1. Terry had total control of his tribe premerge and only didn’t have say post merge because the casaya 6 were somehow unbreakable and Terry was on the wrong side of the numbers. Not to mention he was up against a bunch of great players like Cirie Aras Shane and Danielle. Mike was in control and ruined his own social standing and put himself in the must win position. Terry’s was due to bad luck, Mike did it to himself

  2. And honestly, I just found Terry more likable.

  3. No. I'm not a Parvati stan by ANY means, but i can respect her as both a player and a juror. Every juror deserves the right to vote for whoever the hell they want, regardless of their own reputation. Parvati is a good player, yes, but that shouldn't mean she's obligated to vote for specific people at FTC.

  4. We get it. Everyone loves Tony and all the other players should bow at his feet 🙄

  5. I’m glad everyone enjoyed it but this is probably the first marvel project I won’t finish. It was a slog to finish for me. Some thoughts.

  6. In 2005, criticizing portrayals of Superman emphasizing his connection to his home planet, Byrne described immigrants with what he perceives as excessive attachment to their nations of origin as "ungrateful little shits." In 2015, Byrne received criticism for stating that transgender people are mentally ill and comparing them to pedophiles.

  7. Yikes. He also really likes to draw nude she hulk 😬

  8. I will personally say I was rooting For Michelle both times from the start and I prefer her over Aubrey ten fold

  9. I agree to everything!! Rob’s a great character and knows how to work it on reality tv but his win on redemption island felt like a bad fever dream lol and as for Natalie I will admit I was a little pissed at her winning at first because I’m a Russell fan(haha) but there is no doubt she played the social game perfect and I really respect the fact that she could have flipped on Russell’s alliance but stayed true to it because she knew she could beat him !

  10. I commented on BRob being overrated in another comment but will follow up on something you said. Sometimes it seems some fans think just because someone is entertaining or a great character that somehow makes them a great player.

  11. Hopefully Eric Battle has improved as an artist because he use to be GARBAGE

  12. He wasn’t. Neither was Caleb, neither was Varner, neither was Hali, neither was Debbie, neither was Zeke, neither was Sierra, neither was Michaela, neither was Brad, neither was Sarah.

  13. The theme was a little misleading. Jeff specifically says in the intro segment that Game Changers is mostly about people who are believed to be likely to make moves that will change the game. Not necessarily to change the game of Survivor, but change the course of the season through their actions. Troyzan in One World was ballsy and calculated. He chose a different route in GC.

  14. First of all, congratulations. We are all supporting you and wishing you well.

  15. You're clearly NTA - they're being bizarrely authoritarian for no practical reason and are angry that you've shown them up.

  16. I went in expecting the opposite of what happened. I figured op was going to be the authoritarian one. Boy was I wrong!

  17. Ugh the fantasy of a final five of Lex, Kathy, Tom, Jerri, and Shii-Ann. That would have been fun.

  18. I would have loved to see Jerri make final 3 along with Lex and either Kathy or Tom.

  19. Thing is (and I am not a B Rob fan) but I think it does improve his chances, even just slightly. I’m not saying he wins, but him not betraying Lex and Kathy removes a lot of stink he had on him going into FOC

  20. Whatever happened to Pollina. He was really coming in to his own on x-force and then just seemed to vanish.

  21. The whole Stephanie Brown Batgirl series is phenomenal. On a related note, the Chuck Dixon-penned story in Booster Gold's post-52 series #11-12 that references The Killing Joke is great. Dwayne McDuffie's whole Fantastic Four run. Kelley Jones drawing Batman. Joe Madureira drawing X-Men in Age of Apocalypse. Dan Jurgens' Thor, Tom Taylor's Suicide Squad, Donny Cates' Guardians of the Galaxy, Robert Venditti's Hawkman, Gail Simone's The Circle arc in Wonder Woman.. too many to mention!

  22. That Tom Taylor suicide squad run is probably the only good run on the book since Ostrander.

  23. NTA, I’m not sure why she went ahead and married you knowing you never wanted to have children and she did.

  24. Yeah. And OP, after this conversation I hope you have had or plan to have yourself snipped.

  25. Technically NAH because you it’s up to you at the end of the day whether you attend. I do find it odd that them speaking the language is where you draw the line ? 🤷‍♂️

  26. The fact that he could do this to a cat that he’s lived with for eight years says a lot. And it’s not good.

  27. Oh god! I missed they had lived together 8 years. I was already on team the BF is an Ah but now! He can F right off. That is huge red flag.

  28. I am not even a cat person but f your boyfriend. hard NTA but your boyfriend definitely is.

  29. Maybe a hot take. Not sure getting Bob out WAS a high priority based on his threat level.

  30. And what was your plan? To fob him off every time he wanted to have sex and leave him with self-esteem issues? To give him a complex? If you care about someone you don’t do this. Abstinence if perfectly acceptable, but lying to someone, starting a relationship under false pretences etc isn’t. You need to be honest and have a relationship with someone like yourself. It’s not fair to others.

  31. That’s the part that really puts op into hard AH territory. Op has been fucking with their partners self esteem and likely giving them a complex for 11 months! So angry.

  32. 42 had one of the physically weakest casts in recent years.

  33. Yep, I love the cast of 42 but physical challenges were not their strength

  34. I’ve seen some strange books signed by Stan Lee.

  35. I give the VERY slight edge to PI because I find Sandra more entertaining than Nick.

  36. Not unless they're real desperate. She's Tommy-tier.

  37. If you are the type of person who thinks that was lame, you seriously need to reevaluate yourself.

  38. Maryanne does not belong in this discussion. I’d throw Erika in there

  39. I mean it’s probably one of her many jobs 😂😂😂

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