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  1. A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab Furyborn by Claire Legrand Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake And also Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard (I have to confess: I haven’t read this one, I like her Red Queen series, but she is a huge Lord of the Rings fan and from reviews I’ve heard this is an excellent fantasy novel with world building similar to Lord of the Rings, I plan on reading it soon!)

  2. The Liveship Traders by Robin Hobb? Technically the second trilogy in a much bigger series but this one can be read as standalone. I do recommend the whole Realm of the Elderlings but I think Liveship may meet your request best. The romance is very much a slow burning subplot that spans the series, but it is there.

  3. I just read the synopsis and it actually looks super interesting. Thank you!

  4. Happy reading! One of my all time favorites. If you like Liveship, you can always go back and read the Farseer Trilogy and then continue the world chronologically from there. The entire universe tells one continuous story and spans 4 trilogies and one quartet.

  5. Wow that’s a lot of content! I will definitely give it a chance. Fingers crossed! Thanks so much!

  6. If you haven’t already practiced it, work on doing some ring lat push downs. Basically, start in a ring row leaned back position with arms extended, you’ll want your palms facing up, and then push down on the rings with straight arms, thinking about pushing them to your hips. Eventually your elbows will bend which is fine, but the focus should be on the straight arm, lat initiation. What I’m noticing, and I could be wrong because it’s hard to tell from the video, but is that you’re really pulling yourself up to the rings, which kind of makes the Kip useless, use the Kip to push down on the rings and away, which will get you higher up. Then initiate that pull to turnover into the dip. (It’s kind of hard to type out an explanation without a video or demo for me to accompany my own explanation so I’m sorry if this was useless lol)

  7. I use strength when I’m doing my Olympic lifting, and when you’re done with your sets, hit whatever button on your Garmin it takes to end the set after each set of yours. Just skip past the “edit” part (and by skip, I mean you can just ignore it, it will go away after a few seconds and continue your “rest” screen), then when your rest is over and your into your next set, hit that button again and it will start the next set in your watch. You can edit the reps, weight and movement in your Garmin connect app after your workout is over.

  8. I love that everyone on here keeps saying everything can be scaled because it can! However if you’ve never done CrossFit before you may not know what “scale” means. It means, no matter what workout they have planned for the day, you can adjust to make it completable for you. And I say completable and not doable because you want it to still be challenging. Not easy. But you also still want to be able to finish the workout. So for instance, an example of a scale would be to do knee or elevated push ups instead of regular push ups, or to do box step ups instead of box jumps, or to simply lower the weight. Everyone is right though. You should start because a “more basic” regimen can be done AT your CrossFit box. And that way, you don’t have to give yourself any excuses on delaying. It can be very difficult to actually ever start if you avoid starting CrossFit because of a “I’m not ready” mentality. You are ready. I promise.

  9. I also noticed that PRs aren’t showing in the feed anymore? Our gym had a big day for PRs and not one is showing, including my own. Why would this feature be removed??

  10. I think they may have just changed how you find it on the app. When I went to “more” or the the three lines on the top left, I went to lift calculator, and then typed in “back squat” just to see and when I hit enter, my back squat 1RM came up

  11. That is the reason for their broken search. Also they have aliases but not applied properly.

  12. Yes that was just an example. It’s not kipping swings, because it’s like where you practice stopping on a dime in the hollow position on the Kip and holding it there, to create control throughout your Kip, but I was just using that as an example. There are other progression or training drills that I also haven’t been able to locate in BTWB to enter it in for my WOD that I’ve found on YouTube, at least I haven’t been able to find these drills by the name they’re given in the YouTube video. So if there was a list on BTWB with their terms and the descriptors for their terms, I could locate the one that aligns with the drills I’ve done in order to enter them in to my log

  13. Hello! I am also a CrossFitter that is wanting to train for a half. What program are you doing and how are you fitting it in with WODs?

