1. As another Southerner that has moved to the Burgh, I will say February. It's just so unpredictable. But one thing they will not admit here in the Burgh, is that if the weather is bad, the smart people stay home until the roads are clear. By February, the road crews have figured it out (for the most part). After 11 years here, I now hate late July-August. I hate heat and humidity (even though it's a joke from Alabama/Arkansas, but it still sucks).

  2. Puzzlehead is not wrong. I remember when this was going on. It was puzzling to even the US

  3. The throwing up 4s or fists for the fourth is so cringe. We know there are four quarters to play, and if you should happen to lose this quarter the real question is whether you did.

  4. That's OLD School Alabama signal. Like Bear years.

  5. Our to go tos are: Rochester Inn, Goodfellas, Sunny Jim's, Thornhill, the new Mexican place of 19 across from McDonald's in Cranberry, Dented Keg, GOAT, Shubru, Burghers, and there's a new brewery in Zeili that leaves me. Oh,,Poor Richards in Wexford.

  6. Why would you go to dented keg when stick city isn’t that farther away? It may have changed, but dented keg didn’t even brew their own beer.

  7. I like the food at dented Keg. I think they brew their own beer too. Or if not, it's something that I haven't had before. And I've been screwed too many times from food trucks not showing. You don't want to be near me when I'm hangry.

  8. Do not try to save the shower. That's so obnoxious. First come first serve AFTER you leave class.

  9. I always get a little more energetic when the weather cools off. Maybe that will help you too

  10. oh man I am totally the opposite lol once it starts getting grey and cold out I'm a couch potato 🙈

  11. Some days working out is the only way to warm up. I hate sweating when it's hot and humid.

  12. I was wondering about that. I liked them. I just figured that too many people were getting injured.

  13. Mine has gotten better. But I've learned to make nits for myself and request a lot of communication be done via email (for a record for myself).

  14. It makes me wonder if we're going to get repeats from May next month. I'm okay with repeating workouts on a monthly basis, but repeating April's and other months workout is getting annoying.

  15. Yeah. I have LOVED OTF for 6 years now, but they are really getting annoying at this point. If it does repeat May, I may be ending my membership in the near future......

  16. I probably won't cancel. I'm under 2 years into it. I still love it, but will be mentioning the repeating months thing to my head coach. In another early intel thread, I got downvoted so hard for calculating how many unique workouts they've created since April. It's feeling really lazy on OTF's part to be repeating April-August workouts now.

  17. It is. And they raise rates. Why? You're not doing any extra labor creating these templates.........

  18. Wellllll these are two very different templates. 🤔 I’m personally hoping for the no-incline one 🤞

  19. This really looks like the designs we would make using Lite Brites. I guess that's cool. Not sure. I was told my comment was too short and I'm too lazy to read what the minimum length should be. Good luck to all that get Lite Brite tattoos. God Speed.

  20. Freaking love them. My husband and I can get in and out so much faster than with a cashier (other than an Aldi cashier).

  21. Keep in mind it's only cycling one class in/one class out at a time, so it takes time to cycle through to a whole new set of data. Hopefully things will start to settle out for you in another week or two (depending on how many days per week you go).

  22. Mine has been weird. About 2 weeks ago it changed 3 times over a 10 day period. I don't get what they are doing.

  23. I wish I could see the algorithm so I could understand what they're doing.

  24. I think they must be taking into account blue and grey zones. My. Hrm rarely picks up on the floor.

  25. This makes me so happy my studio did not play this yesterday. It's just awful.

  26. Sometimes just a smile or exhausted sigh to the person next to you can make a new friend.

  27. I that's a nice way to put it. It's so hard for me to make "the next step" though. All my friends I've known for 10-15 years and haven't made a new close friend in my city and I've been here 6 years now. How do you ask for someone's phone number in a platonic way? It just feels weird.

  28. That's kind of hard. Ask for their Instagram or other social media handle first. That's been my go to.. Senf messages that way about workouts, and any studio hangouts.

  29. I'm so glad my studio didn't make us endure it at 5 or 615 am.

  30. I think it would have given me a headache that would have ruined my entire day.

  31. Oh nice, great absurdist novel, I find Ignatius J Reilly to be a standout, hilarious yet kinda frustrating character. Hope you enjoy it!

  32. He's quite annoying so far.... But I think he'll grow on me

  33. I'm betting he won't. Are you at least finding it funny? If not, stop now. I never laughed once but spite-read the whole thing in order to be able to shit on it when needed. You are either all in on this book (how many times have you seen it called the funniest book ever?) or it should just be a hard pass.

  34. We went last weekend. I think they still have some issues but the food was really good (really spicy though)

  35. When we go downtown we kill 20-40 each per visit

  36. I'm 52 and lose interest as soon as I master the tasks/challenges.of the position

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