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  1. Well said. 80 percent of pharmacist don’t know what u&c is or why you shouldn’t change your u&c

  2. Just run your "in house" coupon card that you set the price on anyway. Problem solved.

  3. Cheaper, faster, and easier to just go big turbo on your current engine.

  4. Thanks for the informed response.

  5. Just put a Mk7+ GTI engine in....paying extra for an R wouldnt even make sense

  6. ~$1000 extra for the R engine, and after a $500 APR tune you end up with ~+140 horsepower over the GTI. Seems like the ROI is great, as long as it’s doable.

  7. Seems like a put credit spread on the Aug 21 $17.50/$20 will be hard to go tits up

  8. Me after leaving Robeson County lol especially with the Homecoming this week

  9. Margin call is the most realistic finance movie there is. Big short is fake af.

  10. Random 3:30am meetings called a couple of hours before is realistic? That was the part I thought was odd, but I have no clue what happens in finance.

  11. I see what you're saying... But if I risk $5 (-120) at a sportsbook it's the same concept. If I lose, I lose $5. If I win, I only win $4. When you look at it this way, the juice is factored into your winnings, not your losses.

  12. Yes this is exactly it.

  13. It's because you pay the 10% rake, but so does the person who's money you've won. Hope that makes sense to you.

  14. And that adds up to 20% right? Because you are juiced on your winnings AND your wagered money.

  15. Pembroke. If you have to advertise your college in a movie theater, something is wrong.

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