1. It is diluted peroxide that you spray on your hair (and I think instructions suggest blowdrying as heat intensifies lightening process).

  2. Do you think a normal bleach would be healthier for hair than that?

  3. You have more control over the concentration and application of bleach than you do of this stuff. Using 40v developer with bleach? Definitely more damaging than this spray lol. I would just bleach, personally.

  4. I usually use 30 vol+ cream lightener on my roots but didn’t know if that would be better with the warmer months coming up. Just trying to find less damaging ways to lighten my hair haha

  5. Herbs like Mint and Sage and veggies like squash and cucumbers attract butterflies when allowed to flower. You can stagger the plantings to increase bloom time. Dill and Fennel attract mother Black Swallowtails to lay eggs on the plants. I grow a lot of dill for this reason. Don’t chop it down in the fall and you may see some caterpillars prepare for overwintering. I made an outdoor butterfly house (cut a large hole in a plastic cake container and screwed it on a wall) just to keep the chrysalis safe but open so they can fly away as soon as they emerge.

  6. Ooo yeah I also plant carrots that attract black swallowtails to lay eggs! I have milkweed rn in my dorm freezer bc I’m trying to verbalize the seeds, sucks to know they don’t flower until the second year. I’ll look into the spider flowers and oxeyes ty :)

  7. Personally I let it go through me, I fully embrace and feel it, and while it can be completely terrifying, it's like you really accept it and that's how it just ends up becoming small. You don't run from it, you go through it, and then these "fake fears" are just proven to be fake.

  8. Don’t think you’ll find them this time of year but Marshall’s and TJ maxx’s juniors department gets good quality jean shorts under $20

  9. Yeah I’m excited for summer so I’m probably shopping way too early😅 but I’ll check those out ty :)

  10. looks like sandy blonde hair to me but its honestly best to show it to the hairdresser.

  11. I just want something my level 6/7 hair can grow into but I can still be blonde with some dimension. Do you think something like this would be a good inspiration photo for it?

  12. Yes! I’ve woken up with intense chest pain from mid-sleep panic attacks before, it sucks 🥲

  13. I feel like them both being on would capsize the door, and Jack being in the water before hand might make him freeze anyways

  14. I mean they were both in the water though beforehand. If they had enough buoyancy to be on at once they could probably also share body heat

  15. Where did you get your jewelry from?? this is beautiful and exactly the look i want to try to get!

  16. Most of my cartilage earrings are from etsy :)

  17. I would honestly just add chains, one for your conch to simulate a ring look, and another to connect your forward helix and helix, like an industrial. I think that could balance it out nicely

  18. Not sure why your full reply isn’t showing for me, probably on my end. Do you think a 37 mm chain would be long enough? Also ty! I’ve always wanted a daith but I was too scared and thought it would be crowded with my conch

  19. hello, during a quarrel or public speaking, I always have a head tremor. at the most inopportune times when you need to look confident. it's very sad

  20. I get it the most in my hands. Like when I’m in high stress environments where I need to keep my hands steady like chemistry lab

  21. For most individuals with Essential Tremor, stress-anxiety and tremors are linked. The greater the stress-anxiety the greater the presentation of tremor.

  22. That’s 100% true for me. I’ve never been diagnosed with essential tremors but I’ve had it for years now and I know my dad has it as well.

  23. Is he wearing the handcuffs? And her hair looks weird. It’s done on one side and not on the other.

  24. You can make them. If your body isn’t sensitive to metal I literally made chains for my nostrils and ears with chain and jump rings from Michaels

  25. Did they tarnish? My only fear of that is that they would fade pretty quick

  26. They haven’t yet. I’m not sure. I won’t be wearing it in the shower or in bed or anything though. I’m sure you can find like silver chain and stuff though. Or titanium jump rings

  27. Aw man yeah I usually just wear my jewelry In the shower and everything so if they’re not gold they tarnish quick😭 I could get chains from my local piercer but it would probably be Uber expensive

  28. Yeah you can definitely get muuuch better than that. Have a look at the anatometal and bvla websites. You can get pretty much any design they have with any stones. Diablo body jewelry is a good online shop for pricing customs up on, have ordered through them too and they were great.

  29. Aw man that sucks. I really wanted their hidden helix piece but it’s really difficult to find something similar that’s good quality

  30. Junipurr and body jewelry organics do similar pieces, plus it can easily be DIYed with 2 piercings, a chain and a charm. Lots of independent jewellers make them too. Maria Trash weren't the first and only people to come up with this type of jewellery despite what their marketing team want you to believe

  31. The junipurr one that I think you’re referring to is a straight bar with sequins which kinda makes it show and not have the hidden look. I haven’t found the body jewelry organics one

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