1. So it's NFS Heat...? I'm not seeing the difference between the two. Heat was good, but not special by any means. The story wasn't very long and the multiplayer was lackluster. This sounds like an even more half baked version of Heat's multiplayer, which is super disappointing

  2. Yeah it’s basically a more refined version of Heat and its about maybe about 10+ hours long since the progression is longer

  3. How's the drifting? I played Heat for 30 minutes and thought the turning was horrible

  4. It’s pretty similar although this time the drifting requires some throttle control to avoid the car from oversteer and spin out

  5. If you bothered to read you'd know tuning the handling was the first thing I did, and the blandness refers to the map feeling lifeless, even though I kinda like the design of it.

  6. There is a lot of understeer unfortunately, even with full grip.

  7. I’ve been playing for 10 hours now, I didn’t see any understeering at all, i guess it’s up to what car you are using

  8. That’s probably me putting the game on medium settings since I own a mid tier PC

  9. I don’t think a cockpit view would work with this type of handling at all lol

  10. I mean you can’t blame people for being worried about the game due to how god awful the marketing was

  11. Yes you actually need throttle control in this game and I'm really happy about it :) There are some leftover bugs from Ghost physics but Criterion improved it massively! If you go full grip it kinda feels like Pro Street/The Run

  12. Haven’t tried full grip yet cuz I picked a RWD car but the drifting feels nice so far (although i messed up alot at the beginning by holding the handbrake and caused the car to spin out lol)

  13. Here’s a tip: NEVER hold your accelerator during a drift as your car will oversteer and slow down significantly

  14. Nice .. what's the handling like?

  15. This is the most pointless and dumbest shit 😂

  16. Perfect example of butthurt due to internet comments. Gotta love it! 🏎️

  17. Genuine question: What kind of NFS game do you want them to make? based on your comment history, what kinda of game do you want to play?

  18. We did it boys, Undercover units aren’t just black police cars anymore 🎉

  19. I think it’s fine, it’s more professional but it still has its moments such as “Moron in a Mitsubishi” or calling you a “clown”

  20. The pops sound nice but the exhaust doesn’t sound like a skyline at all. Still sounds good tho imo.

  21. Yeah I agree the exhaust sound could use some tweaking but other than that, its a step up from last 3 games

  22. This makes me hope we finally get the C-West kit for the Skyline...

  23. Imagine settling for the most mediocre crap without a second thought, crazy shit I know.

  24. If that needs explanation to you, you're part of the reason they keep getting away with doing it to begin with. It's well documented all over this Reddit if you just did a little digging, but I keep forgetting you guys like being spoon fed your opinions and blindly follow what ea feeds ya.

  25. Starting to think you never enjoy anything besides complaining about reused assets when literally every game does this

  26. In a game stars an American rapper and has hip hop vibe, what did you expect?

  27. Musical inclusivity. Forza Horizon 5 has a better soundtrack. The Crew 2 has a better soundtrack. I did order the Palace edition. But I will be silencing the crappy in game music.

  28. After watching the leaks, i can safely say EA did a horrible job at advertising the game

  29. those smoke clouds look so jarring and ugly compared to the actual realistic enviroment, thank god we can disable them.

  30. lmao every racing game in recent years looked dull and bland so it was nice to see change, yeah sure the graphics in FH5, The Crew 2, GT7, Project CARS 3 are pretty but the art direction is severely lacking

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