1. 2 is already too good for kiyo bcoz his character in anime is completely garbage lmao

  2. Even against monigatari I don't see how we are realistically losing. Maybe we are just a smaller fanbase.

  3. Im a big fan of COTE but even so I'm not dumb enough to say that COTE is even close to being as good as Monogatari.

  4. Everybody saying they genderbent Taoist but was it rly proven in plot that every Taoist is the same and is male? My head cannon's always been that every skin is a diff char.

  5. Because he admitted he is just shitposting and was obvious he made this screenshot for aattention. The "honestly idk" probably rubs people who value honesty the wrong way.

  6. Is there even a reddit user who doesn't post for attention?

  7. I've never seen a normal redditor before and chill dude I thought its obvi that I'm joking.

  8. Because Fontaine will be inspired by France I would expect the Hydro Archon to be dressed in a more fancy/classy way.

  9. Now I know the Tsaritsa have her own reasons too. No wonder everybody bows down to her, queen.

  10. Every pokemon with a dash or a speed boost in at least one of their skills, and it'll be more fun if they're strong.

  11. Holy shit, I think she is searching for the person who raped her to daeth. Think about it, she is trying random cocks because it's all she remembers of her rapist. I think she is trying to track her killer down and get revenge!πŸ‘€

  12. All in favor of clowning this man's into oblivion say I βœ‹

  13. Best girl and waifu (still cringing at that word) are two diff things. For example, this year's best girl is clearly Anya.

  14. I got a leaked face reveal of the translators who translated all that word for word

  15. Is the first one the one in Haruhi? The one at the middle is sakamoto but who's the third one?

  16. probably should have made them a bit more distinctive haha left - Kaya from Ghost Stories right - Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service

  17. ohh, so no cat from Haruhi, it was also black with diff eye colors...actually I dont even remember anymore I should rewatch it some time again but yes the cat in haruhi also talks

  18. It's by far my favorite anime of all time, I'm going to rewatch it for the 3rd time now. Nothing hits as hard as this, I love K-ON.

  19. Same, I don't even know how many times I've rewatched it, I literally got the whole series downloaded in my phone.

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