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  1. I finally got a god roll pali after doing GMs all week, and I "headshot" a guy as he got completely around a corner last night. I felt like I was in this scene:

  2. That bow has 576 draw time and demolitionist. I'm gonna scoop it up for my voidlock.

  3. I have 4 adept palindromes. 3 have turnabout and the 4th has thresh with shit stats. Its getting really annoying at this point. I just want one with rangefinder.

  4. Monte Carlo is my favorite auto rifle in the game and you really did it justice here. Bravo.

  5. Excited for the Tennessee Titties to come to our turf. We need revenge for the last 2 painful losses we suffered at their hands. I really can't fucking stand that organization, and yet I don't have a great reason for it.

  6. I like Tannehill. I absolutely love Henry. Vraebel is ok. Their fans can be kind of annoying sometimes, but mostly they're cool overall. And yet, for some reason, I hate their team. It makes no sense to me.

  7. Well done Baku was a fantastic meme and I unironically like the track now.

  8. I know a lot of people may disagree with me, but I hope they buff pulses a bit more. I still feel like scouts and handcannons are in a better spot in pve, pulses feel noticeably weaker than the other weapons outside of low difficulty content. I am not someone that hasn't given them a chance either, my first raid weapon I crafted was insidious.

  9. I was farming GM nightfalls last week with an insidious demolitionist/adaptive munitions. I highly recommend it. It save me multiple times.

  10. Honestly, maybe it's an unpopular opinion but i actually really like the idea of making certain things really strong for a season. I'd never have used fusion rifles much without season of the lost, now i quite enjoy them even after the mod is gone. It's quite fun and sometimes changes the meta for a season so it's not always the same gun for a year.

  11. Me too on the fusion rifle thing. I always used rockets and then my friend introduced me to sleeper stimulant and threaded needle. It's been a love affair ever since.

  12. All kinda meh tbh. Killing Wind + Rangefinder with the usual barrels and mags is your best bet.

  13. Yeah that's my problem. I don't love any one of these. Like they're all viable high school girlfriends, but I'm not ready to marry any of them.

  14. 6 will have better range than 1 - rangefinder is just that good.

  15. That is very important to know. I'm gonna put that one to work tonight to see how it feels. I appreciate the insight. Thank you.

  16. Please name ALL these good exotics please!

  17. wormhusk crown, omnioculus, and sixth coyote are also worth mentioning. Definitely some fun builds to be had with them.

  18. Man you really just forgot my boys Celestial Nighthawk and Lucky pants. Unforgivable

  19. Funny you say that, I'm currently using the lucky pants in the crucible with a palindrome and having a great time lol I can't believe I forgot it too.

  20. That seems like a pretty big oversight on their part. It makes sense. I recommend a "zipper format that switches midway so that team A isn't punching down on team B. Like if you do odds vs evens, 1 will be better than 2, 3 better than 4, etc, so if team A is all odds, then it will be better than team B on average. if you switch it midway so it goes 1,3,5,8,10,12 vs 2,4,6,7,9,11 then the back half of team B will be better than team A. might make it a bit fairer. or make it 1,3,6,8,10,12 vs 2,4,5,7,9,11 so that team B has a little better chance.

  21. When you started working at the Tech Transfer office previously, were you initially paired up with patent agents or attorneys at that office?

  22. >When you started working at the Tech Transfer office previously, were you initially paired up with patent agents or attorneys at that office?

  23. Can you breakdown what guilding means? I just started playing a couple months ago. I beat 2 GM last week.

  24. Its have your Conqueror Seal (purple is the base seal ) in shinny beatifull gold !

  25. I honestly find the cheese much harder than doing it regularly. I have had numerous wipes this week, and most where because people tried to cheese it (even when the post specifically said 'no cheese'), or because people hid behind the bone pile instead of helping teammates with ads.

  26. Yeah me too tbh. Plus I'd rather play it straight up anyway. It's more rewarding.

  27. Yep, but it's sudden death at that point and a FG can win the game.

  28. I'd rather them just get rid of OT during the season and play 10 minute periods until someone wins in the post season.

  29. That seems reasonable. If they asked me to make the rules, I think it should be a straight up judging contest over which starting QB has the prettier girlfriend/wife.

  30. I've been over his annoying wife for years now. I also find it embarrassing how a lot of Bills fans act like they've never seen an attractive woman before and gave that woman any platform at all lmao.

  31. Crafted a Submission this week, and I just really like the sound of it. It's also got nice stability so it's fun to use.

  32. I have done that raid 10 times and I still don't have 1 submission.

  33. Suburb right now for work but grew up in the burbs. In America even the city centers and surrounding areas have bad transportation and density. I plan on moving in a couple years and I would like to be somewhere where I don’t have to drive very much

  34. You could move to the concrete jungle wet dream tomato that is New York city. But then you'd have to deal with JETE fans.

  35. Very much so. Invisibility has now substituted in as the new "survivability" tool in place of protective light. Bring hunters if you can!

  36. I ran the sixth coyote (for double dodge), with trappers ambush as well as vanishing step so i can dive for invis (consuming the melee charge) or dodge for invis. Then i did the dodge near enemies recharges the melee. I could go invis any time during the GM. I saved my fellow guardians numerous times. 10/10 would recommend for end game content.

  37. Knee jerk reactions instead of personal/fireteam assessment. The only time I remember GM being particularly challenging was when it was first introduced. That strike selection was by far the hardest grouping and made most seasons thereafter look relatively easy.

  38. I totally agree with everything you're saying. Also just wanted to add that people who would create a post on here probably aren't playing this with a level headed, "slow but steady wins the race" mentality. I played a master nightfall last night with lfg and we played slow and nobody even got downed. Then I jumped into another one where two guys were stuck at the boss. They sprinted at the boss and died immediately in the open. We wiped. They did the same thing again. We wiped. They then kicked me from their team.

  39. Yeah not to be that guy but honestly feels like this is a case of easier to update patch notes than fix the original design.

  40. I'm also not being that guy, and I came here to say the exact same thing. Why fix many line when one line does trick?

  41. You have to physically go to the vendor and talk to them to get it.

  42. I'm running a stasis hunter with renewal grasps for the extra big duskfield grenade. and I'm also throwing on the cloak mod from the artifact for heavy ammo bricks to drop for defeating champions, because two of my guns need ammo.

  43. I do think they should consider other stuff first before adding another Exotic Hand Cannon, like a new Exotic Kinetic Bow or a new Exotic Fusion Rifle (as you mentioned).

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