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  1. My Cories interact with plants by digging them up. They're lucky they're cute 🥰

  2. A lot of these changes are vary standard promoted to playable waifuization, but I'm a bit disappointed her skin color was lightened.

  3. Maybe her skin didn't get lightened so much as her lantern is now illuminating her.

  4. My personal theory is that it was to go with how dark overall UT was, lighting-wise and setting-wise. There was next to no light in Sal Viento, all the backgrounds were dark, most of it took place at night. Gran Faro and SN on the other hand were less so.

  5. Yes possibly, and even if it were dark in SN her lantern is on in this story, so she'd stand out more anyway.

  6. Out of everyone there I'd say Honeyberry for elemental healing, very good to combat the seaborne and Lazurite archers, a definite build for sure. Max her S1M3 Pramanix is a good Debuffer for tanky enemies. Max her S2M3 Having an aoe sniper is nice so Sesa could be built (if you have Meteorite or especially W then I wouldn't invest in him. 1 aoe sniper is usually good enough)

  7. I think he means stuff like aquasoil type substrates compared to going outside and getting organic soil.

  8. I mean I know, just wished there was another way, as some of the 4 star operators have very interesting abilities and such, and building 6 stars is expensive so, a system to help improve 4 and 3 stars, would be nice especially for new players

  9. I definitely agree with ya. But at the same time, why would you need 5*-6* if 4*-3* get improved to be on par with them. Gacha games by nature are predatory, Arknights I find is rather friendly though in comparison to others. As you can still beat the game with 3*-4* if your strategy is good. Just not so much harder content. I think the best we're gonna get is alters of our favorites. That way they still get the Gacha aspect to make money but we get an upgrade to our favorites.

  10. I mean true but I didn't mean major improvements, just small enough improvements to make em better y'know ?, I wanna feel that gacha thing, but also make 4 stars still a very good choice, and these small improvements type of thing would definitely help

  11. Maybe they can upgrade them to have somewhat certain niches like how Perfumer has that global heal or Cuora is the best defensive tank in the game, kinda thing. That way they're still good but not overpowered to the point you won't use/need the higher rarity operators. Like maybe Ambriel can have a permanent global snipe, and her skills just amplified damage/slow or something.

  12. Anything whose main strategy is stall really. Why would I waste my time when I can one or two shot an NPCs Mon with someone stronger.

  13. This is intriguing, do you happen to have a picture of your setup?

  14. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures but basically. I bought a plastic tote, and some 2" thick Styrofoam sheets. I cut the sheets and siliconed them into a box shape. (kinda like you would use for shipping) then I used spray foam to fill the bottom of the tote, stuffed the styrofoam box in the spray foam and spray foamed all around it, but not above the Styrofoam box lid so I still have access. Once it dries I put the plants in, put both lids on and buried it up to the lid so water doesn't get into it. Put a piece of plywood on-top and threw some more sand on it. (All the snow that falls also acts as an insulator) And now I wait to see if I'm successful. I think I will be, as long as it doesn't flood during spring.

  15. I'm going to reply to my comment. Because the comment I was going to reply to that said "my setup won't work since they need light through dormancy". got deleted as I was typing this up.

  16. Well idk there seems to be a mix of "this game is so fun" and "this game is the worst". I haven't got it yet, but my friend thinks it's hard to play consistently because "it's so boring" Personally I'm sure it's fine, but when pokemon is one of, if not the biggest IP in the world. I expect so much more. The game shouldn't run worse than the game cube games that came out in 2003. With the state of the gaming industry nowadays, they are so far behind and rely on the fact, the pokemon formula itself is fun but the games seem to be using that to compensate for all the flaws. Personally I'm trying to collect all the pokemon games so I'll get it regardless but I'm disappointed based on what I've seen/heard. But everyone has their own opinion and you might like it.

  17. Well according to my friends, it doesn't really matter since the game basically throws 5000 potions at you so you really only need to buy pokéballs anyway. Less effective? Use another, they're free anyway.

  18. Ok, if you use hermit crabs for example, can they climb up the PVC once they are down there? Sorry I'm just genuinely curious how it'll all work properly.

  19. Males have those double black stripes and colored anal fins that females don't have. Also the body shape is quite different, in this case this is definitly a male🙂

  20. Oh ok, so if I understand right, males and females can both be yellow or red, but males are the only ones with color on their anal fins and stripes?

  21. Indeed! Best clue is to watch for the 2 black lines surrounded by color on both bottom fins (can't find the english word), on males exclusively (can be circles sometimes, but you still guess those 2 black lines). Females usually have translucent/pale bottom fins🙂.

