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  1. There's probably a few others still around who played against him in independent leagues.

  2. I doubt it. The odds of a guy who was playing Indy ball 17 years ago still being active are super slim. A better bet would be a guy who played against him in the major leagues that is still playing Indy ball. Even then, I don’t know…

  3. I thought he continued a little longer than that. Yeah, unlikely someone is still playing, but now I'm going to look up the rosters and confirm.

  4. Because Roger Clemens made a couple of cameo starts in the Atlantic League in 2012, I’ve found at least

  5. Every class orders things a bit different. Some classes might have the graded run in week one, others don’t until around STX time. So things like that are pretty hard to predict.

  6. They didn't have an all-star closer in 2002. Ted Lilly was the only relief pitcher in that bullpen that ever went to an all-star game in his career on that team, and that was as a starting pitcher after he left Oakland.

  7. Ted Lilly only made one relief appearance for Oakland in 2002. He was a starter in most of his appearances after he came over from New York.

  8. Ooh careful, the analytics zealots don't take too kindly to dissing of WAR

  9. I’m defense of Kirby’s stats, and WAR, his value dipped towards the end hard because of defense. His oWAR stayed really solid because he was objectively really good, but I mean, he was a serious liability in the field in his last few years.

  10. Correa is a better player than Kirby this far into his career and is on a hall of fame track. Game 6 was awesome but it ain't what WAR measures

  11. And Kirby isn’t in the hall because of his stats. He’s in the hall because his probable hall of fame track career was cut short tragically, and the press loved him. It wasn’t revealed that he was a

  12. If you’re only looking at the 21st century, 2004 starting catcher Henry Blanco, Joe “Billy” Mays, Dustan Mohr, Kenny Rogers, Willie “Not Scott” Eyre, and Terry Mulholland would all be good choices too

  13. Asdrubal knocked in basically 1RBI every game he was on the Nationals that season.

  14. 40 RBI in 38 games for the Nats that season, you aren’t lying haha. Hell of a deadline pickup

  15. I almost wish Correa never signed with the Twins- just because in that alternate timeline I wouldn't have to read this stupid post.

  16. Its one of my favorites and has been for like 15 years and thats about all the info there has ever been on it.. the mystery just makes me love it more. As far as interpretation.. think a lot of folks try to look at the Black Parade album as if Gerard is telling this very detailed story in very specific order when in reality it is just "sweeping metaphors" as they put it. It can be both of those things Genius mentions. The albums narrative really plays out a bit like a fever dream more than a movie, because metaphors so broad like Gerard chooses cant be really confined to how a linear (or even non linear) movie script would play out

  17. He was hilariously bad for them, too. Went 0-37, good for a .000/.075/.000 triple slash. -.6 rWAR in 34 games

  18. SLRP, I’d say. I had $45k ($35k now with the debt reduction stuff nationally)in college debt, and the guard in my state pays off up to $50k for officers.

  19. TACs are def. way more strict than DS. you're expected to be a leader very early on in OCS, you're given the OCSOP and are expected to memorize it and execute the standards like a LT very early on. The illusion of freedom is only there so they have something else to take away.

  20. Did you do state or federal OCS? Because that wasn’t my experience at fed at all, but as a current guard officer, with everything I’ve heard about state, that sounds super accurate

  21. I’m not someone that’s in great shape or anything, but I’d say basic was “harder” physically.

  22. Time to trade Max Kepler IMO, let somebody gamble on the shift restrictions helping him out and make room for the million other young lefty corner outfielders we have

  23. What trade value does he have? Like who is going to trade anything of value for a 30 year old with a questionable bat? His defense is great, but no one looks defense-first in a corner outfielder, and he hasn't put up good offensive numbers since the juiced ball season.

  24. Hi, i'm not very savvy with reddit or discord, and when i click the discord link and click "accept invite" it doesn't do anything. I am unable to make it to the When We Were Young festival this weekend and have 2 tickets i want someone to have. Ideally a bit of cash would be nice but I'd rather the tickets get used than not, so I'm flexible, i assume this is the sort of situation best handled on discord?

  25. Yep, for sure. I linked the Reddit accounts of two of the main discord mods in the original post here where you can reach out regarding specific discord issues.

  26. With Foundations being released with no warning on a random Thursday, I can't say I'm too shocked.

  27. This was my exact thought! They’re going to do the same shit and break the internet on a random Tuesday with a new album. No warning just pure heart attacks all around

  28. The Foundations release was such an insane moment as a fan and as a mod. I got word of it like three minutes before a Zoom meeting that I had to be very present for. I just wanted to listen to the song on full blast, and kinda control the sub since everyone was posting about it.

  29. And now Fake Your Death, goddamn... What a setlist. My favorite song of all time

  30. I’m sorry man, but I honestly could not give less of a fuck about your league

  31. I disagree with Gleeman/everyone who says that Urshela is likely to be traded, for a couple of reasons.

  32. For the sake of transparency, I’m pretty sure we did go private for like an hour or so after the 2020 Houston sweep, and the 2019 Yankees one.

  33. I'm in the army active duty they denied my ocs packet I'm trying to see if I can get into the air force

  34. You know AF OTS is a lot more challenging to get into than Army OCS, right?

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