1. To be clear, 15% of caught rioters were military/law enforcement. While bad, that’s not anywhere near the same thing as 15% of military/ law enforcement officers being rioters.

  2. More Americans get their news from The Daily Show than any other nationality

  3. She is a Q'Anon Conspiracist. How could she possibly be in charge of anything that's American as she does not believe in our democracy?

  4. The thing about democracy is it only works if people believe in it

  5. "I stole my user credentials and accessed my server surreptitiously during my workday" -Bankman

  6. It's all or nothing. You can't half kill a person.

  7. It seems like you did understand the post you countered then

  8. My other guess is you have a new contaminant that doesn't dissolve in alcohol

  9. Did the child's mom leave the gun out or something?

  10. I feel like we lost the part where I tried to assume that you calling someone a bitch was targeted at a responsible person and not a child

  11. I'm also pretty sure those colors are false, used to show topography, not actual color

  12. TFG declassified them in his mind. Clear distinction.

  13. I suppose there's no need to record that for anyone else to know about, right?

  14. I'm going to guess the part you need left with the TV that was there. The only standard part on these is the bolt pattern on the TV and I think you are missing that part of this mount. You probably need to buy a new mount.

  15. Thanks - bummer. It’s a good mount and I don’t want to re-mount !!

  16. At least you know where the studs are for the next one 🙃

  17. No humidity, amazing half of the year, then travel in the summer. No hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes. Golf all year round and amazing hiking; PHX has 3 of the top 20 largest urban preserves in the world. 2 hour drive to Sedona or the Mogollon Rim. There's plenty of reasons, just because you don't understand it doesn't mean some people prefer it.

  18. I was born in Phoenix and finally left ten years ago. I can agree with everything you said. It has a lot going for it and I get why people love it. Personally I hope never to set foot in the Valley of the Sun in July or August ever again. (A monsoon storm might ameliorate my feelings if it came down to it)

  19. Me too. Something horrific about the different widths

  20. Like standing original and slim PS3s

  21. Tried to help her husband's political career and ended up destroying it and her own life in the process.


  23. I remember a cake in the last fallout... 😬

  24. One and a half shoelaces would give you a triaglet

  25. To be fair, and I am no trump fan, he didn't really have as much room for job creation as Biden since he inherited a bustling economy from Obama/Biden whereas Biden inherited a basket of crap with tons of room for job creation.

  26. maybe we should reserve some credit for Trump since he made such a recovery possible, lol

  27. An elephant never forgets, but she has to learn first

  28. Sales people don't know anything about their products, they are only there to sell, so they learn the least amount they need to about the product and spend their time learning about people and tactics to sell to people.

  29. This person understands. They want to make money and not do work, just like most people.

  30. Consider that people will eat things off of it and cut into it with utensils. I would be very careful what to use so it doesn't wind up being eaten and become a problem for someone.

  31. They probably thought "sextet" was a dirty joke word

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