‘It’s going to be an army’: Tapes reveal GOP plan to contest elections

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  1. Isn't that a world record that would take very little skill? the only people needing skill in that is the 6 people timing the jumps

  2. And the apparently the always improving trampoline.

  3. But how am I supposed to keep track of one person out of four?

  4. Beautiful, I would totally trance it up and just stay in there for hours

  5. Can we have hydrogen cars yet? I wonder how expensive the technology is to separate hydrogen from water now, so we could actually fill up tanks with water. Ahhhh the vision of actual advancements in tech not stifled by big $$$ pushing back to continue their personal gains. I can dream...

  6. I was so excited to click this and I wasn't disappointed. I had tears in my eye from smiling like a kid the whole time. That is awesome.

  7. It’s a retro game console. You can put roms on it. It runs Linux so you have the possibility of playing other systems too that could make use of the 4 buttons.

  8. It also has 4 rear triggers. It comes preinstalled with pretty much all roms. Even a few psx games. It's recommended you update the sd card to a name brand I heard it corrupts easily. Not a big deal since you get all of this for under $60

  9. Wall... Wall.... Wall... Wall Wall Wall WallWallWall!

  10. Ah the good old days. Now they have to meet or exceed their profit margin. Aww the bad now days....

  11. Of course they are, they’ve been projecting this for years, and testing the waters with blatant election fraud and the attempted coup.

  12. Keep gas prices out of that, gas prices are mainly due to oil prices decided by the few countries that are part of OPEC and the US isn't part of it. Oil prices are up globally, right? I really wish people would stop blaming the US presidents for gas prices. I don't know much about the economy of it, but the solution seems simple, seems like we could just use our own oil reserves to lower our prices when prices go up but what do I know.

  13. True, on a macro scale, but Republicans specifically blocked a bill that would have helped.

  14. That does seem like something they would do...

  15. My wife is doing immunotherapy for cancer that came back and she's having pain issues that opioids aren't helping. She's trying everything. Doc found out she has a more severe reaction to the treatment than normal, so she's in more pain than the average person. But we're in TN, no medical MJ here in the foreseeable future. I'm really curious to see if it would help, she's concerned and trying to be careful about addiction. So stupid $$$ from the few is what passes laws for the many, there is no reason this stuff should put someone in jail and ruin their life.

  16. Wouldn't the biggest pro be no stank. Second biggest pro being it's more discrete in appearance? Hell they're vaping in school, that would have been a game changer for me.

  17. Don't mean to brag but I do this and make my hand print 🖐️, yeah it's pretty nice.

  18. Would you accept a gift? You looking for cool down built in plus an additional enchanted?

  19. It's all good I don't want to bother anyone, I know I'll eventually get another robe. Thank you though!

  20. I don’t understand their car didn’t look like it was moving fast enough to go that high lol

  21. It's real though, it was a Tesla S. Idiots....

  22. Lmfao if you don't think Disney will pull this same shit once they have enough subscribers

  23. Bait and switch, seems like every big company does this, and it pisses me off so much. Not only for personal reasons, but they likely destroyed a company or many by enticing the consumers.

  24. I wish they would have grandfathered in pricing. If you were with them when pricing was X, that's what you pay until you cancel. If you're a new member you pay the new membership fee. That's one way you keep your old patrons happy so they'll stay.

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