  14. Also, if you have the nutrition and energy down, as well as time, you can always add in strength training on the short run days, or even a quick metcon. I would do them prior to your run if you end up doing it that way, because the runs will deplete a lot of your physical energy ( even if you feel generally fine, you might realize in a metcon that you’re moving slower of not able to lift as much. Same goes for if your doing strength after a run, you may not be able to lift as much. Unless you want to work on increasing your ability under fatigue of course). I personally rarely have the time to do a run AND do a CrossFit class in the same day so that doesn’t happen very often for me lol

  15. Cool! So the program was designed by my old coach before she moved. There are some great running programs on the Nike app for free or if you have a Garmin, the Garmin Connect app has free running programs under “training.” For me, Basically I run three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday and then on my off days, I do cross training. I do a metcon on Tuesdays, just whichever one my gym has programmed, and then on thursdays I make sure to incorporate core into a metcon of my own design usually. Then on Fridays I do strength (this is because with all my running, my muscle mass is decreasing and I need to get in some strength training). Then on Sundays I either have that be my rest day or I hike 3 miles up (and 3 miles down, sometimes I run down) this mountain by where I live, early in the morning. My run days, on mondays I do a short run, 3 or 4 miles depending on where I’m at in the program. Wednesday alternates each week. I do a tempo run that varies between 3 & 5 miles or I run hills for 3 miles. Then Saturdays are my long runs, increasing from 4 miles where I started and going up to 12 miles over a period of 12 weeks. Then on the last week, that long run ends up being the full half marathon. In terms of the running though, you should get into the habit of running at least 3-4 miles, 2-3 times a week prior to starting a running program, especially, a long distance program. The program I just summarized there is not in detail though and I hesitate to offer it to you as a full fleshed out program that will help you achieve your goal, since I am leaving out nutrition details, specifics regarding exact mileage on those days, details on how to properly run tempos etc. So please don’t take my long ass story here as genuine programming. If you want a strict program though to help you achieve your goals, I would definitely check out the Nike Run app, or like I said, if you have a Garmin watch, they have specific and very useful running programs that you can use as well.

  16. I reluctantly downloaded Loseit but I quite like it. The scanner is so much better.

  17. Yeah I used LoseIt but it won’t let me change my daily calorie budget unless I upgrade :(

  18. My myfitnesspal works fine, and I don't have premium 🤔

  19. They took away the Barcode Scan feature. It was in their news letter and no longer works on my app. It is there but when you click it, it takes you to a page to register for premium. Either way it doesn’t work for me, so I need a new app

  20. Toe spot strict pull ups are great because they take away the bounce back that bands give. Essentially, you either set up a bar to your chin height, or set up a box to the pull up bar so that when standing on the box, your chin is at the bar. Then hang with elbows at full extension and feet on the box/ground. Then pull yourself up with as little or as much weight on your feet as you need. Do like 3-4x6-8 every other day, and make it as difficult on yourself as you can while still being able to complete the reps.

  21. That’s what I thought too, because that’s what he mainly uses but I know I’ve seen him use Netflix. Like he did Birdbox which is a Netflix original, and the newer one, the Adam Project… :/

  22. LOL I definitely get that. If you can get the two I suggested to work on your device I swear by them, OBS Studio specially is very good and doesn’t have a time limit on recordings. If you find some different programs online try searching them on YouTube and see if there’s anyone talking about them (and what the comments are saying), it’s usually how I do these things, if there aren’t many people saying good things I don’t try the program. Haven’t gotten viruses in years tbh.

  23. Well thank you. I’m not worried about the programs as much as I am about the fmovies websites. I have a few programs I’ve tried out so far and none of them have worked. My other issue is paying money for a screen recorder program that for a short video that not sure is going to work over Netflix/HBO/etc

  24. Way to roast the shit outta him, “little D” lmfao 💀

  25. Nevada? Arizona? Somewhere around there by any chance?

  26. Hmm interesting. I always thought that electrolytes were supposed to help you retain water, to keep you from dehydrating. I do usually drink electrolytes though, but not consistently and I get them from when I occasionally drink Amino Energy (It’s an energy drink with about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee). Also, I’m actually in Oklahoma.. I wish it was Arizona! I used to live there but in the mountains (Flagstaff) so it never got this hot and it was so pretty there lol. Nope, I’m stuck in BFN Oklahoma lmao

  27. If you don't have enough electrolytes that's actually when you'll retain more water! Your body will start retaining the water you drink in an effort to rehydrate the body, if you're getting enough electrolytes you won't have that issue. It's actually pretty cool!

