1. 😴 can't lie I really just want to watch the orcs brutalise everyone. The only thing I'll give the show is that the orcs look great. Much better than the cgi orcs of the Hobbit

  2. They look so good! And I love the orc actors. They are really doing a great job!

  3. Regardless of how the show is actually going to proceed, Adar is giving off MASSIVE anti-hero vibes at this point. Archetype-wise, he has all the hallmarks. He is not the "Big Bad" of the series. Conflicted desires, troubled past, not unsympathetic... Would not be surprised at all if he is given a redemption arc.

  4. I want him to be good because he is just great!

  5. It's becoming more positive purely because newer fans are getting confused and ending up there lol

  6. My personal theory is that all shows are money schemes. But they're also made by people who want to make good shows, who enjoy their craft. Even if was really just about hiding money, there are several easier ways to do it.

  7. Right?! Up until you remember that there were kidnapping, enslaving, and murdering people just two episodes ago. The Uruks walked down an evil path, but what I love about this scene is that it's inviting us to ask whether there was another path they could have walked down, as well as interrogating what role the Elves like Galadriel and Arondir played in forcing the Uruks to choose the evil one.

  8. But they didn't really have a choice. Had they tried to be civil, how would it have gone? The elves would have massacred them.

  9. There's a part in Myths Transformed X from Morgoth's Ring which talks about this kind of thing:

  10. Yeah, I'm not sure Galadriel would be very merciful

  11. I think "Rhaegar was an idiot" has become something of a meme in the fandom. And I love it!

  12. He didn't have to kill Joffrey, that was on him. And even Alicent seems a bit disturbed by his hatred of Rhaenyra. I mean, God, let it go. His life is fine! And if it bothers him so much, ask to be transferred somewhere else. Or just run away. Instead, he stays and then seems determined to stay bitter.

  13. Bad people can do good things. And I think Sauron/Halbrand really wants to be good. But can he keep it up?

  14. I mean thats just the thing. Halbrand is not "bad people". He doesn't want to be good he literally is good in this show (so far).

  15. I don't like the idea that the elves who were tortured and twisted would ever willingly serve Morgoth or even Sauron afterwards. "Uruk" just means "orc" in elvish; it's not a term for twisted elves.

  16. I'm not sure the orcs really have a choice. They're tied to the dark forces.

  17. I'm part of that casual audience (didn't read the books, only watched Lotr back in the days), and only stumbled on this whole reddit speculation about who is Sauron because I was looking for memes. I wasn't "looking for Sauron in disguise" at all. The one character I was/am puzzled about is the big magic dude who's now traveling with the Harfoots.

  18. I think Halbrand/Sauron is having an identity crisis and wants to not be evil. So he was trying to escape

  19. I have a question about this episode (and the previous ones):

  20. Given the elves in this show, would they have helped dozens of human refugees? Especially since Arondir doesn't seem like a very high-ranking elf.

  21. And Galadriel has the hots for him, yet it's the thing she hates the most! gasp

  22. You can laugh but I'm sailing this ship into the inevitable pointy rocks!

  23. If he is Sauron, I imagine he understands how bad him going to Middle Earth will be

  24. The state of today's "adults". I guess it can go well with the coloring books in their safe place.

  25. Yes, because we should be doing what, exactly? Drinking tons of beer and golfing?

  26. I mean not my choice but it could be fun. The infantilization of today's adults is a bit weird and concerning.

  27. All I know is, my grandpa cleaned up bodies in the Pacific after WW2. He developed PTSD and a fear of pickled eggs and the smell of salmon. He also had a major smoking and drinking problem. My grandma refused to see visitors and never went into a restaurant because she hated being around people.

  28. Yes I absolutely can. If an order had roughly 10,000 members and 100 survive then 1% of that order survived and I would say anything 99% effective is very effective.

  29. That is still 100 Jedi. And as we see, that is enough for the Empire to have problems.

  30. I mean whether there were 2 like the movies show or 98 others that existed off screen the Empire was done regardless. So since the other 98 largely had no chance of stopping the Emperor, I don't see the issue.

  31. Because part of the franchise is that it took a lot of work from multiple people, including multiple Jedi, to get to the point where you only needed two Jedi.

