1. They expect this to get done in 3 months and 2-ish weeks? My gut says, by October/November the NDP will come out and say something to the effect of "there has been progress made on this front. While we are absolutely disappointed and enraged that the government is unable to meet the set timeline, we cannot allow such an important plan to be discarded. The NDP, as the party who works for ordinary people, will continue to support the government in crafting and passing this legislation..."

  2. There has been an epidemic of thefts, led by the infamous Ear Thief. I think you should call the Hare Force and have them send out search parties.

  3. Technically a TV movie, but "A Christmas Carol" (with George C. Scott) is on my list as well.

  4. "Clark, you can't check someone in Chinese Checkers!"

  5. For some reason, that immediately made me think of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  6. As a canadian who moved to the USA (married an American), I've seen no real difference. Some things are cheaper and some things are more expensive. Some things are available here to buy, some things aren't. It's a different country with different markets and different laws and rules. If it was Australia next door we'd be saying the same thing.

  7. I saw a YouTube video of her. I clicked simply because I loved her call sign.

  8. They make donating a lot more difficult than it was. Years ago, they had pop up clinics at various locations like community centres, church basements, and malls. Now, you are required to go to their office, which is onerous for a lot of people.

  9. It does make it difficult. I used to donate like clockwork, making my next appointment before I left the previous one. Now the nearest donation location is 4 hours away and I haven't donated in years. It's too bad, I'm O+ too.

  10. I’m the same. I’d gladly donate more often if there was a convenient location nearby.

  11. I can't even afford to raise ME, much less a kid.

  12. I'm always curious in situations like this:

  13. In my case, I have a strong interest in military affairs and international relations, so I'm subscribed to a bunch of subreddits that I check regularly to see if there are any new developments (whether rumors, fact, etc).

  14. Fair enough. I guess in the case of our sub in particular it always surprises me that anyone totally unconnected to the Marines would ever think to read anything here since it's like 90% us complaining and making dick and butt jokes

  15. It has been my experience that one can find information even in those kinds of circumstance. It may be mostly complaining as you say, but sometimes there may be a nigget in there.

  16. yeah, but i don't cover the towels with soap and rinse them out in the shower every time i use them.

  17. A washing machine uses a stronger detergent that is able to handle whatever bacteria may remain on the washcloth compared to body soap for one.

  18. Butter. And the amount is a contentious issue. I've see two sticks of butter in one pic posted earlier this week IIRC.

  19. Pour some oil on its gears to quiet it down so you can concentrate on glorious blocks of butter.

  20. It is probably a pipe dream with no hope in hell of seeing the light of day, but there’s a part of me that wants to see Demar and Kyle back for at least a year to see about chasing a title together (assuming the team is in a position to do so).

  21. If you still mad at what Vince did damn near 20 years ago, y’all just sad at this point, majority of raptor fans have forgiven and moved on from that and just appreciate what Vince did during the time he was a raptor

  22. You know, when it happened almost 18 years ago I was mad at VC for quitting the team. But, over time that anger mellowed; now any anger I have about that situation is squarely on the Raptors’ then-front office. Rob Babcock allowed himself to get robbed so badly.

  23. Some on my list of "I'm home sick and laying on the couch" movies:

  24. Ty for you’re reply, it was an interesting read, would you know why I feel a pleasurable emotion afterwords?

  25. I'm just completely guessing here, but the rush of blood back into the affected areas may have a stimulating effect on the nerves to give you that sensation?

  26. Ah i couldnt recognise it at first and thought it looked a bit like a OF40. But yeah i completely forgot the canadian leopards with MEXAS add on armor.

  27. Canada only sent I believe 4 or 5 Leo C1 tanks. I just finished reading Sean Moloney's book about the Canadian deployment to Kosovo and man, was it a giant mess.

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