1. Oven temp, it looks like the left might be a little more cooked. Either due to higher temp, or longer time.

  2. Look for powdered food dyes, like Master Elites by Sugar Art. Honestly it’ll give you vibrant colors and the powders last for ages.

  3. It depends on how deep of a color I am wanting. If I’m wanting vibrant, like in your face, a 16th or a 32nd of a teaspoon.

  4. I’ve made a graham cracker buttercream and it’s honestly excellent.

  5. The thicker and less runny or water based the filling the longer. So, 2-3 days for buttercreams, tempered chocolate, marshmallow, and chocolate ganache that’s used for truffles (2 part choc to 1 part cream). For curds, jams, or whipped or piping ganache (1 part choc to 1 part cream), pastry creams and combo fillings (buttercream/marshmallow and a curd/jam type of stuff) I do 36-48 hours.

  6. Gorgeous! And I love your plate too❤️

  7. Thanks, it’s the Ink and Paint line from Disney. The only downside is they’re hand wash only due to the gold rim.

  8. Try boiling water and baking soda for 10 minutes and try to scrub it off

  9. It helped a lot! I deglazed it twice and it didn’t work, but this sure did a pretty good job!

  10. For Swiss I have been resting half the time I do for French and it’s helped. I also, bump my preheated over from 300 to 275/280 and bake for 18. Also, are they fully hollow or would they improve with maturing them? I’ve had issues with my Swiss Macarons being slightly hollow, but once I put buttercream or filling in them and let them mature, they’re some of the best I’ve ever had.

  11. What’s your indication they are done resting for French and Swiss method?

  12. So, French I do 30, Swiss I do 15. When it’s really dry, I do 20 and 10 respectively. Basically looking for where it’s no longer sticky to the touch.

  13. Is this a Swiss macaron, by any chance? I use pies and tacos and they usually come out like this but I’ll take it over hollowness any day! Once they’re filled they look great and I doubt anyone else notices :)

  14. Thought so. Wish I had a fix for you but haven’t found one yet. They look fabulous though!

  15. Thanks! These were much better than my last batch. Tried liquid egg whites and they were the worst batch I’ve made since I first started three years ago.

  16. Omg I am SO happy you got back to me! I’m 8.5 months pregnant and I need these now. I’m making them tomorrow. Thank you so much!

  17. Of course! I got rave reviews! I should also work with any other buttercreams you have or like to use. I’ve done similar with my Swiss (Oreo and Fruity Pebbles), and it still held together well.

  18. I add powdered egg whites as well...So, my merengue is very stable, thinking it might be too stable. I wonder if I need to adjust my stage of where I beat to? I try to get it to the same flow stage as in FL. Also, what method do you use now? I do French vs Italian.

  19. I stopped trying to match the way my batches were to Texas because it never worked out. I created a whole new recipe and figured out what worked for the high altitude.. also I used sugar bean’s methods ( find on YouTube) their drying method worked soo so well for me. Game changer ( I mainly do decorates macs but it works for my regular ones too)

  20. So…you reminded me to watch sugar bean, so…I switched to Swiss method and moved to slightly lower temp (275/280), not going to lie they’re def better. Think I just need to adjust my rest time to be less and they’re going to be back to perfection.

  21. If someone would tell me I'm an emotional basket case. Oh boy...

  22. GIRL ♏️ moon AND ♈️ rising 😳 do people find you intense/intimidating at first sight ? And ah, yes, ♒️ and air placements in general. I don’t know exactly which one of them makes you more calculated but from my experience ( ♓️sun, moon and mercury - i know, whole lotta emotions, even harder to express them with that Mercury, ♊️ rising, ♒️ venus, neptune and uranus, ♈️ mars - i do admit i am uncontrollably impulsive on special occasions ) I tend to be extremely detached and calculated, it’s like I am unconsciously “functioning “ on my ♊️ and ♒️ placements. I always despised being labelled as the overly-emotional Pisces, I am far from that. It’s not like I don’t feel anything, but most of the time I internalise everything, let the emotions consume me and then I become numb. ( hope I didn’t ramble too much, couldn’t exactly give you and answer but I figured those ♒️ Mars and Venus could be strongly expressed) So kudos to us 🥂 Btw, when’s your bday ?

  23. Yes, I can be seen as intense If I don’t put on a face. Lol. I learned how to not scowl or think too much, as people ask “what’s wrong or are you mad?”.

  24. It depends on the person and the state of their health but most do in the range of 40%-50%. Remember it's not a race.

  25. Yeah, I’m not worried, I was actually a little worried about losing too much. But from what other people have put, it’s in line.

  26. Oh wow! I thought you can't have spicy food after it, maybe the information was just not DIRECTLY after the surgery while in recovery?

  27. I def cut it out till about 3-4 months after. Once my stomach was healed. Wouldn’t have tried it any earlier.

  28. Omg YES!!!! Lol, I already loved spicy before, but it is everything now xD

  29. Doubling the amount of spice in most dishes is wild to me, or not taking out most of the seeds for chilies. 😂 Sambal is my best friend, spice and 0 calories for a tsp.

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