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  1. Gods of the Fall, Blades In the Dark, The One Ring, Witcher, Invisible Sun, Alien,

  2. I’m on PlayStation as well we could all start a posse! Gotta stick it to the assholes

  3. Is this how a lot of people feel? I’ve never had any trouble from my players and I always have a dmpc. In fact, they were all like you’re gonna make one and play too right?

  4. Yeah craziest part here is the correct spelling of illiterate, as well as the awareness of the word and it’s meaning.

  5. Please don't kill me again. I was dead inside when I missed the backing period...I really loved the case design...No way to get them now.

  6. I did, need to frame the prints

  7. OP this is great. Glad you’re all about it. I hadn’t heard of UA before and am surprised at its closeness to the WoD games, especially Masquerade. We let conspiracies and real life events drive the stories in our Chronicles.

  8. I've always found that shared narrative control increases participant investment more than mathematics.

  9. This is how I treat all my rpgs. Integers and equations help steer the stories, but players ultimately decide.

  10. Kudos to finding one of the very worst portraits in contemporary culture.

  11. You know, in New Zealand, we don't say, "Turn off the light," we say, "Turn on the dark."

  12. Recently I rewatched the Felix drop and was just as amazed. Now here it is making rounds in memes again.

  13. Every time. I didn’t know I could be caught until reading about it

  14. Where’d you live? Greely? Ffs I’m from tx and have resided in the mountains for almost 10 years now. Can’t imagine going back…

  15. Went to southeast Texas from the Colorado mountains and I can tell you…. I don’t see why anyone would willingly move to this shithole unless it was work related (and even then, if we knew then what we know now, we would’ve passed on the amazing career move). It’s hard to complete with those mountains but this is just comically bad by comparison. But on the plus side, I finally understand so many KOTH references.

  16. That’s actually where I lived also. I’ve been back a handful of times and it’s only for family and friends.

  17. A lot of people like Days Gone…I loved the story and voice acting. There are some detracting elements but I usually seen them mentioned together.

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