1. Haha no worries! What's you're favorite season?

  2. It's interesting that you pointed out the indoor sets because I never really thought about it but each of the first five seasons more or less take place inside a single location. I wonder if that's one of the reasons newer seasons don't feel so much like AHS anymore (to me at least).

  3. I'd love every one of these more than at least half the existing seasons.

  4. So it sounds like she has anxiety around throwing up and getting sick, which can be a proponent of ARFID. It sounds like you aren’t pressuring her and you’re doing everything right. The biggest thing now is to establish some safe-foods so that this anxiety she has can be diminished by SOME kind of food.

  5. Thank you so, so much for all of this. Regarding your edit, she does sometimes say her belly hurts after she eats. It truly seems to be just the anxiety that she'll vomit make her stomach hurt, but her dad's cousin has Crohns so that's definitely been in the back of my mind as well.

  6. When I go through rougher seasons of not eating enough, anything I eat hurts my stomach. Which makes sense if you think about it. A nutritionist put me on digestive enzymes (take before every meal) and b12 & d3 and within weeks I had less physical symptoms and even less avoidance/fear around food and was able to eat more. when you get the body the nutrients it needs, it can be healing for not only the body but the cognitive symptoms as well.

  7. Oh wow, that's awesome that something like that even exists! I had no idea. Unfortunately she's not currently able to take any kind of pill/me, even liquid meds, and it's been hard enough just trying to (unsuccessfully) get her to take her vitamin and zoloft but I really appreciate the info and I do definitely need to find a way to get her vitamins.

  8. Do you live in a place other than the USA where lemon means a different variety/fruit than we are talking about here?

  9. No lol. I live in the US. I'm so confused, why is this so weird to people?? Lemons are food.

  10. They're intensely sour and the acidity is actually bad for your tooth enamel. Maybe you're used to different lemons in your region, meyer lemons are a cross between a lemon and a mandarin so they're actually edible straight up, whereas traditional lemons are not really edible by themselves and are used similarly to vinegar to add acidity/brightness to something.

  11. I mean I use vinegar as a dip for veggies, is my family just weird?? I'm not saying I eat a lemon every day or anything but occasionally I'll want one and just eat a regular lemon, no idea if I'm buying a certain type or not. This whole thread is rocking my world a little bit lol.

  12. It's honestly a great album, people who say it's not only know SWGD and Dance Dance.

  13. I only have a handful of albums I will listen to over and over without skipping a single song. Off the top of my head they are:

  14. You are supposed to tip delivery. I draw the line at take out. F these m fers. Pre select 15 percent tip for takeout. F that. I drove here. No. I am hitting other and slowly typing 0 point 00 while making eye contact.

  15. Absolutely this, I don't usually tip take-out. Always delivery though, $5 or 20% whichever is more. These people are literally picking up my food and driving it to my lazy ass because I don't want to leave my house. They deserve a tip.

  16. Thank you. I don't understand how this isn't just straight logic. A friend who had a kid at my kid's school last year said her kid's teacher took her breakfast "privileges" away for being disruptive. Wtf?? That's insane. Kids who are hungry can't possibly be expected to behave- I can barely behave when I get too hangry and I'm 32.

  17. Botm has been hitting it out of the park these past few months. First time I've ever wanted 4 plus an add-on I think. I don't have the budget for this 😅

  18. She doesn't even look at their faces, it's like she does a shoe count or something.

  19. Please do keep an eye on her. I was "in my own world" and "spacey" as a kid and was silently struggling. I almost definitely have ASD and/or ADHD but it can be extremely difficult to identify in girls because they're usually more creatively intelligent than the typical STEM-minded stereotypes you see for boys and they can be really, really good at hiding their symptoms. I'm just now pursuing a diagnosis at 32 and wishing it had happened 20 years ago.

  20. I was pretty sure that was an opium fueled orgy in Freak Show. She was all messed up but seemed to be a willing participant which was a point Jessica Lange’s character brought up when Penny tried to say she’d go back into town to “expose” them. I could be wrong of course.

  21. I have the AmEx one and I see higher offers from other banks but have been too lazy to switch.

  22. Fwiw I'm with you. I'm a creative writing major and I can understand the need to pass or test out of a basic math class and maybe something like anatomy or biology. But I'm currently taking Forensic Science because it was the least awful lab science I could take at my school as an online student. I have no motivation because it's such a stupid nonsense class for me personally. I don't even write true crime so it's not like it can help my writing in that respect.