  22. Oh damn. I'm looking at them right now and you're right. That's really neat. Thank you!

  23. He's too blocky, the fire looks like clown hair. I still like him, but a name that has the beginning of skeleton in it, I'd like a more bone motif to it. Dirge though suits it well. But it doesn't look like a ghost type to me and I think the colors are too erratic. Imo like a lot of the dex this gen I feel like it had a great concept and poor execution.

  24. Given you felt Sun and Omega Ruby were mediocre, maybe stick with Soul silver and Black/white.

  25. Every time i see those trash clean up pictures i think about that it would be much less work to take the pictures in reverse

  26. Ya, what if it's not a "before and after" comparison, but an "after and before" comparison?

  27. I have 2 issues with it. There are only 3 paradox pokemon that actually have megas to begin with. So if the theory were true then all the others would have megas that aren't found yet. But you can't just say that's the case. Although I think it also should be noted that Salamence "evolved" over time to lose the singular wing which could mean that mega energy reverts it partially to a primal form. Aerodactyl's entry says it gets "dormant genes activated bringing back the sharp rocks that once covered it" but that could simply be because the fossil restoration process isn't 100% faithful to the original. Or old Aerodactyl "evolved" into the one we resurrected. So maybe there's a bit of weight to the theory. Secondly, I don't think the future forms are actually evolutions. But are more akin to Porygon where they were synthetically created for some purpose. Iron Vailiant seems like someone took the strongest parts of both pokemon and fused them together. Though not necessarily the mega parts. Maybe someone felt they could improve on nature's design hence the Ponytails on Iron Valiant. where did those come from?. Humans try to mimic nature often in real life so I wouldn't be surprised if that's the story with these paradoxes. Also, just a mini theory of my own. Most of the future paradoxes are rare in their generations, so maybe they died out and someone remade them. They do seem to be in the far off future so depending on how the world developed they could've been wiped out by accident or on purpose.

  28. Corydoras are the best ever. There will be no regrets, other than your wallet (or lack of one) and the fact that you'll never be able to get rid of any due to how purely adorable they are. Get water sprite, it helps a ton with water quality and is very, very fast growing.

  29. My only regret with corydoras is them sifting so much they uproot my plants. Otherwise they do a great job and are quite adorable.

  30. Scorpions glow under UV light. So as much as they don't have any electrical influence akin to an electric eel for example. You can still base it as an electric type. They've done it with multiple animals already that, in reality can't actually produce electricity.

  31. Small town here. Once when I was like 8, I fell asleep on the bus and woke up at a gas station down the road the driver was refuelling at.

  32. This guy was saying how great the inspiration was and how spot on it is.

  33. If I'm going to spend just about $100 for a game. I expect it to at least be a finished product. I'll probably buy it anyway because I love pokemon and will probably have fun regardless, but I know what they're capable of and expect more than something that is no better than games that came out on the gamecube in 2003 (Pokemon Coliseum/XD) if they looked at any other open world game, they'd see that they shouldn't have the map load all at once and instead, load the section you're in. I guess what annoys me the most is they have so many references of games that did it right, but they did it absolutely wrong for no reason, and it is a buggy mess because of it.

  34. If it's 59.99 it's not a test. The one piece is real

  35. Idk where you are, but in Canada it's $80 + tax, so give/take $95 for an unfinished game.

  36. Idk why people think BotW was the pinnacle of graphics. Did it look nice? Sure it did, but it also suffered from the same graphical flaws that pokemon suffers from. The difference is they took the time to hide the issues, so when you did notice them it wasn't for long as your attention drifted elsewhere. What we need from pokemon is either no flaws or they at least take the time to hide the flaws, so it looks like a complete game.

  37. I mean that’s kinda the point of optimization though.

  38. Well ya, but what I'm saying is BotW isn't the great graphic comparison people think it is, they just hide the flaws well. To me it's a relatively normal game graphically speaking and could be better. If they just put a normal amount of effort into sword/shield we could have a BotW looking game. If they put maximum effort we could get so much more. But with Scarlett/Violet, we got even less effort to the point it isn't even optimized properly. Now I'm not the "graphics make the game" kinda guy but there is such a thing as just crappy textures that genuinely look bad. Which makes me miss the pixel art games at least the art had some charm to it.

  39. Would saving guarantee he'd be there the second time around? Don't know how these new overworld mechanics work :(

  40. Just in case you don't know, saving beforehand works to keep a shiny around ONLY if you turn off autosave. Just like in Legends Arceus.

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