1. I do this deep breath thing a lot when my anxiety is at its worst. I suffer acid reflux which often makes me cough, I sometimes cough in the night or first thing and then it improves throughout the day. Do you eat late at night or right before bed?

  2. Yep mine seems to appear when anxiety is at it’s worst too - nightmare! I don’t know if anxiety is the cause or whether there is something physically wrong - the doctor said breathing and lungs sound fine so I probably have to go with that but the fear always remains. My coughing tends to be first thing in the morning literally the second I stand up from bed and once I have been for a shower etc it seems to have cleared up and the coughing is replaced by the deep breath thing. I usually eat my dinner around 6pm but always end up eating snacks in bed. Maybe worth stopping that to see if it has an effect I guess! Thanks

  3. Well I have to say, I have very similar symptoms and I have panic disorder. When I wake I get very sick and usually end up in the bathroom throwing up. When mine sets in I have forever mucus! I swear! I don't know what this is but my body produces it when I'm having an attack. I try not to swallow my spit either because that tends to bring on the gagging. I also tend to hold my breath unintentionally and then have to take a long breath after like a soothing exhale. When I was your age thats probably how I was too. I'm 38f and it got increasingly worse until I had to seek treatment or I was going to die from not eating/malnutrition.

  4. Thanks for the reply - it is weird why it only happens first thing in the morning. I wondered if it was something to do with sleeping position but I must’ve tried every one possible. What sort of treatment did you have? I haven’t had many issues with diet/malnutrition but also experience gagging in the morning when I’ve coughed so much.

  5. I have been experiencing this for a few months and came across this post through searching. I have exactly the same issue where i cant catch a proper breath. It's gotten to the point where i regularly wake up in the middle of the night with the same issue.

  6. I’ve had this for 10 years. I can’t sleep because I am constantly trying to get that breath. Even thinking about it causes it to happen for me.

  7. Sorry to hear you have the same problem! Have you found anything that helps alleviate it or is it just a case of trying not to think about it? Was yours brought on by any event or did it appear suddenly? Apologies for all the questions!

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