1. If you watch the video I provided, you’ll see where Lori most definitely tries to convince Rick to kill Shane.

  2. I saw it. I've seen it many times. I never thought she was telling him to kill Shane. I thought she was telling Rick that Shane might try to kill him. If killing Shane in self-defense comes from that, it's not because Lori "told him" to kill Shane.

  3. It's funny when those people try to sound important because they don't watch it.

  4. I do remember that. I don't remember the guy. I'll watch again to see that part. Thanks.

  5. He was the one who was in the gunner seat of the tank when the governor attacked the prison. He always wore a patrol cap and was the brother of the leader of that small group the governor found the one he killed and left in the lake.

  6. I'm going to have to watch that part of season 4 again I guess.

  7. Shane’s ‘enough’ scene in Pretty Much Dead Already. Very hard to choose though, there’s so many incredible moments.

  8. The whole scene of walkers in the camp in season 1 episode 4 starting when they kill Ed.

  9. It’s kinda the opposite. She’s the sharp shooter of the group, but in the series everyone can hit headshots while doing backflips with their eyes closed. So once they were all upgraded, she was pointless.

  10. Except they made Sasha the sharpshooter. I think Andrea was cast poorly and the writers probably messed up her part.

  11. Agreed with the writing. But Laurie holden is an amazing talent and I thought she did amazing with what she was given and had the potential to do more.

  12. I'm not saying she isn't good. I think she is. But I think she was not the right person for that role.

  13. He went to Fear the Walking Dead and is still there.

  14. She shouldn't be. She's a good actor. I like her a lot

  15. Another way to think about it is that he died because he was a nothing burger, by Tom Payne's request. TWD just has too big of a cast to give people their proper due, though I think Kang does it better than Gimple did.

  16. I have no clue whose death you're referring to. You'll have to tell me that.

  17. Honestly the part in the hospital underground with the rat king was scary as hell in part 2.

  18. The descent in the hotel was scarier in my opinion but the rat king was also scary

  19. That was really scary, but I have a way of getting through there with no real confrontation after umpteen plays.

  20. I heard that the other series are eh and Morgan was not really a big player for me in the series and I don't think it will get me hooked up

  21. I actually think World Beyond was excellent. Fear started off pretty good, and I still watch it, but it's pretty bad now. You should give them a try and see for yourself.

  22. in hindsight, you're absolutely correct. Those walls and some comfort would be very tempting though.

  23. Seriously! I don’t understand how the governor tricked her so well tbh, she seemed stronger and like she would be able to see through his bullshit but I guess not lol 🤷🏽‍♀️

  24. If your choice was to go back into the woods or be in a town with a sketchy guy that had a real bed, booze and what seemed like security, you might overlook warning signs.

  25. Color me ignorant, but I don't think the third option will ever happen. I see fans requesting it, but it's not Law and Order. The Last of Us IS Ellie.

  26. When did Eugene finally lose most of his cowardice?

  27. if you like the game, don't go there. It's a reach around for angry boys with no social skills or a girlfriend.

  28. This is where these discussions break down. Half the people think practically like “okay, what’s the best option for literal right now me” and the other half just pretend they’re gonna be Lord Humongous. For me the “real me” version is more interesting because you really gotta consider stuff strategically. If we’re going full-on make believe I’ll just say none of the above, I’ll be able to fly and shoot lightning from my eyeballs.

  29. There's nothing unrealistic about learning to use a katana.

  30. BAM. Zombie attack just started, it’s on. Night of the Living Dead style. From where you sit now…Where you gonna find a katana? A real one that can actually cut, not some cheap replica from the Asian Gift store at the mall? Let’s say somehow you do find a Hatori Hanzo sitting around, how well versed in swordplay are you right now? Have you ever tried to chop down a decent sized plant with a sharp machete? Even that takes a few whacks half the time, lopping a head off in one stroke is no small task for a master swordsman let alone a novice. And it’ll be a while before the super decayed and decrepit zombies start showing up.

  31. You changed the original question. I was just answering that one.

  32. Isn’t there a thing where if you refuse enough they will force you to come back or no?

  33. Stables and poker and probably stores start being closed when you reach a particular story point that the game wants you to do now.

  34. If that's your idea of romance, someone out there is going to be super disappointed. Lol

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