Johnny Depp's reaction to a bizarre psychologist who claims to have evaluated Johnny Depp's cognitive abilities based on his performance in Pirates movies

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  1. This line of think is so fucking dumb. Seriously if a “tyrannical government” wanted to “take over” (they’re the government they are already in charge) do you seriously think citizens stand chance against a military equipment with far superior numbers, tanks, planes, helicopters, etc?

  2. NTA, your dad sounds like a narcissist. Is he the type of person where nothing is ever his fault? And if it was his fault it’s not bad and people are blowing it out of proportion etc etc. Everything happens to them not because of them.

  3. As a Belgian this made me twitch a little. How are they the same batter? What are you doing over there on the other side of the big puddle?

  4. I can only assume they are buying a premix in a box. At our house both waffles and pancakes are made from scratch with different batters.

  5. ......should've taken that 2 million when they had the chance.....

  6. The guy apparently claimed Tony Khan offered him that.

  7. Ah, but his Canadian girlfriend who goes to a different school told him to turn it down.

  8. NTA. I would never ask my parents to retire early and give up all of their time to watch my son. Then on top of that add to the burden without any prior conversation. Your daughter is being incredibly selfish.

  9. how well does that scissor choke work? Seems like you couldnt get the armbar because the hand is in a weird direction. I have had people try it a few times and it is uncomfortable, but it is hard to get the legs just right to be a choke.

  10. From what I remember my instructor saying when we learned it that’s it’s hard to actually get on but effective if you do it correctly.

  11. I don’t think I would call myself pro gun at this point but I do own several guns. I used to think banning “assault weapons” was a pointless endeavor thinking people would just use handguns instead. However, it’s hard to deny they are a problem when they are typically the weapon of choice of these monsters.

  12. Those fucking bastards called me today when I had a sick toddler sleeping on me. Thank god my phone was on vibrate otherwise I would have started a vendetta.

  13. They look like a bunch of cosplayers having an air soft match.

  14. So if a redditor looks like they’re displaying behavior that leans towards self harm or anything like that, you can make an anonymous report that’ll send them resources you can utilize.

  15. I seriously doubt they did but they’re moving like they had a liquid lunch.

  16. In this story only G and you are NTA. Your family is a big bunch of assholes and so is your boyfriend. If he sees no problem with what your sister is doing I’d seriously reconsider that relationship.

  17. It’s a wonderful idea but it won’t happen. People living at or below the poverty line can’t miss work for for that long and the hundreds of thousands more living paycheck to paycheck will likely be forced to work as well. It’s how the system is designed to work.

  18. Sorry to be rude but your friends suck. Being a dad is hard but it’s also awesome. I love being a dad!

  19. You’re an adult if you’re not ok with it then it’s not ok. In my personal opinion even if you were under 18 it would be a moral issue but they may have the law on their side.

  20. YTA, your husband is a misogynistic asshole and so are you for defending him.

  21. NTA, in this instance she doesn’t deserve any respect she was acting like a disgusting AH and you called her on it. She should change her behavior if she’s going to get upset when people point it out.

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