  23. Sounds like sleep paralysis. The human brain is weird.

  24. What are you even hoping to accomplish with this post? Your 6 year old tells you he's gay, you say "Great, thanks for telling me that! I love learning new things about you." The end.

  25. I am not insisting it at all, this was more of a rant. I don’t think he knows right now, at least the difference between gay and not.

  26. Well if he said "I'm gay, I kissed a boy" sure sounds like he's got some idea of the difference. What exactly are you ranting about exactly? That your 6 year old isn't playing into your weird fantasy about his life?

  27. I'm willing to bet money you have a Young Living mlm hun on the staff there, or whatever the newest EO mlm is. I would absolutely stick to your guns and say no. My son's entire classroom is fragrance free, to the point where they've asked the us not to use fabric softener or hair gel on the kids and everyone seems to be fine with that. Seems so crazy to expect parents to be ok with EOs in a daycare esp with the amount of allergies kids have these days.

  28. Hmm, well it shouldn't be a hill anyone dies, but no coats in the car. Every year when the whether starts to get cold I have to have a conversation with my parents about the kids not being buckled in their coats and every year they make it clear for stupid they think it is.

  29. My mother is like this with my baby. She gets so offended if my baby cries while she's holding her. And then she insists it's because the baby "doesn't know her" or "doesn't remember her" because I don't let her visit us as frequently as she wants. Pretty sure baby's just being a baby...

  30. Sounds like my grandma. My kids could've seen her 12 hours earlier and have given her a million hugs already but they refuse one and it's "That's ok, you probably don't remember me since it's been so long since your mom brought you to see me."

  31. When I was a teller in college I went to work hungover one day. Some guy came in to cash a $443 check. At the end of the day my drawer didn't balance and my boss and I had to go through like each transaction I had done one by one to figure out the issue....the issue was that that check was for $143 and I had given the dude $300 too much. Luckily he was a customer of ours and came back the next day and gave the money back. Saved me from getting canned.

  32. I did almost this exact same thing. My first day working alone as a teller I cashed some kid's $50 birthday check for $500. Luckily his mom made his bring the money back or that probably would've been the end of my banking career lol.

  33. This is the stuff my intrusive thoughts are made of.

  34. Wilhemina Venable. People seem to either not care about her or actively hate her but I love her. If S8 could've been entirely in the bunker with Venable and Mead it probably would've been my favorite season.

  35. I know the lyric is “can’t keep holding my breathe. God forbid. You leave me like all the rest did.” But I’m from Massachusetts and couldn’t understand his northern English accent with how fast the song goes. So I heard “leave me like I’m arrested” instead of “leave me like all the rest did”

  36. Right, I was agreeing with you my dude. "Today I learned these are not the actual lyrics" means I also thought what you wrote is what he said. I'm also from Massachusetts, coincidentally lol.

  37. My MA twin. Deepest apologies for the peace and love aggression, as you can tell I had no idea what TIL meant lol. That’s why I was confused and I went into attack mode lol. Thanks for the ninja 🥷 edit shoutout was hoping to do it before you noticed

  38. Fuck that. Not normal at all and I would just straight up ignore that insanity. My kids' school does nonstop fundraisers all year which totally burn me out and feel like way too much pressure on parents but just straight up asking for over a thousand dollars from each family is so beyond what is acceptable. $1400 is three entire months of early care for us. It's over half of my take home for a whole month. I literally would not be able to do that and still feed my kids.

  39. It’s not abusive but very unnecessary and potentially a bit dangerous when you pair a sharp edged object with the kinda unpredictable movements of a baby. Also, baby unibrows are cute! My kid had hairy pointy ears at birth and everyone just melted over how cute that was (3.5 years later they are neither hairy nor pointy btw). Embrace the unibrow! Think of how cool Frida Kahlo looked for example. Edit: typo

  40. My daughter had pointy furry ears too! I was so sad when she lost her ear fur lol.

  41. That's so weird, and what does it solve? The hair will grow back; are you going to shave your kid's eyebrows forever if they don't grow out of the unibrow? What are you going to tell a 4 year old when they ask why you're shaving their eyebrows? "Don't worry about it honey, I just think you need to change your face to be perfect"?? Why would you even want to do this??

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