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  1. I didn’t realize they would do anything about it. Especially if they’re sold unmarked.

  2. It’s illegal to resell higher than the companies price, the provide it to the company selling with the interpretation that it’s

  3. I’ve cut myself on bread a couple times.

  4. Yep! Some of the bread is sharp. Cut right through my glove and cause bleeding like OP

  5. Yeah no I bought some after I cut some Buffalo chicken for myself and I was astonished lol

  6. Don’t listen to everyone else. You CANNOT get in trouble for an employer calling you on hours that are not scheduled. The only legal way they can get away with it is if you are “on call” and that means every hour you are on call is billable

  7. Not true. It's called waiting to be engaged and engaged to be waiting. However this is typically specific terms that are delineated in an offer letter or job description.

  8. So…why should I be punished for using a day that isn’t scheduled? Should I be prepared to work every day off? If so, why am I not being paid for on-call hours?

  9. I’m just waiting for all the angry underpaid downvotes to hit ya. Green bleed, amiright

  10. I’m the one that’s filing all y’all’s claims 🥲 I feel for y’all

  11. Facts. They were so rude about it too/ tried to make me feel like I was a loser

  12. That happens when you’re a stay at home mom with no source of income because even their husbands realize they’re cunts

  13. I’ve been with Publix not even 2 yrs and am a deli manager soo?

  14. My experience with deli managers is that y’all continually fuck up inventory AND the schedule. You leave at 5 or whatever whenever traditional is slammed and don’t care about helping even tho the bunker was completely empty… yeah you can fuck off. Publix management gets paid way more than they are worth and honestly the clerks do more work and shrink than y’all ever will. Just because you worked your way up doesn’t mean you get to abandon running your department correctly. You wonder why the turnover rate it so high.

  15. “You couldn’t make it in the deli” “I’m a deli manager” “Deli managers SUCK”

  16. I don’t need to. I’ll make more than you given 3-4 years in my current job position

  17. Runs in the family so gotta make sure I gotta have a pcp

  18. Oh I see. Im a girl so the cheese would be elsewhere. Good for you for saying fuck you allergies! Who cares about health when you can have cheese?

  19. It’s the one pseudo allergy that won’t necessarily kill you unless you indulge in it too much. Shitty part is that it can lead to Crohns so I do gotta watch the greasy shit too

  20. Okay, replace the liquor with mushrooms LSD and weed. You'll pay less and get more. And less addictive, better long-term health effects, better hangovers.

  21. Do you have any other options here? Roommate? Move further out for less? What city is this?

  22. It’s not even in the city, but Central Va. Henrico County

  23. Holy shit. You must’ve been bored to find a 171 day old post😂😂

  24. I’m glad your store is …. How long have you worked for the company

  25. Newbies be like “I bleed green” because I expect to be rewarded. Good luck bub they don’t give a shit

  26. not everyone with a newbie flair are real newbies

  27. I was making $13/hr until August when I got a dollar raise. I've helped out in the deli with production before that though.

  28. They’re using you. Do their work for a while and go back to CS and say “I won’t take a pay cut”. I was a bagger for $14.15 after I got tired of the delis shit

  29. That’s fine, but once you touch sub line or slicers…demand more

  30. Fuck flawless. I’d pick you up and do just about anything with you as I’m 6’7

  31. I completely agree, my account was hacked and now I can’t get it back :/

  32. Never, ever reply. They wouldn’t send you anything like this. Must have read “gullible” on the ceiling

  33. Even though Greg Abbott is a little piss baby, helping out in an emergency you should not be a political thing.

  34. Just because Florida has a severe hurricane every 2 years doesn’t mean the rich need to get bailed out just because they live on the inter coastal and have multi million dollar water damages… not only is Greg Abbott is a little piss baby but the non rich that don’t make 6 figures doing nothing but own firms cannot survive in this when he’s determined to destroy southern Florida. We all know the all white northern Florida hates the southern but damn…

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