1. I do have a few i display most I make shooting pouch’s out of

  2. Not trying to be an ass but is Flores even “Black”? I mean he’s not African-American, parents were Honduran. I know he’s dark skinned but McDaniel is half-black. Just curious, also I looove McDaniel as our coach, hope this guy has a great career with us #finsup

  3. Maybe learn the difference between nationality and ethnicity?

  4. He’s been good, but there were at least 4 that were clearly a cut well above him. Getting All Pro would have been a massive robbery if he got it imo.

  5. He had more tackles than any DT in history.

  6. Bi refers to the two sexes. Nonbinary is a term describing gender, not sex. Bisexuality doesn't traditionally have anything to do with gender.

  7. Yes, I like penises and vaginas. AFAIK there's only two versions of naughty bits (or in rare cases, a combo!). I like both naughty bits. Stop applying gender to sex and overcomplicating things!

  8. To each their own I suppose. otherwise, excellent execution but I just can't agree with putting somebody else's logo on a reproduction of one of their models

  9. Fender, Inc. appreciates your white-knighting.

  10. Still don't do it mate. HER MOTHER won't forget it. And will be reminding her about his useless selfish family forever.

  11. F is very low, you're going to have to use very heavy strings is you use a 27. For reference, the baritone Jazzmasters have 30" necks and are tuned to A from the factory.

  12. I really don't get why there's so many baritones at 30", especially to tune to A. I tuned to A on a 27" and it intonated perfectly.

  13. Nice!! I just placed an order for one this weekend! Gonna be a tough 2 month wait!

  14. Whoever decided legend abilities should be in a mode where you die in 1second should get fired and never be allowed to work in the industry. Yeah bloodhound wallhack in a mode where they can then laser you in 1 second is really fucking balanced not

  15. Did you see that WC game? I think Waddle is in a lower tier than Reek/Jefferson/Chase/Adams

  16. That's not fair, Waddle been injured for a while now

  17. 15’ speakers tend to get muddy with very low notes, I prefer a 2x10 but it gets the job done.

  18. It totally depends on the speaker and the cabinet. 15s can be very clear and 10s can be muddy.

  19. '90s Victoria's secret catalogs were lit as fuck. Sears catalogs also worked in a bind.

  20. Sounds like those "Gun Free Zone" signs that are so popular!

  21. Yes, slippery slope is bullshit, that's why cops in the UK are confiscating scissors and screwdrivers and pliers.

  22. Just like my post says, etsy is refusing to take it down. I reported it and spoke to them on the phone. Told them every detail calmly without any huffiness at all. I am 100% looking into legal action, I am disgusted that anyone would do this to another person without any provocation.

  23. You need to escalate it to someone else.

  24. I love it, but my problem is sometimes when I alt-tab out of games, my whole computer starts freaking out and slowing down to the point where I have to restart. I've been not using it lately and haven't had this issue again. I have a pretty high-end PC as well, so it shouldn't be a resources thing.

  25. Definitely something wrong with your shit there yeah

  26. Is it just me or are the Bengals helmets too reddish. I feel like the rest of their uniforms are more orange.

  27. It's been like a 3 year thing. Weve been leading the league, or close to the lead league in drops. Doesn't matter who tgr WRs are. It's getting ridiculous

  28. Here's to hoping EzE has some fucking HANDS. That alone should get him on the field next year.

  29. haha we can't have roosters, per our towns ordinace. and we're only allowed 6 hens total (without extra waivers and stuff). Without a rooster, your eggs won't ever be fertilized, so no baby chicks. But the good thing about a having a rooster (other than having chicks, if that's what you want) is that they protect the flock from predators.

  30. Does not having a rooster mean they aren't noisy assholes in the morning? I'd love to have some fresh eggs for "free". Can you keep a solo hen?

  31. Awww thanks, we've put a lot of time into the decor!

  32. That’s gonna be a fuck yes from me, dawg.

  33. Hahaha this comment was kinda pitchy for me, dawg.

  34. I don't recall the team having an offensive line.

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