25 yo pizza delivery man runs into burning house, saves four children who tell him another might be in the house. He goes back in, finds the girl, jumps out a window with her, and carries her to a cop who captures the moment on his bodycam

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  1. What’s the comps? Vlr hasn’t updated and I can’t see the live

  2. Is there any event of GAA that ends before the islands themselves go away?

  3. So, i'd like to get fiametta and Irene, but i also REALLY want Kal.

  4. She's ganna be in one of those Joint Ops banners, isn't she?

  5. Now that I think of it, what was the worst split result in EULCS/LEC history? Was there ever a clear 0-18 finish?


  7. 191 pulls for 3 lees and ling at the very end. Along the way I got 8 blacknights and some other 5 stars. Wonder if at this point if it is worth to just pity for dusk or nian. Still have around 300 pulls saved up.

  8. Not too much tbh. Was thinking about collecting more of the sui sisters. But then I remembered i plan to pull for passenger, goldenglow and horn coming up.... so i think i should save hahah.

  9. a bit late and i just started playing the event now but did we just get a tomo voice reveal wtf

  10. We did, but that was not the first time. The first time was during the Inazuman Archon quest Act 3

  11. Just throw after throw after throw after throw after throw, how the fuck did prx make it to the finals

  12. Lads... what the fuck happened to g2?

  13. I still remember when cops in California arrested a firefighter in the middle of a rescue for "parking wrong":

  14. The sad state of anti-police propaganda on reddit, more accurately. There are about a million cops in this country. Statistically, that means there are going to be some bad apples in the mix. And when there are, it is shouted from the rooftops. (Which is good, because we should have zero tolerance for bad apples in a group authorized to use deadly force.) But the stories they don't blast far and wide are the millions of times cops save lives, help people, and risk or lose their own lives trying to protect others. The "all cops are bad" NPCs who think reddit is a good source for their news and world views can't wait to downvote this, and maybe chime in with some baseless insult that any 5th grader could make, and that's fine. What I said is still true.

  15. I mean, the way the world works now is different from how the world worked when you were young

  16. does the mute all enemy text chat button work on everyone in a dm? because i would very much like that

  17. How do I get more Ancient Battery Pieces? (the mats used to upgrade Ako's skills)

  18. So, what other gacha games do you guys play?

  19. Arknights, Blue Archive, Alchemy Stars, Punishing Gray Raven


  21. That's certainly a unique collab. Never heard of Psycho-Pass collabing with games before

  22. They’re just putting salt on the wound for Signora mains lol

  23. I'm AR59 and I'm just beginning to build Diluc as his skin is coming out next patch. What team comps are best for him?? Rn, I'm running him w Zhong, Bennett and Raiden, but he doesn't really do much damage. How can I fix this??

  24. Holy im stupid i didnt get the joke my bad

  25. Why is LEC still on at 1am?

  26. LEC was testing out the possibility of Bo3s with XL vs VIT.

  27. how is it remotely acceptable to have swap bugs every week? riot is killing their own product in a truly egregious manner

  28. It's weird, because this swap bug didn't happen last year.

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