1. They got pokerabies, gotta take em out to pasture and ol' yeller them

  2. The still images make the fire starter look awesome, but I feel like he looks a little less bad-ass animated, if the fire around his mouth was animated with more flow to it rather then looking like a glowing clown-wig that's bald on top he would have been my favorite hands down. I was pleasantly surprised by the grass starter, didn't think i would like the weed cat at first when i saw that she was gonna be the next furry waifu, but her move is powerful, she has protean as a hidden ability (annoyed it got nerfed but its still fun and useful, just a bit less so) and her general design grew on me with mine was female so i named her "mary jane" lol. the duck is my least favorite of the 3, i get what they were going for and i don't HATE it mind you, just not my favorite.

  3. not at the moment, but seeing this did make me kinda wanna build a steel type team...buuuut on the other hand I like my ghost team too much right now

  4. could be worse, could have wrote "Twink-a-ton" or something and inspired some very cursed fanart...that, knowing the internet, probably already exists...

  5. I really like Tinkaton a lot but the Corviknight line is my favorite of all the starting birds so the revelation about Tinkaton hunting hunting and killing Corviknight has me conflicted.

  6. I love how the first half of the first sentence is complete bullshit but the rest is almost completely accurate.

  7. it's funny how you put "spoiler" but the spoiler is for a movie lol

  8. If I ever get to Pokemon Violet I guess I know what i'll be naming my Miraidon. 🤣

  9. For me it was easy, one has you riding around on a bad-ass robot dragon motorcycle and the other one doesn't. One has a bad-ass little edgelord mon, the other one doesn't. One has school uniforms that DON'T COMPLETELY look like shit, and the other one forces you to wear orange pants with pinstripes.

  10. *sighs and leaves to get his scalpel* rasenfrasen--why are so many people asking me to do this when I am not a licensed surgeon--mumblegrumble--OH FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST, WHO MOVED MY SPARE BRAINS OUT OF THE FREEZER?!

  11. No, my spirit pokemon is trubbish because I too am a toxic living bag of garbage that people like for some reason

  12. Listen to me very carefully because I have 3 very important words for you. ROBOT. DRAGON. MOTORCYCLE.

  13. Imagine unironically posting a "muk = cum" joke in the comments and thinking you're clever and original...but, hey, speaking of cum, did you guys know that vaporeon--i'm not even gonna finish the bit, i feel nothing but shame and regret.

  14. It's not so much as bad design as much as people don't wanna give Rule 34 artists more fuel, but given all the vaporeon memes, it clearly doesn't matter how many legs a pokemon stands on, degenerates will be degenerates...

  15. Kratos from the original PS2 God of War and his final smash is to have a threesome with some of the female smash characters to get more red orbs

  16. Once you finally experience the joy that is real authentic ramen from a Japanese restaurant, you can never go back to either.

  17. The one advantage to living in the world of DC though is that all you need to gain crazy powers is have strong emotions..."Man, life in Gotham sure does suck, but I am very *HOPEFUL* that things will change for the bett---why is there a glowing blue cereal box prize floating in front of my face? WHY IS IT TALKING TO ME?!?"

  18. Just think about capitalism for an hour and a red ring will crash through your window.

  19. An HOUR? please, just mention the word "politics" in my presence, i will become the red light itself.

  20. Honestly, if i'm burned out on my usual choices of toppings for whatever reason but everyone else at home wants to order pizza, I shake things up sometimes by ordering myself a grilled chicken and pineapple pizza.

  21. Holy shit I won the last one, that surprises draw a farting sentient cupcake

  22. ( ' 3 ' ) I hope you're having an amazing day...that is all...

  23. The fire starter would have been my choice if I didn't already have my heart set on using Ceruledge, so I'm taking my second favorite choice and imma smoke a bowl with a cat named Mary Jane

  24. As much as i would love to pick Fuecoco, I KNOW I want to use Ceruledge on my team, and I have no need for two fire types...soooo if i can get a female sprigi...spriga.....a female weed cat, imma name it Mary Jane.

  25. No but you’re probably pretty close

  26. Wartortle loses the cool looking ears and tail, Ivysaur replaces his spots with warts and gets derpy looking eyes, and Charmeleon goes from a sleek yet strong looking little dinosaur to a mostly generic looking dragon design with a pot-belly and t-rex arms. It also doesn't help that mega Charizard X and the Gigantimax version of Blastoise and Venusaur look much cooler then the normal versions.

  27. I’m with you on mega charizard y looking like an improved version of Charizard but nothing else. I don’t think any of the forms look better than the base form except charizard y.

  28. I mean yeah, they all have cool elements, and to each their own and all that, im just saying i prefer the sleeker design of Charmeleon, the unique ears and tail of wartortle, and the less derpy eyes and lack of warts on ivysaur.

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