1. Hey, I know I'm a little late. I'm planning to preorder an S23+ today and I'm torn between the anthrazit colour and the lavender colour.

  2. I don't have pictures, but the back glass is very light in tone and the reflective frame looks more rose gold than lavender, it's definitely not as pretty as the official pictures.

  3. No, fur coats (including faux fur like here) are clearly Diva Chic, so SD. In fact, I believe Naomi is a skinny SD because she looks feminine and pretty and not like a linebacker. /jk

  4. I thought she was FN. I read this in the other kibbe sub. She pull of this fur coat so well.

  5. uj/ She's actually verified as FN. I can see why. Her height limits her to FN/SD/D. She doesn't have Kibbe curve, so she's not SD. She's also got Kibbe width. Her shoulder point (not shoulders) also seems to be the widest point of her silhouette (except for her shoulders and arms).

  6. The only measurement that matters in Kibbe is height, if you're taller than 5'5"/5'6"/5'7", you cannot be certain types. Other measurements don't matter. Cup size doesn't determine curve. Afaik when DK types his clients, he doesn't take their measurements, but might ask for their height.

  7. I don't agree making it not available for children. A nonverbal child with high support needs can only have it once they are they an adult and have missed out on all the important developmental experiences they need to become a participating adult in society?

  8. My reasoning behind this is that people shouldn't be cured to please others, no matter if these others are their parents, who believe ASD -even when their children don't feel negatively affected by it- means that their child is flawed or other children/teenagers, who bully them at school.

  9. I would definitely say muted. My eyes are green and every time I wear an olive green color I get so many compliments, specifically on how it makes my eyes pop. This definitely helps my understanding a lot!

  10. All springs have some variation of bright/light/(neutral-)warm, and all autumns some variation of soft/dark/neutral-warm. If you get compliments wearing autumn colours, than you're likely an autumn. Sometimes, the difference between warm autumn and warm spring and the difference between soft autumn and light spring can be hard to tell.

  11. I like how the greens from dark winter interact with your face. With bright spring, I don't know if what I'm seeing is more like a healthy glow or if it makes you appear yellow-ish. The summer palettes wash you out a little. I'd take bright winter, bright spring, and true winter into closer consideration.

  12. Elle Fanning is too tall for DC (the height limit is smaller than 5'7"). I think FN fits her best.

  13. Would you recommend me the any of the Pacifica fragrances?

  14. How are you going to codify the means of measuring and judging damages from one party to another in a society and not have it be a room full of books that only apply to specific incidents?

  15. These spots (sometimes called jewels or freckles) and the presence of yellow colouring indicate spring, the reddish brown ring indicates autumn. Maybe warm autumn or warm spring?

  16. People with very dark hair and pale skin are often winters because they usually have a high contrast, but in the end of the day, draping is the way to go because colour analysis is about finding colours that suit you, not categorising yourself based on skin/hair/eye colour.

  17. With her natural haircolour (seen in most of these only at the roots, better visible in the 3rd picture), she has a medium contrast. Seasons that have medium contrast are true autumn, true summer and true spring. Soft summer and soft autumn have a medium or a low contrast.

  18. Colour analysis is about finding colours that suit you, not categorising yourself based on skin/hair/eye colour. There are only features that occur relatively often within one season, but there's no XYZ combination will definitely be that season.

  19. If you want to know whether you're warm or cool, you should drape. Colour analysis is about finding colours that suit you, not categorising yourself based on skin/hair/eye colour.

  20. I think you're definitely some kind of autumn. I don't like the very bright colours (e.g. the second and third pink) on you, but the shades of brown you draped really suit you. I also like beige and light red (looks a little like light pink), but seems to be from the soft autumn palette (colours 1-2 from the 4th slide). I also think the first orange (more muted) is better than the second orange (brighter), which also indicates autumn. You don't seem particularly high contrast, so you could maybe drape soft autumn vs warm/true autumn. On the second-last slide, the beiges (warmer) are also better than white (cool).

  21. I did not find the iniuk to be enough moisture at all let alone enough to last all day. It also broke me out.

  22. My acne used to leave pigments/scars that isn’t as pigmented as it is leaving now, and I don’t know why. What products do you use for your acne to not leave very pigmented acne scars on your face?

  23. I've always had a little hormonal acne around my period. It has gotten less severe and some cycles, I don't even get acne anymore since I've started using COSRX propolis synergy toner. Hope this helps :)

  24. Look at colour palettes. Here's a link to a site woth the TCI dark autumn palette:

  25. i still feel like it’s unlikely that you need to accomodate vertical if you’re short it just doesn’t make sense to me

  26. Vertical means the space between a person knees and shoulders is long compared to that person, not compared to the general population. When someone is 5'7" or taller, they have automatically a long vertical. A person who is smaller than 5'7" can have a long vertical, but can also have a moderate (any height under 5'7") or small (only possible if someone is 5'5" or smaller) vertical.

  27. how can you tell if someone has a long space between their shoulders and knees, is there a specific proportion of the body it should cover ?

  28. The only measurement that's relevant in Kibbe is height. There's no mathematical ratio to determine whether the space between shoulders and knees is long compared to the rest of them. There's also no mathematical ratio to determine curve in Kibbe, for example. Afaik, the fruit system uses mathematical ratios. Ratios from the fruit system aren't relevant to Kibbe.

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