  32. He looks like he would jave been perfect in the rings of power as an elb

  33. I like Rings of Power, but I have found their male elves to be...lacking in the beauty department. And then I realized it was because they didn't have facial hair and most men look better with it. This guy looks really fine without it.

  34. It's interesting that he's in the show, and it's not immediately clear *why*. So much of Star Wars is "here is evil, here is good," and with this guy, it's a mess. He cared about the people that were killed. He felt like they had to do right by them. He's also a stickler for the rules and for process. But he got his uniform altered. So he's not quite a total rule-follower, and he does have some ego (not necessarily a bad thing, just that he has individuality and agency).

  35. I think he's meant to be a foil to Andor. They're both about the same age, but while Andor is the adopted son of two outlaws, this guy appears to be middle class at worse and has had a pretty standard life.

  36. Jesus. Then it's no surprise you love this bs: you didn't understand the books.

  37. Do you think it likely that the trainer in her 40's is going to be a paradigm of wisdom in only a few years?

  38. I think time is relative and people don't mature at the same rate, especially when they have been through something traumatic

  39. I have to wonder if this wasn't just Adar being a jerk, but sort of taking some small "revenge" for the villagers assuming he was Sauron.

  40. I've never seen a fanbase more absurd than this. Everyone rushing to point out what they think was wrong with the episode. No compliments at all to the cast and crew for pulling off very complicated sequences and still keeping the series grounded. I really really like the show, especially this episode, and I hope that anyone involved in its production knows how much I appreciate the work they did bringing these stories to the screen.

  41. I want to give a shout out to the orc team. I know those costumes are uncomfortable and those guys knock it out of the park every week.

  42. I mean, they want to kill, drive out, or enslave the people currently living in those lands so not exactly good guys. They do have more complex motivations than just orcs=violent, though, which is nice.

  43. I'm pretty sure they were keeping the children in cages fo eat them too. Still, I mean, what are they supposed to do? Everyone fears them! Even if they had tried to be civil I'm not sure anyone would have given them the time of day.

  44. Lmao at this thread, Americans trying to defend nuking of Japan.

  45. TBH, a lot of us are uncomfortable with it and so we try and justify it because, well, it wasn't a happy thing.

  46. It was a shit thing. But when I see comments like it was a teaching for the world about how bad nukes can be, its just sad to see.

  47. I mean, they were food teaching moments. But yes, we need to understand that people died and suffered for it.

  48. I hate that I’m saying this, especially when I always thought people were dumb for hating on Obi Wan or Boba Fett etc…

  49. You're not dumb for not liking something, but you are dumb for not liking something and then shutting on people who do, especially over a TV show. So as long as you aren't a jerk, it's perfectly valid to just not like a show.

  50. On a side not though is anyone else just hating the weekly release schedule? I don't mind it in something like Rings Of Power because the episodes are so long but 30 minutes is not enough time to really sit and get immersed in the story, as soon as you're really into it it finishes and as a result of the length of the episodes the story needs to keep winding down to give us an end of an episode. FFS just make them an hour long or release the whole lot at once, no one is buying their D+ subscription just for Andor. I didn't enjoy Obi Wan until i watched it a second time all in one go and I know this would work better in one continuous watch as well

  51. I prefer weekly releases. Gives you a chance to digest it and talk about it

  52. Who would have ever thought that THIS was going to be the horror movie of the year?

  53. You would be surprised. A lot of people, especially back then, would just cash the check and take everything in cash.

  54. That's how my dad loses money. Like, he actually loses it.

  55. And you think the intention here was to stereotype Irish and Scottish people?

  56. Well, kind of. Stereotypes are easy, low hanging fruit and they can be quite harmful.

  57. Something inside you told you this was the right decision. And that was the right decision.

  58. Maybe have the speech given to a small group, or something to justify needing to spread out.

  59. This is a common trick and I don't see why the point in not using it

  60. Why would you rush 300,000 conscripts to the front lines if you were just gonna nuke?

  61. Okay, fair point. Follow up: Knowing you just rushed 300,000 conscripts to the front lines, why would you follow and order to start a nuclear war which you know would result in your entire nation being turned to glass within 20 minutes?

  62. Unfortunately, attacking Russia isn't a sure thing. There are theories that the whole countries is rigged to go nuclear if it's attacked.

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