1. Nope. That'll work. You may want a larger one for when the puppy gets bigger. If you do find tangles with the comb you'll want to use a slicker brush. The comb will pull too hard for dematting.

  2. Thank you! Yes I also have a Chris' Ice slip dematting brush, pin brush, and an artro slicker brush! I'm ready to go for that silky long hair to come in! Lol

  3. I also have the tiny comb, so I understand.

  4. Oh, its only toxic to cats. Cats are notoriously sensitive to essential oils.

  5. Did they tell you why they don't want that cake? Having been in service industries for a long time, some people just get ideas in their heads and don't understand what they're looking for.

  6. Yeah Im confused at why they would ask for a Black Forest cake and then take the Black Forest part out of it? LOL

  7. And then she got all weird with her foster brother in front of him. LOL

  8. Therye actually decent, still not a pop tart more of a weird cake texture, but ok.

  9. They said they got him at the SPCA. People who buy status symbol dogs don't always keep them, especially if they aren't as perfect as they look.

  10. I believe it. Frenchies are very mouthy and have such a shrill bark/gargle. Such high energy for a little ball.

  11. When doing the underside curve of the nail. I’m also probably being overly cautious lol

  12. You actually don't file the curve itself. That's going to do damage.

  13. I’m not explaining well, I don’t mean the full curve - like the underside tip. I do know from doing an absolutely excessive amount of research and video watching lol that the bulk of what is dremeled off is on the top side because the quick sits closer to the underside of the nail than the top. But a quick pass is done to round the bottom edge, no?

  14. No, one code gets released every 6 months. So the soonest you could redeem all 10 codes would be over the course of 5 years. Can be redeemed for shoes or handbags

  15. Ohhhhh that makes more sense. They're definitely hoping you forget after the first one. LOL

  16. Don't know how they can afford to pay living wages anywhere except third world countries if they're selling shoes for $50 a pair.

  17. Looks like living wages are paid though that's only because of heavy

  18. Ugh you know they smoke in the house if it's caked on the dog like that.

  19. I was making 650-900/week working 4 days in Oklahoma (corporate)

  20. Did they really need an x-ray diagnosis to confirm the daughter also being "little"? When they're hugging you can very clearly tell.

  21. Omg your outfits are so clean. I always end up with messy spots that I have to try to redraw in procreate

  22. You held 214 extremely well. Congrats on the one year! Good job!

  23. Stazko, the stuff, best shot, groomers edge, double K

  24. 1.) The balls (lol) they have to WATERMARK THIS.

  25. How much food are you accidentally dropping?

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