1. I see nothing wrong here. Source: I have that game.

  2. As far as I know, the only ways to create a sense of safety for beginners on an established server such as yours are:

  3. Thanks for thinking it through. A server for every boss progression is creative though expensive.

  4. Three thoughts trying to give nothing away while still giving tips:

  5. Does anyone know of a good solution to sustainable lighting? I’ve been tinkering with using yellow mushrooms (hundreds of them) and sturtling trophies. The trophies are harder to come by, even with a sturtling farm, but they are a little better than the mushrooms.

  6. Note: if one of you dies, the other can pass easily. Just saying ... though I do not condone teamkilling.

  7. The phrase, "You are hunted" will give you nightmares all the way into end-game. That during a corpse run during the night in the Plains essentially means "Give up now". (proof - happened to me just last night).

  8. Did he find it? I won't question the method if it works.

  9. Agree with most of the comments here supporting this idea. However, it's always possible the other player a) is already working on a better tactic / coordinating with another squad or the commander, b) can't hear you (happens a lot in a tank), c) has a different playstyle than you (guns blazing, or avoid direct confrontation and attack from distance), d) sees a higher priority need than you (ex. heading off an airhead)

  10. Non of those things applied in this situation, there was only one point to cap and the tank was just sat still shooting at one or two infantry that ran in front of it, all I needed was it to drive a few metres forward and take out the mg in the church tower because non of the friendly infantry could hit the guy without dying and we didn’t have any garries close by, we had no commander and every squad except two (who were defending) were sat next to the tank or flanking from the side, that tank was the only cover we had from the mg, everyone near it was asking it to move forward so we could cross the street without dying or at least take out the mg but he was only interested in picking off stragglers which the 3-4 squads worth of friendlies could easily handle

  11. Then by all means, if I was the tanker I would have said, "hey good idea - follow me in!"

  12. Try not to look up things unless you're stuck. There's a whole "how to play each level thru Mountain" online. Ignore that, play solo and enjoy the ride. There are helpful hints in-game to keep you moving along. It's a slow enjoyable ride to sit back and have fun. Build, adventure, battle, sail - it's all up to you.

  13. why do you start as locked? a locked tank squad is a guaranteed deterrent for any knowledgable, and able player. If I see a locked tank squad, I don't even bother because why even?

  14. Conversely, if I see a locked squad (tank, recon, infantry what have you) I expect one of two things:

  15. "I used to be a soldier like you. Then I took a spade to the knee."

  16. The commander should have the ability to lock the half track or only SLs and Commander’s can drive them

  17. That might not a bad trade off ...

  18. If you max out in command or sl, your XP should go to other classes. Then people that help team get rewards. Maybe 25% of XP if you play the class.

  19. Nope. Class leveling needs to be more ... levelled. For classes that place OPs, Garries, Nodes, boxes it's far easier than say, Assault, AutoRifleman and Rifleman (last one helped by sticking with the L1 setup and dropping the supply box it has for 10 XP every couple minutes).

  20. Thanks a lot friend. Its so exciting to finally being able to build it. (and yeah i DID saved )

  21. Congrats! Now you can feel like a true sea captain. Be sure to sing some sea shanties while you sail around. Enjoy the experience, but I also suggest you slowly prepare and store supplies for JUST IN CASE you end up needing to rebuild the Cyclops. Ever lose your Seamoth and had to rebuild it? The Cyclops is tough, but it isn't invincible.

  22. It sort of astounds me that people would play a game like Hell Let Loose without a microphone. You don’t have to talk much at all, but just saying “there’s a tank at 245” or “We need to build a gary at that hedgerow” is so easy and all that you need to do. Something as simple as asking the support guy for AT ammo can increase your gameplay satisfaction by 1,000,000%.

  23. I love that, "teamwork machine" is a great visualization of a tank. They're kind of like those cartoons where you have 3 kids or something all on each others shoulders underneath a long trench coat. They each have to operate a different part of the body to appear like an adult. One does the legs, one does the arms and the last talks.

  24. Yep - in a well functioning tank crew, it do be like that.

  25. Also, steal from things that *AREN'T* fantasy. Steal war plots from WWII movies. Steal murder mystery ideas from Agatha Christie. Steal espionage plots from John le Carré. Steal Mindflayer plots from sci-fi horror films. Steal political plots from historical dramas or actual history (see Game of Thrones as an example for how to do this, as much of it is inspired by the War of the Roses).

  26. I once made a short adventure based on a 1 hour episode of a murder/crime drama show I saw while visiting a foreign country. Although I didn't understand the language I understood enough of the plot and setting to make a city based adventure.

  27. When the game is real dark and I'm hiding from a horde passing by ... then my IRL dog starts barking like a madlad at the squirrel outside the window. Makes me jump so bad I hit SPACE which makes me jump in game and alerts the horde. Dang dog!

  28. Well, it's better than naming her Rogue.

  29. Context: we lost the objective on Offensive, I wanted to eat a .30 cal so I could respawn without the 10-second redeploy penalty. This tank denied my request and drove away.

  30. Funny thing is you spent 25 seconds seeking that 10 seconds saving. Also, likrly still need 2 seconds to "Let go". Moral of the story is you gotta know you would be kilked right quick if you plan to do this. Like stand up and get shot just a few seconds later.

  31. All bad experiences, and not the norm, no.

  32. Shooting is the least important thing in HLL unless you're terrible at it.

  33. As an SL I start every game with: "Hello, squad X will be building nodes and garries"

  34. Setting the squad strategy (defensive, offensive, flanking, middle-ground/reactionary, logistics) is important. SL's should be sure to reinforce that when new squad members join in. Also, recall that a SL can set Squad icons during the spawn screen.

  35. This gives me flashbacks to day 1 release of The Division. On day 1, all player characters had mass, so you couldn't walk through them. When you first spawned in the game you spawned in a small room and had to walk through a doorway. A bunch of players were doing this emote and afking in the doorway blocking everyone from leaving the room.

  36. I wasn't there on Day 1, but it happened another time as well after a patch dropped and you couldn't walk through each other again. Players lined up in the common areas to speak to the quest giver that had to be done to progress the game. Lots of local comms, "Why can't I get to the quest giver?? Get outta my way" followed by "Back of the line newb! Maybe they'll patch it soon."

  37. But what amazed me is that players really did just line up and line-cutters were chastised. It was pretty funny.

  38. Even more amazing was that from my own experience, the chastising WORKED!

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