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  1. Is it really behind enemy lines when there was 1 Sabres fan for every 5 of us?

  2. I was one of them. It was wild how many of us there was. Sea of black and yellow.

  3. Let’s go bruins chant from their own barn can’t be a good feeling

  4. I’m a Bruins fan and was at that game. It was easily 60/40 split Bruins to Sabres fans. By the 5 goal it was only Bruins fans. It was wild.


  6. Most work he’s done for the Giants since getting drafted!

  7. As a Giants fan this is the most I’ve ever seen Toney play.

  8. We'll probably never get the full numbers but it's clearly been a huge wake-up call at Hasbro.

  9. It’s going to be telling who loses their job over this.

  10. Every sport would be better if refs were replaced by robots.

  11. I think this game exposed just how bad our receivers are too. Yes Jones was bad. Missed Slayton on the deep route but he really had no where to throw the ball all game and was put in a bad situation since our defense put us in such a big hole early

  12. Also it just sounds like the oline couldn’t get it together. Sounds like the whole team crumpled.

  13. Probably because folks don't know what a sprained PCL is. They hear "sprain" and think sprained ankle. Dude has a grade 2 partially torn PCL and sometimes it takes up to 6 months to fully heal.

  14. Also sprains can be worse then breaks. I sprained my ankle so bad that the doctor looked at me and said “if it broke this would be a faster recovery”.

  15. This team is made up of players that were cut or discarded by other teams and they’re huge contributors for us. This is such a fun team to root for

  16. Daniel Jones through 17 games this year: 341/507 (67.2% completion rate) for 3,506 passing yards, 788 rushing yards, 24 total touchdowns, 9 total turnovers, 6 game with a passer rating over 100.

  17. And that’s with a WR corps of practice squaders. Ridiculous.

  18. They got the Hollywood cred and now want Hollywood law. Why do they want to kill the existing community pages for this for 3e and 5e? what could this possible benefit? My only guess would be they want to force us to play 6e, and to play is using their websites and buying their stuff only.

  19. Hasbro investors see content creators making their money. Hasbro has two options: try and take part of the cut or say they did things to stop the “stolen” money from flowing.

  20. At this point, 1.0 isn't good enough. They need to add the word "irrevocable" to gain back any amount of trust.

  21. At the end of the day Hasbro only care about their investors. They’re gonna go through with it because then they can say “we tried milking the cow, but it didn’t work”. All investors see is the money being made that they see as their stolen money. They don’t care if they aren’t making it, they just care that it stops being made. The goal may be to kill off any non-WOTC content.

  22. First time since 1935(?) that there will be teams that didn’t play equal games in a season!

  23. NFL saw the House speaker drama and said “we’re gonna try breaking an old record too”.

  24. “Although no one knows the future, I think I will be coaching Michigan next year,”

  25. Lions about to change their name to the Michigan Lions just for chaos

  26. Joe Buck sounded like he was about to have a break down before going to that last commercial break.

  27. Dude had to watch for 9 minutes as medical personnel literally pumped Hamlin’s heart for him. Not likely something any of them will forget.

  28. Nice treat. Also can't be mad at all that we took one of the best teams in the league to a last second attempt

  29. Devils advocate: the Vikings seem to play down to their opponents levels.

  30. Can’t imagine the Buffalo police would follow through with charges. “Arrest” is likely a police escort out of the stadium and if you aren’t belligerently drunk you’ll be sent on your way

  31. Might not be the police officer’s call. It’s technically assault I guess?

  32. This team's issues are way deeper than coaching or "X player is the problem". This team is just terribly built. The offensive line is all time terrible, the WRs are practice squad at best, the linebackers are fucking awful, our secondary is decimated by injuries (and even when healthy they're nothing to write home about), and our pass rushers are just "alright". We're not good at anything really. It's gonna take a while and for us to do exceptionally well in the draft for us to get out from under this.

  33. Coaching ain’t the issue…

  34. I’m really sick of the whole we didn’t expect to get 7 wins crowd.

  35. Late season collapse? The roster we started the season with was shit to begin with. Now with all the injuries we’re on our 2nd and 3rd string guys which, on any other team, most likely would be on the practice squad.

  36. He seems like a sketchy dude and has done illegal shit. So why are we talking about him and why does everyone want him to come back?

  37. He’s a Republican talking point. Seems to me the main stream media is catering to them. In Whelan, the marine hero, vs. Griner, the spoiled rich basketball player.

  38. Don’t forget black and lesbian. That gets a lot of the red necks riled up as well.

  39. Because he’s a white Trump voter that’s straight. The ideal Republican god.

  40. Because you knew something was up when all the GOP mouth pieces in Purim’s pocket decided to go all in on this.

  41. Been legal here in Canada for 4 years. Nobody cares. Absolutely nothing bad has happened. Stop at the Walmart, beer store and weed store. Bob's your uncle .

  42. Unfortunately half our country’s voters only stand for the opposite of what democrats want, even if it’s for their own good.

  43. I believe the term you are looking for is “succession planning” lol

  44. She saw the writing on the wall after Warnock's win, and realised she'd no longer be a special little snowflake in the Democratic caucus.

  45. I hope folks in Arizona are pissed and vote in a better candidate next time.

  46. Have we all forgotten the DINOs Manchin and Sinema? They will block any meaningful action to limit the GQP's power.

  47. Sinema bailed so not a DINO anymore…

  48. ***Using 538's forecast rather than ESPN cause it's easier to check historical projections.

  49. That’s wild. I know it wasn’t intentional…or was it?

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