boy, opinion is coming from the Alpharius Primarch novel.

  20. They don't have the ability to juice marines to Primarch level feats.

  21. Yeah, this is why I don't believe in God but I'm not opposed to the idea of something out there. Ants exist and we exist, yet the ant is not aware of us. Who's to say there's not another level that we can't see/comprehend yet where other beings exist.

  22. This has to be the way life can transfer through space from one place to another.

  23. I talked with him a bit first. I'm not that dumb...

  24. After chatting him up, I dropped it, and logged. No clue if he even noticed, and I really didn't care because the chains of Hilmar were lying on the floor and I was running for the exit. I was free.

  25. Now that I think of it. Sometimes a flys buzzing somehow sounds like comrade a at times.

  26. Ok, so they redistribute, they say comrade, and they have red eyes.... Now I can surely get the US government to get rid of the little fuckers! Lmao

  27. It's mentioned in someone else's post above in a excerpt that just saying one of Slannesh's greater daemon true names would "break" reality.....

  28. The original Gal Vorbak seemed to really care about each other.

  29. I don't even rememember the the prep talk, only that Abaddon decides Aximand "needs watching".

  30. Yes. But it's often missed that beyond being a great individual warrior Abaddon is a leader. And known as a pretty good one.

  31. What cracks me up is that snake is totally not contained by that dog crate.

  32. The oldest natural pregnancy (no clinical aid) and healthy birth was at age 69.

  33. Where I was, yes. But you'd still have to wait for help to arrive or pinpoint you.

  34. Fair. My fiancé and I are planning a trip out west for our honeymoon in September and I honestly had no idea people are regularly dying stranded by the roadside out there

  35. No, I carefully worded it that way. It's still problematic to me, seeing how he is a figure that should be seen as pure evil, yet the narrative constantly frames him as this guardian-type figure of hope. It muddies the impact & message of the whole narrative surrounding him.

  36. Even someone like Guilliman is pissed at characters for seeing the Emperor that way.

  37. And he still gets his ass safed by Emps several times, who even gets to play the caring but disappointed father for Mortarion AND gets to cleanse part of the most corrupted place in the setting.

  38. Yeah it's lost a bit of the deep lore mystique for sure.

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