  28. Okay, I will try increasing my electrolyte intake by small amounts and see if I notice a difference. Thank you!

  29. I’m pretty sure the equation is (6+2+1)/3. The answer they gave in the movie was 3 so this is probably the equation, as 6+2+1-:-3 wouldn’t equal 3. Unless I’m missing something which is entirely possible because that happens a lot and I’m high rn soo (and don’t get me wrong, he usually does the gag where he’s super bad at math but to me this looks correct)

  30. It’s perfectly normal to have periods without weight loss, or even with weight gain, even when you are being consistent with your efforts. Your weight on the scale is affected by more than just your fat, such as water weight retention, food and waste weight still in your digestive system, hormonal fluctuations, etc. It’s a pretty typical complaint that weight loss is not perfectly linear in the short term, but overall tends to be a downward trend. I wouldn’t worry about changing your routine unless you have gone several weeks without a loss. If you’re absolutely sure that your calorie counts are correct, and that 1,500 calories is a deficit from your TDEE, then just keep at it, and you might find that your weight whooshes down one day out of nowhere.

  31. Okay, I appreciate the reassurance. This is what I’m thinking based on what others have said as well, and your advice is helpful too! I might focus a little stronger on my salt intake, but I will keep my regular routine for a few more weeks and see. It has only been one week like this so your advice is helpful!

  32. I’ve always had constipation issues but it’s worsened a lot since I started my calorie deficit, even though on this diet I’ve been eating 98% whole foods. I started taking a bunch of methylcellulose which is supposed to be a safe, daily “laxative.” I also include Benefiber, but you have to drink a lot of water if you take these. Very little works for me. I’ve also been downing probiotics, eating Greek yogurt with lots of chia seeds and drinking kombucha, which I’m having SOME results with but still not optimal for me. I saw someone else say it might be thyroid, which I’ve always dismissed because I’ve had my blood taken for thyroid issues myself and never had an issue but I didn’t know it could change when you go on a deficit so I may have to look into that myself.

  33. That’s some super villain hair right there. I dig it

  34. I am a gay male who got into him because I thought he was also gay because of his Call Me By Your Name review.

  35. I read it Six of Crows first and honestly I’m glad l did. Nothings really spoiled. It’s kind of fun to be like “Oh so that’s who this person is!” And what not. The only thing is that when you decide to read Shadow and bone, don’t expect it to be the same style as Six of Crows. I find Six of Crows to be better in every way, BUT I still enjoyed the shadow and bone series and it really expands the universe

  36. I love Dylan Is In Trouble. I follow the Grishaverse subreddit and his subreddit so it’s really weird to see a crossover on my Reddit page (good! But weird haha)

  37. A bunch of commentary YouTubers got Youtooz (idk if that’s how they spell it off the top of my head) at the same time and I think Dylan’s was the best out of all of them. It actually looked like a cartoon, mini version of Dylan.

  38. I dm’d Danny the link on IG (I don’t have Twitter). You should too!

  39. I know he's probably too old but I always pictured Sam Claflin as Nikolai lol, like his Finnick phase/days

  40. Honestly, I prefer SoC but I think they should have only made the show a SaB show. I don't think they should have added anymore SoC in the show; in fact I think they shouldn't have been there at all. It should have been a SaB story and then SoC should have gotten their own separate show. While I think SoC duology is an improvement upon SaB, I think that SaB is still really fun and my favorite part about it was the world building. I have no problem with people discussing the two and people making arguments about which is better, BUT, I don't think anyone should feel bad for liking one over the other or should be made to feel bad either. People have their preferences and you can't qualify a preference. You like what you like and that's that. I'm sorry you've had this experience. I'm down to talk about it without judgement if you ever want to!

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